FACE atelier is Plum Perfect for fall

Fall is absolutely perfect for juicy plum shades and FACE atelier has exactly what your eyes need. They carry 33 different eyeshadow shades in 7 different collections. The BIZ was tickled plum when FACE sent the Plum Perfect shades to review!


FACE atelier Plum Perfect eyeshadow pans in palette


Inside…check out the plum gorgeousness!

FACE atelier eyeshadows come in pans and are $17 each. Overall, I find the eyeshadows are slightly powdery and have a  lovely amount of pigment. All formulas – matte, satin, and frost – last all day with minimal fading and no creasing. They have a super smooth texture and blend beautifully.


Plum Perfect four pan and swatches

Purple can be too bright, grey can be too boring – plum is the perfect compromise. I think these are fantastic ‘grown up’ shades with just enough oomph to get compliments on how fabulous your eyes look. Finish your eye look with a deep gray or plum eyeliner, you are ready for anything from a day at work to a night on the town.

Here’s a closer look at the shades:

Iced Amethyst

Iced Amethyst

Iced Amethyst is a satin silver grayish lilac. It looks slightly lighter in the photo than in person, it actually makes for a perfect crease shade. It has a beautiful, shimmery finish.

Chilled Lilac

Chilled Lilac

Chilled Lilac is also a satin. It is lighter than Iced Amethyst, with more pink than grey tones. This also has a beautiful shimmer, a little too much for use on the brow. I love it as a lid shade.

Plum Perfect

Plum Glaze

Plum Glaze is a deep plum. While this is called a ‘frost’ I don’t find it to be particularly frosty. It does have shimmer and it has an almost metallic quality. It’s fantastic as the deeper shade for the crease.

Perfect Mauve


Mauve is a matte light plum. It is so difficult to find really good matte shades that are easy to blend, so this one is like a dream come true. It makes for a fabulous lid shade and it is amazing as a wash with thick dark eyeliner.  So chic!

Here is my Perfect Plum look – I used Chilled Lilac on the lid, Iced Amethyst in the crease, Plum Glaze in the crease, Mauve on the brow and a bit of Chilled Lilac on the inside of my eyes. (By the way, I think the BEST tutorials on the web can be found at Into the Palette, go there to find awesome ways to truly compliment your eye shape!)

Plum Perfect eye look

Plum Perfect eye look


swatches, left to right:  Ice Amethyst, Chilled Lilac, Plum Glaze, Mauve

Ready for fall with my Face Atelier Plum Perfect eyes

Ready for fall with my Face Atelier Plum Perfect eyes

FACE atelier is a top notch line that to me is similar to MAC but without all the LE nonsense. Professional artists and makeup enthusiasts will love these eyeshadows, they have become staples in my collection that I reach for all the time. Check out the FACE atelier website and give the plum shades a look…they are perfect for fall!  – Lisa

 *pr samples


  1. I like the subtle shades of this palette. Great EOTD!

  2. Those colors are gorgeous!!! I love it! I like wearing purple, but subtly! This is perfect!

  3. Beautiful shades!

  4. well hello, palette made for me! I love purples! These soft shades look super pretty on you Lisa! 🙂

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Oh my gosh, are those pretty on you Lisa! Your colors!!