Dublin Khaki Shade Play palette from em Cosmetics review

em Cosmetics eyeshadow palette

em Cosmetics eyeshadow palette

It’s easy to get carried away on Black Friday. I do everything to avoid the stores but I get roped in by my blogger friends who start talking about the deals that are piling up. I had absolutely no intention of buying em Cosmetics products. But then they started … “Did you see the BOGO going on at em?” “Have you tried those Waterliners? They are amazing.” “I am absolutely loving some of the em Cosmetics I bought.”

What’s a girl to do but go shopping! So I went, I saw, I ordered and now I’m having fun.

em Madagascar Taupe and Dublin Khaki

em Madagascar Taupe and Dublin Khaki

At the sale you had to buy 2 of the same type item to get one free. Part of my order was 2 Shade Play eyeshadow palettes: Madagascar Taupe and Dublin Khaki. Each palette is $38 and contains 6 shadows of various sizes. There are 15 choices and they all appear very nice yet in my opinion overpriced.

Em Cosmetics is an offshoot of L’Oreal. It’s designed by Michelle Phan who became famous as a YouTube vlogger with over 5 million subscribers. She’s also the age of my children so ideally this shouldn’t be a line that I’d like. But I don’t follow rules when it comes to makeup. I like a little shimmer and not much matte when doing my eyes.

Dublin Khaki has a little bit of shimmer, one matte shadow and two glittery eyeshadows. I like part of the palette but not all of it. But the part I like is enough for me.

Back of em Cosmetics Shade Play

Back of em Cosmetics Shade Play

My favorites: #2 is a beautiful lightly shimmered milk chocolate with a golden touch; #5 is the only true khaki in the palette (which surprised me considering the name); #4 is a very shimmery cream that looks gold.

#4 shimmery cream

#4 shimmery cream

#5 kahki

#5 khaki

#2 golden milk chocolate

#2 golden milk chocolate

em Cosmetics Dublin Khaki #2, 4, 5

em Cosmetics Dublin Khaki #2, 4, 5

The other shades in the palette are dark and I’m still figuring out exactly how I want to use them. #1 and 3 are very similar with #1 being a dark green with glitter (oops it didn’t show on my finger) and #3 having more of a black green with glitter. #6 is a matte brown.

#1 and 3

#1 and 3



#6, 1, 3

#6, 3, 1

I also bought em Cosmetics Eye Primer ($15). It’s a great eye primer (review coming) and adds a brightness to these shadows. I’ve tried them with TFSI too and with both primers they last amazingly well.

Here’s my personal pros and cons:

*silky shadows in Dublin Khaki that are well pigmented

*colors last exceptionally well with an eyeshadow primer

– those two little applicators are a waste of space. I can’t imagine using them.

– $38 is a lot for a palette like this. I’d watch for specials on the em cosmetics website since they do have them.

– in Dublin Khaki there needs to be one more light color and one less dark shade; two of the shades look so similar on the eyes that they are duplicates. A silky lighter shade would help tremendously.

– why is it called Dublin Khaki if there’s only one true khaki in the palette?

Here’s the biggest PRO though

Wearing em Cosmetics Dublin Khaki palette

Wearing em Cosmetics Dublin Khaki palette

I love how #2, 4 and 5 look on me and that’s what counts.

Have you bought any em Cosmetics yet? — Marcia



  1. Bonnie C. says:

    Thanks for sharing Marcia! 🙂

  2. Marcia, your eyes look fabulous! #4 & 5 are gorge! I bought a lipstick and liner that I haven’t even tried yet. Note to self: crack out that em order!

  3. Thank you sweet Cindy. I appreciate the compliments.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try em cosmetics, but it’s the prices that are holding me back. I agree though, those shades look lovely on you!

  5. I agree with you, the prices are not on par with the quality of em products. I have tried several, and so far I’ve only been impressed with the blushes and lipsticks.

  6. Love the palette name!

  7. em cosmetics is one of my fave brands! I’ve only disliked the mascara so far. This palette is gorgeous, I love that gold on your lid!

  8. Wow. Nice eye look!! I do want to try this brand. I have resisted due to the price tag. I missed out on the holiday sales, I was scrambling to buy all the Christmas gifts I normally already have on hand but didn’t because of the wedding. I will try this brand soon!

  9. I like the bronzy shades!

  10. Thanks for sharing! $38 for a palette like that (small compared to other brands) is expensive but the colors do look nice!

  11. You put them together nicely.

  12. I love that eye look on you! For what you get, that price is too high. Bummer.

  13. Wow all the shades come out beautifully!

  14. I’m still a bystander on this brand. I am with you that the price point is just a tad too high. The shades look nice on you and for a brown eyes.

  15. I love the color scheme of this palette very pretty

  16. Thanks Laura, I love the green but I think it needs another light shade in the palette.

  17. @Kimberly, I wouldn’t have bought Em Cosmetics without the sale. My favorite product is their e/s primer which I’ll review soon.

  18. Thanks so much Nidia. I’m glad it was BOGO or I’d never have bought it.

  19. Hi Mai, watch for specials at EM Cosmetics, otherwise it’s not worth it.
    Hi Beauty Judy, thanks so much for the compliment. If you try EM then try the eyeshadow primer, I really like it.

  20. Brooke @ Blushing Noir – I thought of you when I was reviewing since I know you like the brand. Have you tried the e/s primer? It’s great.

  21. Thanks Phyrra but I wish there was more khaki in the palette.

    @Anastasia, I always look at eyes first. I’m overloaded with blush so it has to be amazing for me to buy more.

    @Justina, thank you so very much. I think EM should have priced things lower.

  22. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love Milk Chocolate!

  23. I haven’t tried anything from em cosmetics but I like the neutral palette you picked.

  24. I agree about the price – but the colors are gorgeous on you!

  25. Thanks Sheila, I used to be purple only and now I’m leaning towards these kinds of shades.

  26. @Kath The FabZilla – I seem to always pick neutral as I’m aging.
    @Ange – can we eat a lot of milk chocolate together??

  27. Did you say KAHKI??? I haven’t tried anything from em, mostly because it’s not available here, and partially because the reviews I’ve read are controversial. It’s always sad when there are two shades in the same palette that are very similar, but it does look great on you!