C’mon and play with Jesse’s Girl eyeshadow palettes

It’s been fun for us at Beauty Info Zone to have some new toys from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. We’re learning so much about these amazingly reasonably priced cosmetics, especially about the quality of these. Today Marcia and Lisa have two different palettes that Jesse’s Girl has created. But before we begin we want to share a code for 20% off. What’s better than getting something wonderful for less money? At checkout from now until February 28, 2017 use the code JG2017BIZ to get your discount from their website.

Now it’s time to learn about some choices you have!


Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Natural Nudes has the typical nude shades we all like to use but this is not a boring nude palette. Oh no, these shadows have a kick to them. There are 10 office to party shadows that have great pigment to them. 5 shimmered shadows and 5 matte shadows make a perfect combination.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes Collection

On the top row you’ll find the lightly shimmered satiny eyeshadows along with one matte. The palette is on the warm side but not so warm that they look yellow, I actually should describe them as neutral warm. None of the shadows have glitter which is what makes it perfect for all day use.

#1 is a very light warm pink with no visible glitter; #2 is peachy pink with a light amount of shimmer, it looks lighter on than in the palette; #3 is a version of rose gold; #4 is deceptive in the palette since it looks taupe but applies with a touch of pink, it’s not often you’ll find a pinky taupe so the uniqueness is terrific; #5 is a matte chocolate; and #6 is a beautiful shimmered dark purple, this can look black but it has great purple undertones and a touch of reddish shimmer.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes top row

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes top row

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes top row; my favorites

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes top row; my favorites

On the bottom are the 4 matte shades that make for perfect base colors, browbone shades or transition color. There’s a matte shade in here to match everyone.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes bottom matte shades

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes bottom matte shades

Oops, I reversed them so excuse me!! The shades range from cream to light beige, to light tan to a light milk chocolate. These are incredibly smooth and easy to work with. I find that the light beige (second from left below) gives me a great base and brow shade.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes

I’m very happy with this palette and once I see Lisa’s I will probably want to place an order myself.


I have the Sounds of the City Collection. This is a collection of neutral mattes and soft shimmers. It’s a perfect palette for those who prefer a more natural look, which is rather ironic given the name. The colors all lean cooler than the one Marcia tested and only one eyeshadow veers toward frosty.Jesses Girl Sounds of the City Collection

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City

The bottom row has the matte base shades, and the top row has the shimmery shades. The pigmentation in most of them is excellent, with only a few needed more packed on for a little more ‘oomph’ – #3 and #4.

#1 is a shimmery cream – this one has the most shimmer and is actually on the frosty side. #2 is a golden brown. #3 is a light golden brown. #4 is a light creamy tan. #5 is a shimmery taupe. #6 is a very pretty shimmery steel grey.

The bottom row has all matte shades. #7 is a matte cream. #8 is a matte medium brown. #9 is a matte dark brown. #10 is a matte blue grey.

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City top row left swatches

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City top row right swatches

#1 needs a very light hand or it becomes quite frosty – not a good look on my middle age eyelids. #3 and #4 are very light shades that make great lid colors, but I do find I have to dig my brush into the shadow to get enough product to really show up. #6 makes for a beautiful smoky eye. The shimmer is excellent – just enough to give the shades complexity yet still be tame enough for the work day.

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City bottom row swatches

The bottom row are all matte shades, and I find I use them most often. I love #7 as a base shade with some thick black liner and loads of mascara. #8 and #10 are great crease shades and #9 is beautiful with tons of pigment.

For just under $7, these eyeshadow palettes are a steal – why not pick up both of them? Jesse’s Girl continues to impress us and we know you are going to love it too.

Don’t forget that you can get 20% off your entire order on Jessesgirl.com using the code JG2017BIZ through the end of February.

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