Can a $4.25 NYC eyeshadow palette change your makeup wardrobe?

NYC Individual Eye Shadow Palettes
NYC Individual Eye Shadow Palettes

As an eyeshadow addict I admit I’m a bit of a snob. I usually spend my time perusing Ulta and Sephora rather than CVS and Walmart. It’s almost always eyeshadows that attract me first. My rather large collection has price points that include $1 shadows, $5 shadows, $12 palettes, $25 + single eyeshadows, and $45 and up eyeshadow palettes. So why am I stuck on two NYC IndividualEYES Eyeshadow Palettes?

First reason is that I am crazy about the NYC Lovatics by Demi Nude Palette and wear it all the time. Since I received that palette my opinion about NYC Cosmetics has dramatically changed. When I was offered other NYC products to test I happily agreed. And of course I started with the two eyeshadow palettes: Pink Nudes and Bronze Nudes.

These palettes have everything you need for a complete eye look: 4 eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer, gel eyeliner, and highlighter. The eyeshadows include an All Over Lid matte shade, Crease shade, Outline color, and a Highlighter shadow. I don’t necessarily use these in that order though. I like to use the crease shade on my eyelid, the outline shade in the crease, and the highlight color on my browbone.

NYC Individual Eyes Pink Nude and Bronze Nude
NYC Individual Eyes Pink Nude and Bronze Nude
NYC IndividualEYES Pink Nude labeled
NYC IndividualEYES Pink Nude labeled

There are 3 IndividualEYES Eye Shadow Palettes in the nude shades (along with 5 more colorful choices): Pink Nudes, Bronze Nudes, and Beige Nudes. Wearing Pink or Bronzes Nudes gives me a very soft eye yet there’s enough pigment to the colors that they don’t disappear. I’m over the smokey eye right now, it just doesn’t feel right to me with warm weather clothes. These palettes fit the bill perfectly.

NYC Individual Eyes Pink Nude
NYC Individual Eyes Pink Nude

Pink Nudes is a cooler palette with matte pinky brown, lightly shimmered pink brown, taupe, and a slightly darker brown that blends beautifully with the shades. It’s a seamless look. The 3 shadows are satiny without shimmer.

NYC Pink Nude
NYC Pink Nude

The right side of all these palettes has a great eyeshadow primer, a brown gel cream eyeliner, and a highlighter that is frosty. I’m very impressed with the primer and use it with these shadows and others. The gel liner is very creamy and can smear. My advice with it is to let it set before you curl your lashes or apply mascara. Once set it lasts well, especially on the top lash line. The illuminator is very creamy and blends well. It adds a touch of shimmer to your look.

NYC Individual EYES Primer, Gel Liner, Illuminator
NYC Individual EYES Primer, Gel Liner, Illuminator

Bronze Nudes has a similar configuration with warmer shades that are neutral. I tend to skip the matte shade in both of these but I do prefer the one in Bronze Nudes over the Pink Nudes one. The highlight shade is a shiny cream, the crease color is a light golden taupe while the outline shade is a golden bronze. None of these apply dark but you can build them up if you want more color.

NYC Bronze Nude
NYC Bronze Nude

NYC New York Color introduces NYC New York Color individual eyes eye shadow palette, featuring everything necessary to complete an eye look in a slim, portable design. 3 shade ranges for every mood: the nudes, the basics and the smokeys!
Each eye set includes a color-boosting primer, four highly pigmented, high-definition, complimentary shadow shades, a highlighter and a gel eyeliner. Plus, with clearly indicated step-by-step instructions, the Individual Eyes Eye Shadows Palette give you tips for easy application and professional results!

These portable all-in-one IndividualEYES Eye Shadow Palettes retail for $4.99 though Walmart sells them for $4.25. You can see all the palettes on the NYC page if you want more information.

I really think these are amazing and not just because I was lucky enough to receive them from PR. The IndividualEYES Eye Shadow Palettes will delight you, I’m sure of it.  — Marcia


The Nudes Collection: soft, warm neutrals available in Beige Nudes, Pink Nudes and Bronze Nudes

The Basics Collection:  brown tones for each eye color, including Green Eyes Basics, Blue Eyes Basics and Brown Eyes Basics

The Smokey Eyes Collection: sultry options of Smokey Charcoals and Smokey Violets


  1. Kathy L | 2nd May 16

    Thanks for your review! I haven’t tried these yet, but I have an older Individual Eyes called Central Park (for green eyes) and I still use it all the time. The only thing I don’t like is the useless brush. I like these inexpensive palettes, as they are a low-risk purchase, and make it possible to treat oneself a little more often!

  2. Sandy P | 2nd May 16

    So glad I saw this review today. I am always interested in new eye palettes and especially some that I can buy without breaking the bank.

  3. Lola Seicento | 2nd May 16

    I have these and think they are fantastic! I need to finish up my review, but I completely agree with your assessment! The price is really out of this world!

  4. Sherry Proch | 3rd May 16

    I have the green and brown eye palettes but must go and get these! Thanks for the review. I like that it has everything for travel should I need them

  5. Joyce Chitwood | 3rd May 16

    So happy to see this review. Love Drugstore makeup a lot. Because it what I can afford and to see great palettes with great price at Walmart is Wonderful. Can’t wait to find them. So excited. Thanks again.

  6. Allison | 4th May 16

    I have a couple of small NYC palettes and they’re good quality and great shades. I miss having NYC at CVS. Walmart is far from where I live and I don’t get there often enough. Wish they’d come back to CVS

  7. The Beauty of Life | 4th May 16

    This is a great palette!

  8. Carleen | 4th May 16

    I love those NYC palettes they are a great bargain.

  9. Nidia - Lit From Within | 4th May 16

    I haven’t tried these yet, but I do like NYC! They have one of the best (and cheapest) topcoats, and their shadow sticks are amazing. I want to pick up the Lovatics palette, and maybe this bronze nudes!

  10. Stacie | 4th May 16

    I LOVE that bronze nude palette! How cool that all of those products are in a single totally affordable palette!!

  11. Phyrra | 4th May 16

    They look like nice neutrals.

  12. Kim | 4th May 16

    All of the colors look amazing.. the shadow pigmentation is off the hook, especially for the price. I like the look of the gel liner too.

  13. Mai | 4th May 16

    Wow the pigmentation is surprisingly good!

  14. Bailey | 5th May 16

    The pigment looks incredible. It’s nice to see great budget options!

  15. Laura Gallaway | 5th May 16

    I think these are great mid-tone shades

  16. Destany | 5th May 16

    I have a couple od NYC palettes, and I love them.

  17. Honeygirlk | 5th May 16

    I had a few of the older NYC palettes and I enjoyed them… I like that there are more options available. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Anastasia | 5th May 16

    I am actually not a big fan of drugstore eye shadows, the formula just doesn’t compare to higher end brands. However, they certainly came a long way after the dusty chalky mess they used to be years ago.

  19. beautyin | 5th May 16

    @Anastasia – I don’t shop drugstore often but these are surprisingly nice. I can’t stop wearing them.

  20. Babi | 5th May 16

    I’m SO obsessed with the gel liners in these! Every one I’ve tried is fantastic!

  21. Justina | 7th May 16

    I always love to find a little gem like this for a low price.

  22. Elyse | 9th May 16

    The bronze nude palette looks perfect. I’ve heard good things about NYX . I am going to try this.

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