Butter London has a game changer with Shadow Clutches

butter London Shadow Clutch in Natural Charm
butter London Shadow Clutch in Natural Charm

Little did I know that when I became enamored with butter LONDON nail polish that it was only the beginning. Butter LONDON has come a long way from those days and I’m so happy about that. I have the pleasure of being the recipient of a butter LONDON Shadow Clutch Customizable palette and a few of the new Wardrobe Duos. Wait until you see these!

butter LONDON Wardrobe Duo and Shadow Clutch
butter LONDON Wardrobe Duo and Shadow Clutch

How does this work? Start with your choice of a SHADOW CLUTCH in either Natural Charm or Pretty Power. Expand it with the Wardrobe Duos to make your experience even better. A Shadow Clutch comes with 6 buttery soft eyeshadows that are removable so you can design a palette just for your needs. Lift the top that holds the shadows in place and slide out the individual colors, then slide back in the ones you want.

butter London Natural Charm
butter London Natural Charm

NATURAL CHARM ($39) is an earth tone palette with 6 shades of cream, beige, rose gold, khaki, chocolate and nude. The textures are mixed so that you have everything you need for a perfect eye. These shadows don’t contain any glitter and the sheen is subtle enough for all ages.

Top Row: Linen – Matte Vanilla, Quartz – Warm Beige Sheen, Camo – Dark Khaki Sheen
Bottom Row – Camel – Matte Nude, Citrine – Coral Sheen, Leather – Matte Chocolate Brown

butter LONDON Natural Charm
butter LONDON Natural Charm
Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather
Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather

Things I love about these eyeshadows:

1) The colors are beautiful and well pigmented. The only shade I’m not using much is Camel as it’s just not a Marcia shade.

2) These are primer infused. I’ve never heard of that before but I certainly appreciate it. The swatches on my arm were done without a separate primer using my finger. I did these in a single pass but heavily.

3) They blend easily and are oil-absorbing according to butter London. To be honest, I always wear an eyeshadow primer so I haven’t tried these on their own to test out this statement but they last an entire day on me without fading or creasing.

4) butter LONDON is a Cruelty Free company.

butter London Wardrobe Duos in Up All Night and Sassy Pants
butter London Wardrobe Duos in Up All Night and Sassy Pants

But I’m not done because butter LONDON has gone beyond the Shadow Clutch to personalize it for you. There are 4 Wardrobe Duos that you purchase separately to create change within the clutch you bought. You can use these beautiful shades without the clutch but it’s so much easier to slide them in and have them at the ready.

Up All Night Wardrobe Duo from butter London
Up All Night Wardrobe Duo from butter London

UP ALL NIGHT consists of a matte black and a soft golden sheen that I personally find fabulous. These two shades make a beautiful sultry eye on their own or used with the shades in the Shadow Clutch.

Sassy Pants Wardrobe Duo from butter London
Sassy Pants Wardrobe Duo from butter London

SASSY PANTS contains a soft pink sheen along with a fabulous deep purple sheen. I like to use pink with browns so this is a great addition to my original shadow clutch.

from top: Up All Night and Sassy Pants
from top: Up All Night and Sassy Pants

The colors in my two Wardrobe Duos are better than expected. They are rich, vibrant and lovely on the eye.

butter London Natural Charm with Citrine, Camo and Linen
butter London Natural Charm with Citrine, Camo and Linen

What I’ve enjoyed most about these butter LONDON shadows is the versatility with them. I’m able to not only change the palette at will but come up with half a dozen combinations of shadows that I enjoy. Long lasting and easy to blend eyeshadows are always in my list of recommendations and butter LONDON has joined that list at last. — Marcia

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  1. Replica | 5th Oct 15

    I really like the look you have created 🙂 These shadows sound great and I love the look of the palette system, hopefully they will come out here too x

  2. Irina G. | 5th Oct 15

    Love the colors! Especially the purple one!

  3. Susan P. | 5th Oct 15

    I like all the colors you show in this post, especially the purple one!

  4. Lola Seicento | 5th Oct 15

    What a gorgeous palette! Your swatches and EOTD are beautiful, and make me want all of these shades!

  5. Rachel Beltz | 5th Oct 15

    I’m so happy to see that they have branched into makeup!! They do nail polish so well- it’s about time we see some other beauty products!!

  6. Natalie Brown | 6th Oct 15

    I really like that these palettes can be customized. So great that I can create my own palette. They sound like quality shadows too. The look you put together is so pretty!

  7. Archana | 6th Oct 15

    Customizable pallets sounds really great. Also I like the fact that they are a cruelty free company as there are only few makeup brands which are that way.

  8. Tashina | 6th Oct 15

    These shades are really pretty. I love that you can customize the palette too!

  9. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 6th Oct 15

    The shade selection is gorgeous and I love the concept!

  10. Brianna | 6th Oct 15

    Wow, the pigmentation on these eyeshadows are insane!

  11. Destany | 6th Oct 15

    I think these are so neat! And the pigmentation on some of these shades is perfect!

  12. Erika | 6th Oct 15

    Everyone seems to be loving these.

  13. Chelsea | 6th Oct 15

    I love this!! Sassy Pants is such a gorgeous purple.

  14. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 6th Oct 15

    I love this palette, even more so because it’s refillable. LOVE the look you created, it’s perfect with your eyes!!

  15. Eugenia | 6th Oct 15

    I have not used mine yet but I am so excited to! It sounds great!

  16. [email protected] | 6th Oct 15

    Oh, you got different duos than I did. I love the deep purple and pink and the gold and black. I got shades of blue and I can’t remember what the other one is, but glad you got stunners! These are lovely shadows. Happy to have them!

  17. Mandy Chameleon | 6th Oct 15

    You had me at Butter London!

  18. Kimberly | 6th Oct 15

    I, too, love the idea of customizing my own palette. Then it can suit my moods and needs.

  19. Heather | 6th Oct 15

    That purple is so pretty!

  20. Anastasia | 6th Oct 15

    I’m obsessed with this palette, it’s absolutely stunning!

  21. Renu | 7th Oct 15

    That purple is gorgeous. I love that you can replace the shadows in the palette – making it great for travel.

  22. Kath TheFabZilla | 7th Oct 15

    I am surprised w/ the quality of this palette!

  23. [email protected] | 7th Oct 15

    This is a favorite of mine too

  24. Nidia - Lit From Within | 7th Oct 15

    I hadn’t seen these duos. Love! That gold is right up my alley. I love it with the green, too.

  25. StephanieLouise | 7th Oct 15

    Very pretty purple!

  26. Bailey | 7th Oct 15

    I love the concept of these, plus those shades look perfect.

  27. Babi | 7th Oct 15

    I’m going to be reviewing this soon too and I’m so excited that the clutch is so customizable!

  28. Kristin Bassett | 8th Oct 15

    I love this palette and the concept!

  29. Honeygirlk | 8th Oct 15

    This whole palette concept is so awesome… I would love to try these out.

  30. M.Clark | 12th Oct 15

    Yes, this is a very nice palette, a great purchase for yourself or as a gift.

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