The latest and greatest from Kryolan Cosmetics

 A few weeks ago, I had dinner with Ulrike Bege, District Manager for Kryolan Cosmetics, and got the scoop on all the latest and greatest new things.  Kryolan is a fantastic line that has products for both everyday use and for theatrical use.  Did you know that the majority of Illamasqua products are actually produced by Kryolan?  I am going to the Face & Body Expo in Chicago next month where I will be stocking up on the newest things, but in the meantime here is a quick glimpse of what’s to come:


Eyeshadow Primer

 This is the new, reformulated Eyeshadow Primer.  It feels super silky on, and it really brightens up the color of eyeshadows. 

Makeup Blend

Makeup Blend

Ulrike showed me her bottle of Makeup Blend – this is not the ‘official’ packaging.  I went bananas over this!  It’s a silky liquid that thins out cream and liquid foundation.  It helps foundation last, and it gives a beautiful matte finish.  So it gives old products new life (turn liquid foundation into tinted moisturizer!  Or thin out that too-thick cream foundation!)  It also saves money as you use less product when combined with Makeup Blend.  I can’t wait to get my own bottle.


HD Micro Primer

HD Micro Primer feels so amazing on, Ulrike was laughing at me because I was simply swooning over this.  WOW it feels amazing!  As all primers do, it minimizes pores and fine lines and makes skin smooth.  This has a small amount of silicone so it feels extremely silky, but not too slick.  It is to die for. 

lip gloss

High Gloss lip gloss

 The High Gloss lip glosses are spectacular.  The amount of pigmentation is fantastic, and the mouth feel is just perfect – not sticky, and not so slick as to wear off after ten minutes.  The colors?   Amazing.

  I sat at our booth swatching away as Ulrike munched on her salad, giggling at my delight.  But hey, what can I say, shimmer makes me shiver!!


a quick view of the swatches

Everything was stunning and there is so much I am looking forward to!  I plan to get a full range of these products in March and I will share everything after I try them all for a while.  Until then, I will be dreaming of Kryolan!  – Lisa


  1. Lisa, all of these products sound completely intriguing to me! I have not been fortunate enough to try any of the Kryolan products, but have read that they are truly awesome. I would give an eye-tooth to be able to experiment with that Makeup Blend; I have never heard of a similar product. You are one lucky lady to be able to try these out!

  2. Sorry to spam you, but I will be avidly looking forward to your reviews on these products!

  3. Kryolan is one of my first theatrical lines, well Ben Nye and Joe Blasco included, I tried. I still find their Dermacolor line to be one of the best full coverage products ever!

    I do like how they are moving with the changes and creating new products for the HD future!

  4. Would love to know the names of the new High Gloss lipglosses!!

  5. Barbara, I was so busy swatching I didn’t write down the names!! But I will be visiting the Chicago Kryolan Store in early March, and I will get even better swatch pics and the names, I promise.