Pur Minerals gives twice the pleasure with Double Ego eyeliners and a giveaway

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliners

PUR Minerals Double Ego Dual Ended Eyeliners

Double your pleasure with double sided eyeliners from PUR Minerals! I’m one who is more than doubling my pleasure with Pür Minerals’ 2-in-1 Double Ego Dual Ended Eye Liner since I’ve been using them all the time ever since I received these. I never go without eyeliner, never! Therefore having 8 pen/pencils and 16 colors makes for one happy blogger.

Pür Minerals Double Ego liners are available at ULTA and Ulta.com for $21 each. Like I said there are eight beautiful shades and those shades can be mixed and matched plus you can use them to create other shades. It’s like having 24 shades if I played my cards right.

Pur Minerals Double Ego liners

Pur Minerals Double Ego liners

The available shades will take you on a journey to the far reaches of the world: Milan (inky black), Tasmania (dark chocolate), Madagascar (black gold), Bora Bora (royal blue), Swiss Alps (cool pewter), Rio de Janeiro (deep plum), Bali (emerald green), and Queensland (aquatic teal).

If you notice though I’ve only shown you 6 shades since these are the ones I’m using. I’ve got 3 shades I haven’t tested for a giveaway for one of you. I received 2 Bora Boras so one is in this giveaway, we’re also giving away Milan (black) and Bali (emerald green) so keep reading.

These liners are so much fun. I’m a huge fan of liquid liner so of course I use that the most but I find that liquids don’t always last that well on my bottom lashline since I do get a little teary at times. That’s where the very smooth retractable eyeliner pencils come in. I can coordinate with the opposite side and have a similar shade on top and bottom. Or I can use them both and create a unique shade.

Pur Minerals Double Ego in Bora Bora

Pur Minerals Double Ego in Bora Bora

While Pür Minerals Bora Bora appears to be a royal blue it’s got a teal touch so I wouldn’t really call it royal like Ulta does. Just wearing the liquid liner on my top lashline I do see royal but the pencil has more color and interest to it. Combine and you get a tricked out royal teal.

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Tasmania

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Tasmania

Pür Minerals Tasmania is my most used liquid liner from this group. I love a chocolate brown liquid and wear this often. I used to struggle with finding the right shade of brown since some can be too black and some can be too red. The liquid is a true brown whereas the pencil does have an undertone that’s got some redness to it. When I wear them together though I have the perfect shade.

Pür Minerals Double Ego Madagascar

Pür Minerals Double Ego Madagascar

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Madagascar is described as black gold by Pur and Ulta but I see a lot of green to it so a lot depends on the light and what you are wearing with this liner. You can bring out the green but you can also bring out the gold.

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Rio de Janeiro

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Rio de Janeiro

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Rio de Janeiro takes me on a trip I want to be on. This gorgeous purple is a liquid liner shade I’ve been missing in my collection. The liquid side is definitely purple while the pencil side is more of a black plum. When mixed together they are magnificent.

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Swiss Alps

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Swiss Alps

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Swiss Alps is one of my very favorite because of the three types of shades I can get with this. The liquid side is black but not a jet black, the pencil is an easy to wear pewtered charcoal and together they are magic and appear to be a darkened pewter that glows.

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Queensland and Bali

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Queensland and Bali

Pür Minerals Double Ego in Queensland and Bali appear very similar to me even though the descriptions are different. I played eeny meeny to pick the one that I’d keep and that turned out to be Queensland which is a beautiful teal. Bali is described as emerald green but when you look at my picture with both open I think you’ll agree that it’s a teal version of green. Although only the winner will know that since my swatches are of Queensland.

These Pür Minerals eyeliners are going to do whatever you want them to do from a daytime or easy evening look, to a cat’s eye with a swoosh of the liquid liner to a dramatic eye. I do have two warnings though about these. First is that the dry side is a mineral eyeliner and it is very soft so don’t open it too far out and don’t overdo the pressure when using it or the tip will break. Of course you can always click up more but you don’t want to waste the eyeliner. Second is that you need a true eye makeup remover for these Double Ego liners. The colors are intense and some of the shades can stain. I find that a makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup works the best. I soak my cotton pad with the remover and hold it on my eye without rubbing to soften the liner, making it easier to remove. If it looks like it’s still there, just wait until you wash up in the morning and you’ll see that it’s faded away.

I found these great eyeliners at both Ulta.com and Kohls.com and I’m pretty sure they are in the stores too. For $21 you’ll have a trio of great looks. — Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION – at last we have an international giveaway!  We ask a few things of you to enter. 1. Be a subscriber to Beauty Info Zone but not one who subscribes, unsubscribes, resubscribes. We want to keep you around. 2. Be sure that you do what you say you’ve done. I’ve found too many entries that could have won but when we went to check we found out that the entrant had clicked but not followed. 3. On occasion our comments close at the end of a giveaway, if that happens then please email me at [email protected] and label it Pur Minerals, write your comment in the email and that counts as your entry.  This is open through Tuesday 8/18/15 at 11:59 p.m. EDT and is international. The three liners that the winner will receive are MILAN, BALI and BORA BORA. Here’s hoping you win!

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  1. Christine Wagner says

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  4. Francine Farmer says

    Definitely Pür Minerals Double Ego in Rio de Janeiro. I think it would be very flattering with my green eyes 🙂

  5. Amanda Ross says

    Bali is a beautiful color!

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    I think i put the wrong user name for the Bloglovin follow, it should be minimeeh. thanks!

  17. Valerie C. says

    Tasmania is interesting because I have green eyes, but, honestly, they are all nice!

  18. Mary Wright says

    I can see why you use Pür Minerals Double Ego in Tasmania the most. I like the brown shade and would use it often too.

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