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MAKEUP WARS is all about eyes today, expanding from the typical to the somewhat atypical. Ways to perk up your eye makeup can be as simple or bold as wearing a colorful mascara as well as changing up your eyeliner from your typical black or dark brown. I’ve chosen my favorite colorful eyeliners to share with you since a day without eyeliner for me is a day my eyes disappear.

STILA GOT INKED CUSHION EYE LINER is my new favorite eyeliner. Yes I do play favorites and right now the play is with these very cool cushion eye liners. This is a liquid eyeliner unlike any you’ve used. It comes in a pot with the liquid under a cushion top. Use your favorite brush (I prefer a very thin one) and press it onto the webbed sponge top and you’ve got your color. Stila compares it to using a calligraphy pen that you dip into the sponge. These don’t seem like they’ll spill. I first bought it in Smoky Quartz Ink and after using it twice I knew I needed another so along came Copper Ink. Both are within my comfort zone but on the edge of it. You can go thick or thin, you can draw cat eyes, you can do anything your heart desires and the color will last. It comes in 6 shades (Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, Garnet plus Smoky Quartz and Copper).

Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners
Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners

Smoky Quartz Ink is a pewter taupe that is metallic and will take on the colors of your eye makeup depending on the light. While there’s no glitter in it, it looks that way because of the high shine. When I wear this with a gold and khaki combination it seems to pick up that khaki undertone. Copper Ink isn’t quite as metallic but it’s far from flat. It’s stunning with a variety of browns but when it really looks unique is wearing it with eyeshadow in the navy family. Copper Ink is making me shop my stash for new looks.

Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners - top Smoky Quartz In, bottom Copper Ink
Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners – top Smoky Quartz In, bottom Copper Ink

I’m a huge fan of liquid eyeliners but they are not all created equal. The length and sturdiness of the brush are the keys for me finding the ones I love. While I don’t wear pencil eyeliners that often I’ve found that Pur Minerals (now Pur Cosmetics) has a combination that has the best of both worlds. DOUBLE EGO EYELINERS are liquid on one end and pencil on the other end. Use separately or combine for great looks.

Pur Minerals Double Ego liners
Pur Minerals Double Ego liners

Look at those colors! Milan (inky black), Tasmania (dark chocolate), Madagascar (black gold), Bora Bora (royal blue), Swiss Alps (cool pewter), Rio de Janeiro (deep plum), Bali (emerald green), and Queensland (aquatic teal). While I mostly wear Tasmania I’ve been known to wear Swiss Alps (pewter) and Rio de Janiero (plum) to shake it up a bit. These are amazing eyeliners.

Last but far from least on my list are the YOUNGBLOOD EYE-MAZING LIQUID EYELINER PENS. These are available in 5 shades that are beautiful and go beyond black. The brush is what makes these so wonderful. For me they glide on and last, rarely going astray. I’ve bought backups of Marron since it’s an amazing brown eyeliner. Gris (soft grey) and Verde (dark forest green) are unique to my eyeliner collection.

Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pens from
Eye-Mazing Liquid Liner Pens from
Youngblood Liquid Liner in Azul, Gris, Noir, Verde and Marron
Youngblood Liquid Liner in Azul, Gris, Noir, Verde and Marron

What are your favorite eyeliners? As you can tell I’m obsessed with liquid eyeliners and love having this variety on hand. — Marcia


  1. Phyrra | 12th Oct 15

    Smoky Quartz is so pretty

  2. Brianna | 12th Oct 15

    That Stila eyeliner is SO interesting to me. I’ve been dying to see it in person. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it!

  3. Archana | 12th Oct 15

    I have never tried liquid eyeliners, but they look really interesting…

  4. Lola Seicento | 12th Oct 15

    Wow, Smokey Quartz and Copper Ink are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. [email protected] | 12th Oct 15

    I’ve been lazy lately and I’ve been using pencils, but those Stila metallic liners definitely look great to me! I need to break out my liquids and gels

  6. Summer | 12th Oct 15

    I am still trying to get into the hang of liquid eyeliners??

  7. Christa @Perilously Pale | 12th Oct 15

    OK I OBVIOUSLY need those Stila cushion liners!!!! Wow!

  8. Heather | 12th Oct 15

    I still need to try those Stila eyeliners!

  9. Destany | 12th Oct 15

    I like the variety of those Pur Minerals liners!

  10. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 12th Oct 15

    Ohhh, that Stila Smoky Quartz looks stunning!

  11. Eugenia | 12th Oct 15

    Those Pur Minerals eyeliners= <3!!!

  12. Leelo R | 12th Oct 15

    Those Pur Minerals Double Ego Eyeliners look very pretty!

  13. Carleen | 12th Oct 15

    Lots of great choices here. I pretty much live in MUFE liners.

  14. Miki | 12th Oct 15

    OH my gosh, I’ve tried so many eyeliners in the past year. And I’ve gone back to gels. I love MAC’s fluidline pots. I need something that lasts on my oily lids, and I have tried every waterproof/smudgeproof long lasting eyeliner out there. They just don’t quite cut it, and liquid liners are just too harsh for me. I love my MAC fluidline 😀
    Those Stila ones looks gorgeous!

  15. Julie | 12th Oct 15

    I’ve got to try those Stila liners!! They are so gorgeous and metallic, I’m such a sucker for metallics!

  16. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 12th Oct 15

    The PUR liners are among my favorites! I’ve been eyeing up the ones from Stila. They look so amazing and gorgeous!!

  17. Renu | 12th Oct 15

    I am a liquid eyeliner person as well! I can never get an even, steady line with pencil.

  18. Lisa Heath | 12th Oct 15

    I’m a huge liquid liner fan!

  19. Nidia - Lit From Within | 12th Oct 15

    those Stila liners are so cool looking! I have never seen a cushion eyeliner before. I am a big fan of the Physician’s Formula Eye Booster liquid eyeliner in both Ultra Black and Brown. It’s my fave.

  20. Bailey Brown | 12th Oct 15

    Oooh LOVE the liner picks! I always think it’s a sign when one product makes it into more two or more posts in a Makeup Wars: I must have it! Those Stila liners are calling my name, and I’ve been curious about the Pur Minerals double-ended liners too – they look gorgeous!

  21. Ashley | 12th Oct 15

    I have the blue Stila Cushion Liner that I have yet to try. My favorite type of liners are pencil. Easier to use and my go to fave!

  22. Kath TheFabZilla | 12th Oct 15

    I love Kat Von D Liquid liners and recently Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil

  23. Rachel Beltz | 12th Oct 15

    I don’t have a favorite eyeliner! It just has to be liquid!

  24. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 12th Oct 15

    Those Stila liners are amazing!

  25. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 13th Oct 15

    So many pretty shades.

  26. Tiki | 13th Oct 15

    The Pur Minerals Duo looks awesome. I like to tightline and smudge my bottom lashline, so these would be perfect.

  27. Anastasia | 13th Oct 15

    So many beautiful liners!! I like to play up my eyes too, hubs says it’s my prettiest feature.

  28. Jess | 13th Oct 15

    Ooh these are all so pretty! love the Pur Minerals !

  29. Bailey | 13th Oct 15

    I definitely need the Stila Smokey Quartz in my life! Such a great shade.

  30. Justina | 14th Oct 15

    I love that copper shade so much!

  31. Natalie Brown | 15th Oct 15

    I love colorful eye liners to switch-up a look and these are gorgeous. This is a cool topic too. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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