Jordana and NYX brown liquid eyeliners at last

I have searched and searched for a drugstore brown liquid eyeliner mostly to no avail. I’ve reviewed several but none met up with my criteria — until now! I’ve found not one but two liquid eyeliners that are from the drugstore that I like. I’m so happy and hope that now I can stop my search.

NYX Felt Tip Liner and Jordana Fabuliner
NYX Felt Tip Liner and Jordana FabuLiner

I first read about the Jordana Fabuliner on Nouveau Cheap and tried very hard to find the new Cat Eye liners that she wrote about. Alas I didn’t find those but I did track down the brown liquid FabuLiner. While Nouveau Cheap didn’t like the FabuLiner, I do. I’ve been searching for a brown liner for so long that I’m happy to have this in hand (and on eye).

Jordana FabuLiner in 02 Brown
Jordana FabuLiner in 02 Brown

The color looks dark but it’s a milk chocolate, it’s a truer and warmer brown than the NYX Liner that I have in Deep Brown.

left Jordan FabuLiner, right NYX Deep Brown Felt Tip liner
left Jordan FabuLiner, right NYX Deep Brown Felt Tip liner

The NYX Felt Tip Liner that I have is Dark Brown. As you can see above it is a very deep brown. It’s almost black but it’s softer than that.

NYX Dark Brown Felt Tip Liner
NYX Dark Brown Felt Tip Liner

The tips on the two liners are identical in size and tip but the NYX is firmer and almost a little too hard. I’ve only had these liners for about 10 days so I’m sure they’ll soften since that’s typical with use. The NYX cap shows that you should store it upside down. I’ve always done that and only had one leak with an ELF liner but it’s nice to know I was correct for a change.

NYX and Jordana brown liquid eyeliners
NYX and Jordana brown liquid eyeliners

Price wise NYX costs about $8 unless you can find it during a sale time. Jordana FabuLiner is only $2.99. I paid more because I didn’t think to order from Jordana’s website but it still wasn’t more than $5. Colors for NYX are extreme black, dark brown and jet black (soft black) while Jordana comes in Black and Brown.

I’m happy to have some new alternatives especially after tossing several of my previous buys. Are you a liquid eyeliner fan? What’s your favorite? — Marcia

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  1. Heather USA | 2nd Feb 15

    I’m liking the color and tip of that NYX one!

  2. beautyin | 2nd Feb 15

    Heather both liners are great and it’s really just a matter of which color you prefer. Some days I like the softer brown though I’m more used to the darker brown.

  3. Margie | 3rd Feb 15

    I’m still using a cake liner since pencils just don’t stay on me; cake liners last forever. I’d like the softer brown that Jordana has as long as it does define the eyes; did you say which store you can purchase this? Has it smudged under the eyes?

  4. beautyin | 3rd Feb 15

    Margie, I use every kind of liner and I do like cake liners but I forget I even have them. Time to pull one out now that you’ve reminded me.

  5. Jessica | 4th Feb 15

    I’m going to have to keep my eye out for that Jordana liner – it’s a great chocolate brown!

  6. beautyin | 6th Feb 15

    Jessica, it’s so rare to find a light brown liquid eyeliner. All the others are much darker.

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