Face Stockholm Precision Liquid Eyeliner

I had the opportunity to try two different eyeliners from Face Stockholm. Lisa and I will be doing a Side by Side on the luscious cake eyeliners but I wanted – no needed – you to know about their Precision Eyeliner. I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliners and Face Stockholm has me wrapped around their Precision Eyeliner finger at the moment. This sleek eyeliner pen is terrific. It reminds me of a beautiful calligraphy pen.

I personally don’t find it that difficult to apply most liquid eyeliners but I have tried several that make it tricky so I understand what others can go through. With some liquid liners it’s hard to keep the color off your fingers or eyelashes when you are applying them. Also some skip or drip or even slip when you are using them.

Face Stockholm Precision Eyeliner though was crafted in Japan to allow you to create fine lines with the precision of a pen. I find it extremely easy to use. The tip of the brush is thin but firm which is important when you are applying a solid line. It glides on easily with a rich deep dark black. The best part is how it lasts. I’ve worn the liner all day long without any fading or cracking even on my bottom lashline.  This is only available in black.

Face Stockholm Precision Eyeliner has moved to the top of the eyeliner ladder and I’m pretty sure it’s planning on staying there. – Marcia


  1. You do get a nice line with it.

  2. Hi Marcia, how does this compare to the Le Metier felt tip eyeliner?

  3. I’m still afraid of liquid eyeliner. I need your help!

  4. I have fallen INLOVE with liquid eyeliner so this is a must try for me : )

  5. For one it’s less expensive. The Le Metier is an amazing liquid eyeliner but I can’t seem to replicate what’s been done on me in makeovers with it. I haven’t compared the two side by side but I like the Face Stockholm one just as much. It’s what I’m using each day – including today and all this past weekend.

  6. This looks like a particularly nice liner. I hate when they skip. Great review.

  7. This has gone right on to my wish list!


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