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If you went to a website and read this: Hikari Cosmetics was founded on the principles of delivering glamorous, sophisticated makeup to women around the United States at a reasonable cost. We may be an up and coming brand, but we plan to take the makeup world to the next level of high-class! From our high-shine, vivid lip gloss collection to the perfect eye color combinations we have something for every woman to fall in love with.” wouldn’t you be intrigued? Both Lisa and Marcia were and we were excited to receive some HIKARI for review. We want to give the line a fair shake so this week it’s my turn (Marcia) and next week Lisa will share her products with you.

HIKARI eyeshadow palette, powder, liquid eyeliner

Anyone who knows me knows I’d rather have eyeshadows and eyeliners than any other cosmetic products out there. I love all cosmetics but it’s the eyes that get me going.

HIKARI Jennifer eyeshadow palette, HD Powder, and Iris Liquid Eyeliner

Hikari has 10 eyeshadow palettes that happen to be on sale as I type for only $5 each. It’s rare to find even a single eyeshadow of quality for that price but if you hurry you can get a 4 pan with great colors for just $5 (regularly $15). I have Jennifer and it’s a beauty. What I love best about this palette is the push and pull of it. Jennifer starts with colors in my comfort zone but then brings in a shade that pulls me away from that, daring me to make my eyes come alive.

HIKARI Cosmetics Jennifer Eyeshadow Palette

Jennifer contains 2 matte shadows and 2 satin shadows. These are loaded with pigment and apply with ease. I find that my eyes need an eyeshadow primer to do justice to the shades. Individual shades aren’t named on the palette but they are on the website so I’ll do my best to describe Stealth, Bellini, Magnetic, Swanky.

Hikari Jennifer shadows

Top left is a dusky blue matte shadow, top right is a light golden cream satin. Bottom left is a matte dark brownish black while bottom right there’s a golden brown.

Hikari Jennifer shadows

I use the light gold on the inner third of my eye and then under the browbone, next I apply the golden brown in the crease. Finally I’ll use the dusky blue on the very outer quarter of my eye and blend it by my lashline. I can also vary the order I use the shadows and I especially like the light gold with the dusky blue. None of these 4 shades are sold individually, just in the palette.

HIKARI Liquid Eyeliner in Iris

My camera hates close ups so excuse this very blurry shot but I wanted you to see the paint tip of their Liquid Eyeliner. What’s particularly nice about this kind of felt head is that you can get a thin line or a thicker line. HIKARI Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner is available in 5 shades:

Fawn- Brown

Slate- Gray

Indigo- Blue

Iris- Purple

Essence- Green

HIKARI Liquid Eyeliner swatches of Iris

Iris is a very deep purple that can also look brown depending on what shadows you wear with it. I like just that pop of purple instead of my typical brown. The liner is terrific since it applies so easily, just gliding on, and it has a long lasting formula so I don’t have to worry about it fading or chipping away.

HIKARI Final Touch HD Powder

The third product I have is one I’m getting a lot of use from. I had given up powders in the heat until I tired HIKARI’s Final Touch HD Powder. This is a pressed silica powder that is light as air and never looks cakey on me. The powder helps blur pores (my nemesis) and fine lines.

HIKARI Final Touch HD Powder and Beauty Junkees brushes

Using a duo fiber makeup brush like my Beauty Junkees ones gives me the light application that I’m looking for to set my makeup. I don’t normally get shiny during the day but I notice that this keeps my face from looking that way yet it’s not so matte that I look ghastly.

Hikari Cosmetics have many products that I’d love to explore. Even their foundation looks light enough for me. With the added attraction that Hikari is cruelty free and PETA certified this cosmetic brand has a lot to offer and the prices are great. Don’t wait long to take advantage of the $5 eyeshadow quads though since that will soon change.  —  Marcia

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  1. Kathy Rajchel | 20th Aug 17

    Kinda bummed. Was going to buy some as soon as I read your review. They were $5 and then they went up to full price in about 10 minutes.

  2. Shilpa | 21st Aug 17

    I have tried Hikari eye-shadow and loved its pigmentation,.

  3. Lyndsey R. | 21st Aug 17

    Love the colors of that eye shadow. They look like they blend really well too.

  4. Ella at AllBeautyToday | 21st Aug 17

    It is a joy to find good makeup without breaking the bank.

    The $5 eyeshadow palettes is a steal. Do you think it’s still on sale?

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 23rd Aug 17

    I’ve tried Hikari through Ipsy. I’ve gotten several eyeshadow singles and a full size lipstick. I’ve enjoyed both of them. I think their makeup is a steal. I’m very interested in the liquid eyeliner in COLORS!!

  6. CosmetopiaDigest | 23rd Aug 17

    I’ve tried some Hikari eyeshadows through beauty boxes – the quality was very good! Like Allison, I would love to try out the liquid eyeliner.

  7. Erika | 23rd Aug 17

    I had a Hikari lipstick, once. It was pretty!

  8. Anastasia | 23rd Aug 17

    I remember receiving Hikari products in my ipsy bags!

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 23rd Aug 17

    I have some things I still need to try!

  10. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 24th Aug 17

    The goldish shade in the palette is gorgeous!

  11. Kathryne | 24th Aug 17

    They somehow remind me of Jane cosmetics, do you know if both are owned by the same company? I don’t see Jane cosmetics now tho. Good to know they’re cruelty-free

  12. Polarbelle | 24th Aug 17

    I have a couple of shadows from Hikari that I’ve received thru Ipsy and they’re amazing!

  13. Stephanie Spencer | 24th Aug 17

    I posted a comment on the other post to qualify for the give way

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