An eyeliner question – would you or wouldn’t you?

Did you ever think about getting permanent eyeliner? I had two experiences within a few days of each other that has put this in my mind. First was when I was getting my nails done and there was a technician at the salon doing permanent eyeliner on customers. A few days later a friend told me she’d recently had it done. It got me thinking and made me realize two things. First I don’t want this done, I’m afraid of needles, I’m afraid of pain, it’s too expensive (my friend paid $350 to have it done). Second I realized that I LOVE putting on eyeliner. I really do. I love wearing different shades of liners (even if 90% of the time they are shades of blacks or browns). I love trying out all types of eyeliners (gels, pencils, liquid, eyeshadows, and cake liners). I think I’m pretty good at putting it on too.

Which leads me to the point of this review… eyeliner. Specifically Illamasqua cake eyeliner. I haven’t used cake eyeliner in years though it used to be a staple of mine. I never finish anything cosmetic but I have finished several Face Stockholm cake eyeliners in Eggplant. One evening a few months ago I decided I needed to try a cake eyeliner. I remembered a review I read on Pink Sith’s blog about Illamasqua’s so I decided that’s where my money should go.

There are 2 shades of these cake eyeliners at Sephora: Mislead (black) and Danger (navy blue) and an additional 2 more at Zeal (pine green) and Devout (steely grey). These are $23 each and mine will easily last me the rest of my life. I’ve used it half a dozen times and the spot where I’ve wet it is exactly the same size.

I also purchased Sealing Gel ($15) which contains 2 small bottles. I’m really glad that I included this in my order since I like depth in my eyeliner and that’s what Sealing Gel gives me. You could use water or another brand’s product that seals eyeliner too (i.e. Paula Dorf Transformer, Trish McEvoy Finish Line). For me water just didn’t cut it. The first time I used my cake eyeliner I applied it with water only. It went on smoothly but I swear it disappeared an hour later. I want to put on eyeliner and have it last all day long without me touching up so Sealing Gel is a must for me.

I’ll put a single drop of the Sealing Gel (or water) on something like my stainless mixing palette and dip my brush into that. I don’t like putting the gel onto the cake because it just gets soaked in. Using a brush I find a little goes a long way. I work the gel in and work the pigment into a paste like texture and then apply it. On my top lashline this lasts all day without fading or wearing away. On my bottom lashline though, I do need to renew it by evening.

Danger is a true navy and on my brown eyes I find that this can bring out the whites of my eyes. I especially like navy eyeliner with certain shades of brown shadows.

Now that I’ve rediscovered cake eyeliners I am worried that it will open up a new way for me to spend money. Maybe it would be cheaper to spend that $350 and get permanent eyeliner? No, never mind, it’s just too much fun for me to put it on and find every nuance of eyeliner shades. Would you do permanent eyeliner? I’d love to know. — Marcia


  1. No way!

  2. My friend had permanent eyeliner done and it’s not as dramatic as one would think. It looks very natural and with no makeup on, her eyes look a little defined without looking like she has makeup on. I would do it if I wasn’t so scared to have a tattoo near my eyeball, haha. I think you could do permanent eyeliner (thin, light line) so that you have that definition when you don’t wear makeup but you can also apply eyeliner over it as you please for a more defined look.

  3. I would never place permanent color on any part of my body, the tattoo inks aren’t approved or regulated by the FDA, and you open yourself up to infection (hepatitis or staph) when anything pierces your skin, not to mention you could potentially lose your vision.
    In 2003 and 2004, over 150 adverse reactions were reported to the FDA by people who had used permanent makeup inks/tattoos. I would never consider it.

  4. I had my brows done years ago (it’s since faded into oblivion) and it felt like sharp glass being dragged across my face. My mother-in-law has this done and it looks fine when all of her makeup is on, but not so much when she is bare-faced. Most of the women at the nail salons here have it done and I don’t care for the look on them. In most cases, they don’t have any other makeup on and it just looks to heavy to me.

  5. Never, and here is my one good reason: FICKLE.

    I’m afraid I’d get a color permanently tattooed into my skin and end up hating it. Can you imagine trying to laser off eyeliner? Can’t be done.

  6. NEVER EVER!!!! I have seen the worst disasters when it comes to permanent eyeliner, lipliner and eyebrows! It is never straight, it always fades to ugly and it just ruins the face! Plus we all know that makeup, like fashion, has trends that come go….. who wants to be stuck with a tattoo on their face????

  7. I would never get permnant make up anything make up I love switching it up too much.

  8. I don’t know…I guess I never say never!


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