Top Ten Eyebrow Favorites

Top Ten Tuesday is back and this time we’re emphasizing eyebrows as well we should. Eyebrows are the frame for the look on your eyes and I’ve realized that this is a category I’ve previously ignored. When we started Beauty Info Zone I never touched my brows except with a tweezer. I’ve got years worth of pictures that I have no eyebrow makeup on and years with pretty crappy makeup on them. I’ve recently become obsessed with learning how to do my eyebrows right. One of these days I’ll get it too!

Top Ten Eyebrow products

Top Ten Eyebrow products

1422210472_ihwx.94f8369c-d5b0-4ea7-b07a-5e1b87c8bf65.300.200.pngPAULA’S CHOICE BROW DEFINING DUO ($20) is my top choice when I’m really putting effort into it. I had received a preview of this during testing through a program from PC that sends people (not just bloggers) new products to test and review. Mine looks different but it works the same. It has two shades to use alone or together. I love the cream finish and think it fills in my brows better than any product I own.
1422210616_natural-brow-duo-group-withswatch-06feb14-webPIXI BEAUTY NATURAL BROW DUO ($16) – I just did a whole article on this duo because it’s great for me for everyday. It comes in three shades (natural brown, brunette and soft black). Natural Brown is an easy to wear color with cool undertones. I love the matching gel side and plan to buy it in the Brunette too.
1422210878__6054294SMASHBOX BROW TECH TO GO ($28) – My first ever brow product was the original Smashbox Brow Tech. A friend taught me about QVC and raved about it. I had it in several shades and used it whenever I felt I should do something. They’ve changed it plus added this Brow Tech To Go. It’s one product that I totally used up and I never use anything up. It wasn’t until I was almost done that I realized there was a gel on the opposite end. I felt like a fool about that but I still have it and use it. This is easier to use than the original but it can become hard so I usually had to warm it up first.
1422211220_browpoweruniversalIT COSMETICS BROW POWER UNIVERSAL PENCIL – I have nothing but love for this pencil. The color is a neutral to cool brown and there’s a spoolie at the opposite end to make sure your eyebrows are nicely formed. The most wonderful thing about this is that for every Brow Power Universal Pencil sold ($24) one is donated to Look Good, Feel Better to help women with cancer regain their self esteem. What a wonderful charity and I love IT Cosmetics for doing this.
1422211278_el_universalbrowOFRA COSMETICS UNIVERSAL EYEBROW PENCIL ($13) is one I received in two of my subscriptions. I gave away the first but luckily I have the second. This is an ultra smooth soft pencil that is very easy to apply. It’s a neutral brown that was created to work for all skin and hair tones but I think it’s probably best for brunettes.
1422210524_818MILANI COSMETICS BROW TINT PEN ($6.49) is one I recently bought. I’ve only been able to find it in Natural Taupe so far. I like this a lot because the tip is fine and it’s great to draw in hairs to make your brows look natural. I just ordered it in Dark Brown (the only other shade available) because I’m too impatient to drive around town trying to find it. Taupe is a warm brown that is almost a universal shade.
1422211714_60329PIXI BEAUTY LASH AND BROW BRUSH ($8) is a spoolie that helps with brushing your brows before you apply anything on them. Brushing them up and making them even is an excellent and easy way to prepare your brows for makeup. It’s also great to use after your brows are done to make sure they look perfect. In addition you can use this on your eyelashes to brush out those clumps.
1422211140_59270MAKE UP FOR EVER ANGLED EYEBROW BRUSH #270 ($21) is the best brush I’ve ever used on eyebrows. In spite of not doing my brows much prior to the last year, I still have several brow brushes. When I received this brush I realized that it blew my others out of the water. This is a very firm brush that can be used with powders, gels, creams and pencils. I highly recommend this brush.
1422210938__45048SMASHBOX ANGLE BROW BRUSH is the other brow brush that I reach for. It’s hard to find but it used to be part of the Brow Tech set so I have two of them. I found them on for a reduced price. I’m very glad I have these now that I’m back to brows.
1422211594__6622425TWEEZERMAN SLANTED TWEEZERS – I must have a minimum of 6 of these in my house. I feel lost without my tweezers and Tweezerman are the ones I’ve trusted and used the longest. The original slanted full size tweezer is the best.
1422211440_265x265xclear_brow_gel_.jpg.pagespeed.ic.rl7gjw77v4ANASTASIA COLORLESS BROW GEL ($22) is something you should have in your arsenal of tools. I like MAC Cosmetics clear brow gel too. I just have a mini Anastasia one from a kit right now and it comes in handy to tame the bushiness.
I’ve read two Brow Tutorials lately that are excellent for shaping your eyebrows and want to share them with you. The first is from INTO THE PALETTE and the second from PHYRRA. Both are great guides that I recommend. With these tutorials and the right tools you are on the road to perfection.

Pixi Beauty, Milani Taupe, Michael Marcus brown, Ofra Universal, It Cosmetics Brow Power

Pixi Beauty, Milani Taupe, Michael Marcus brown, Ofra Universal, It Cosmetics Brow Power

Nars and Smashbox eyebrow brushes, Pixi spoolie

Nars and Smashbox eyebrow brushes, Pixi spoolie

Now join the other bloggers to see what they have to share and want us to spend money on. — Marcia


  1. I always go for my Tweezerman tweezers, they are really the best!

  2. That Anastasia Gel is one of my faves!

  3. i love the IT cosmetics brow pencil it’s fabulous! Great list.

  4. What an amazing selection! I love this post, and see several that I must try! My Tweezermans are an absolute must-have!

  5. Thank you for sharing my guide! I love your picks ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I do need a brow gel now and think and I think I’ll pick up Anastasia’s.

  7. I’m going to have to try the pixi options!

  8. Great favorites! Anastasia brow palette and Tweezerman tweezers are my faves ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oooh that Pixi brow! Will havta look into it!

  10. Love my Tweezerman tweezers and I’d like to try the IT brow pencil.

  11. Great selection! Like you I do use the Ofra which I got in the Wantable, great one for those quick brow days! I still have to try out the IT one. Thanks for the mention! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love all of anastasias brow product

  13. I need to investigate Anastasia brow more Kendra.

  14. Olivia your brow post is just awesome and people need to read it. I’m wearing the Ofra pencil today. I like the color and how it fills my brows.

  15. Erika, I can’t be without my Tweezerman tweezers. I have them everywhere – nightstand, computer desk, both bathrooms, purse. I guess I’m addicted.

  16. Destany, the Pixi brow is so easy to use. I’m going to pick it up in Brunette soon.

  17. Every time I see your name Anastasia on Twitter or Facebook, I think of my eyebrows. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Amber, it’s time to get on the Pixi bandwagon!!

  19. Teri, what I like about the Anastasia brow gel is that it doesn’t clump up. I just found a Tweezerman Brow Mousse that is unopened and I’ll try that when the Anastasia is gone

  20. Phyrra, your guide is so informative that I’m happy to share.

  21. I love that Smashbox brush! Nordstrom’s got it in stock!

  22. Lola, I’m addicted to my Tweezerman.

  23. Brooke, I haven’t tried a lot of gels before but I didn’t have a good experience with the MAC one. I’m glad that I’m finding better ones like the Anastasia.

  24. I like the IT Cosmetics one, too, though I’m currently using Too Faced Bulletproof Brows. Someday I’ll figure my brows out!

  25. I’ve been using IT Cosmetics for years and I still love it.

  26. Tweezerman tweezers saved my life!

  27. Marcia I see you love a good pencil. I live for my brow pencil and trust I panic when I can’t find it.

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  29. Laura, I went to three stores and couldn’t find the Brunette Milani so I finally ordered it online. I didn’t check Ulta though.

  30. Melody, I have doubles of things I love! It’s a sickness.

  31. Miranda, aren’t Tweezerman’s the best!

  32. Nidia, it’s so hard to find the right brow product when you have skimpy brows like I do.

  33. I’m intrigued w/ Milani! Right now, I alternate between Anastasia dipbrow pomade and Tom Ford

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  35. I’ve been wanting to try the Smashbox Brow Tech To Go but they never have them in stock in my local stores.

  36. I like Milani’s brow tint pen. I don’t use it a ton, but often enough