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The best part of my blogging career? Testing products that make such a difference I am beyond excited to tell you about them. Today is one of those extremely rewarding days because the Kleraderm Infinite Beauty line is truly something to shout about! I’ve raved about Kleraderm for a long time, but I think these products are the greatest ones Kleraderm has ever launched. This line is the result of nine years of intense research and development and the doctors at Kleraderm feel they have definitely unlocked the secrets to true anti-age.

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Kleraderm Infinite Beauty

Kleraderm Infinite Beauty

One of my favorite lines from Kleraderm was the NEOGENESIS (Neo=NEW and Genesis=Life) line, which was created with stem cells from vegetable plants. This is rather complicated but stick with me: Kleraderm found that stem cells from vegetable plants are the only ones that actually work when are using stem cell therapy in skin care. All stem cells are created with coded DNA, which tells the stem cell what it will be when it grows up, such as skin, organs, hair, etc.

When created, vegetable stem cells have DNA, but for a very short while that DNA is not coded. That is when Kleraderm harvests the stem cells, and through cellular rhythm it actually codes the DNA to be nothing but skin cells. Definitely AMAZING!!

Kleraderm felt that the next step was to figure out how to get the stem cells deep enough through the skin without using injections. Their doctors found that hyaluronic acid has low molecular weight and is not only what our bodies produce, but also an excellent vehicle to drive stem cells deep down through the skin which allows the vegetable stem cells to interact with our own body’s stem cells. Vegetable stem cells (VSC) are survivors that teach our stem cells where to feed and guide them to the top layer of skin, where all stem cells arrive healthy, nourished and full of life. Subsequently, skin becomes radiant and begins to glow as a  youthful appearance starts to take over skin.

The Neogenesis line was a result of all of this scientific research.  The research continued and after Neogenesis was created the Kleraderm doctors found that when caviar was added to Neogenesis the combination was truly outstanding. Basically, Neogenesis gives our skin cells life and the caviar replenishes lost nourishment to skin. These are the issues that cause premature aging, slower production of cell life and cells arriving to top layer of skin in terrible condition along with discoloration.

With depleted nourishment, our stem cells only know to stop at the basal layer to feed on their way up to top layer; the basal layer becomes older and cannot offer the good wholesome nourishment as it once did when we were younger. VSC leads our stem cells to other areas to feed on their way up, and VSC can awaken semi-dead stem cells on the top layer of skin.

Ultimately, it as if we can grow a new top layer of skin!

Kleraderm combined the two most powerful weapons against premature aging and created “Infinite Beauty” which includes four items to transform skin into a youthful paradise. I was lucky enough to test two of the products:  the Caviar Eye-Lip Cream ($115) and the Caviar Beauty Eye Serum ($125).

Kleraderm Caviar Antiaging Cream

Kleraderm Neogenesis Eye and Lip Cream

Kleraderm Caviar Eye and Lip Cream

The Infinite Beauty Eye + Lip cream is a creamy moisturizer that minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around both the eye and lip area. It doesn’t taste like anything so it’s great for lips and boy does it make a difference in those awful vertical lines!! It also lightens and smooths out skin discoloration. I use this every morning and every night on my lips and also use it on my eyes – eyelids and under eye – over the Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye Serum.

Kleraderm Caviar Eye Serum

Kleraderm Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye Serum

Kleraderm Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye Serum

Kleraderm Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye Serum

The Infinite Beauty Eye Serum is a really terrific eye treatment that reduces puffiness and darkness around eye area – I had excellent, noticeable results in just a few days. This serum replenishes lost collagen, making the under eye area firmer and smoother looking. I’ve tested tons and tons of eye products and this is one of the most impressive I have ever come across.

Do yourself (and your lips and eyes!) a huge favor and check out the Infinite Beauty line at Kleraderm. I can’t wait to try out the other two products from this line – Caviar Anti-Aging Serum and Caviar Anti-Aging Cream.  – Lisa

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