Le Metier’s new Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo had us at first blink

le metier eye maskBeauty Info Zone is no stranger to Le Metier de Beaute. We’ve been in love with the brand since our first shopping foray at Neiman Marcus in Troy, Michigan. We were at the counter that day for absolutely hours and then we came back the following week to get our makeup done. When we learned about their newest product, ULTRA HYDRATION EYE MASK DUO, our hearts were racing. Happily, just before Beauty Week at Neiman, we were each sent a mask to try out.

These masks can be used just about anywhere. They stay in place so that you can go about your daily business. You can even exercise in them as you’ll soon see. You can wear them with or without makeup. They don’t disturb your makeup but boy do they make your eyes look fabulous after use. The sad news is that these are a one time use product, the happy news is that they really work.

Le Metier

Le Metier Ultra Hydration Eye Mask Duo

First, here’s what Neiman Marcus and Le Metier de Beaute have to tell us about these masks. Then Marcia and Lisa will tell you about their experiences.

Perfectly shaped translucent treatment patches help restore the delicate under eye area with an infusion of moisturizing actives. Featuring patented technology, the seaweed-based mask immediately cools, delivering tuned hydration to deeply quench and refresh tired skin. The perfect amount of moisture packed into one package, ideal for keeping under eyes refreshed and revived at home or on-the-go.

  • Translucent masks seal in one-way hydration to energize and brighten eyes.
  • Seaweed-base immediately delivers a cool, calming sensation with actives to soothe the delicate under eye area.
  • Individual sachets ideal for extended air travel, hotel stays, or boosting moisture after exercise.
  • Translucent patches deliver moisture discretely and effectively.

Marcia’s side:

I used my eye mask after a particularly sleepless night, one of tossing and turning. If the Le Metier de Beaute eye mask could work on refreshing me after a night like that I’d know they were a winner.  I was given some advice by a friend that works for Le Metier so even though it wasn’t in the directions she told me to put them in the refrigerator before using. From reading other people’s experiences with this mask duo I know it’s not necessary to do this but boy was it amazingly revitalizing.



These are so easy to apply, unlike many masks where I’ve had to fight to get them on properly. They felt cool (obviously) and surprisingly lightweight. You can go about your business without even realizing they are on. They are designed to be worn absolutely anywhere, I can picture using them on an airplane before landing so that you would look refreshed.

le metier eye mask ingredients

After my 15 minutes were up I removed the patches and patted the product that was left into my skin (also on the advice of the LMdB employee). My eyes looked refreshed and no one other than my husband (who I woke up half a dozen times during the night) had a clue that I had had a sleepless night.  — Marcia





 Lisa’s side:

I love eye masks because I very often wake up with puffy eyes. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I sleep, or maybe I don’t drink enough water, but it’s definitely more of a problem as I get older.


before with my very puffy eyes

I found these little eye masks to be pretty awesome. I didn’t put them in the refrigerator like Marcia did (Marcia, why didn’t you share that fabulous tip with me???) but they still felt extremely cool to the skin. They stick on very nicely.

whilst wearing!

whilst wearing!

I actually put these on, cleaned out my car, then then did some rebounding. A rebounder is a little trampoline that I have in my house – if I watch TV, I make myself jump on the rebounder during the commercials. This way I feel extremely virtuous as I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race or The Soup.

doing my eye mask didn't keep me from rebounding

doing my eye mask didn’t keep me from rebounding

I figured the eye masks would migrate down during my mini- exercise sessions, but they didn’t.  I had a small issue with some hairs sort of sticking, but I just put my hair up in a clip and that problem was solved.


after, much less puffy!

I wore my eye masks for about a half hour because I forgot they were on! Afterward, there was a truly noticeable difference. These eye masks work. – Lisa

Ultra Hydration Eye Masks are $150 for a box of 8 sets and would be the perfect item to buy during the upcoming Neiman Marcus Beauty week. Le Metier is doing a competition between bloggers and we’d really appreciate it if you’d tell the Neiman Marcus counter that Marcia or Lisa or Beauty Info Zone sent you. We hope to be able to do a giveaway too for our readers with Le Metier products. Please call or visit the Troy, MI store (248-643-3300 X2104 or X2106) and tell Venus we sent you. No matter where you look into these masks you’ll be doing yourself a favor by doing so, they are wonderful.



  1. This sounds heavenly! Bummer that they’re one use though.