Bella Semplice masks make you look so “bella”

Take a guess – which Beauty Info Zone beauty is pictured below?  Is it Marcia?  Or is it Lisa?

Ok, so it was a trick question.  Of course it’s Shirley Eaton from the movie Goldfinger.  But both Marcia and Lisa get covered in gold for this review thanks to Bella Semplice – read on for their ‘golden’ experiences!

Bella Semplice 24k Gold Eye Mask

Bella Semplice 24k Gold Facial Mask

Bella Semplice is a company that specializes in masks. They have created several types of eye masks and facial masks as well as some accompanying skin care. There are 5 types of facial masks: 24k Gold Facial Mask for all skin types; Rose Moisture Mineral Facial Mask for normal to dry skin; Chamomile Soothing Mineral Facial Mask for Sensitive Skin; After Sun Rose Mineral Facial Mask for all skin types and Tea Tree Oil Control Mineral Facial Mask for oily/acne prone skin. Each of those masks is $19.99. The two types of eye masks retail for $6.99. Those are the 24k Gold Under Eye Mask and the Lotus Collagen Under Eye Mask; both of these are for all skin types.

Lisa and Marcia went for the gold when they were offered a mask to try. And we both wanted our favorite type of product: Lisa loves her skin care and Marcia loves anything to do with eyes. At the end of our review you’ll see the ingredients and benefit.

Marcia’s side:

Like the intro said I love anything to do with the eyes. My eyes are my favorite facial feature and the way I can bring out what little artistic ability I have. Therefore given a choice I chose to test the 24k Gold Under Eye Mask from Bella Semplice.

24k Gold Eye Mask in the packet

Bella Semplice 24k Gold Eye Mask label

This is probably the easiest and most soothing of all the eye masks I’ve tried. It went on so easily and fit perfectly under my eyes. I didn’t get too close to my lash line since there’s a fragrance and I was worried about that affecting my eye. When you look at the individually wrapped package for the eye mask you can see it’s surrounded by fluids. These are what keeps it moist and ready to use any time you want.

These applied so easily and felt so good once on. They are extremely soothing because they are moist with skin care ingredients that help stimulate collagen and cell regeneration. The purpose is two-fold: reduce those fine lines and crow’s feet as well as moisturize the skin around your eyes.

I kept them on for the full 30 minutes suggested and they felt comfortable the entire time. I did things like brush my teeth, take my vitamins and had a piece of toast. They never dried down which would make them pull the sensitive skin around the eyes. Instead they stayed moist making me feel as if they were helping reverse the fine lines.

Wearing 24k Gold Eye Mask

Afterwards my eye area was fuller and looked so much more relaxed. I ‘almost’ didn’t feel the need for concealer under my eyes since the dark circles didn’t seem as prominent. I checked periodically during the day and was very pleased with the rested look. The suggested use is 2-3 times a week but this is something I’d save for weekends when I want to look my best.

pre mask left eye

post mask left eye – WOW

Lisa’s side:

I do love skin care, and I want anything that promises to reduce my wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging.  When I opened this up and saw the instructions, I showed it to my husband and said, “Honey, I am wearing this to bed tonight.”

Bella Semplice

He said, “As long as that’s ALL that you are wearing I am fine with it.”

My husband is very, very predictable.

This is a pretty interesting mask because you can use it more than once.  After my first use, I put back in the packaging.  It soaked up more of the liquid product and was ready to go again the next time I wanted to use it.

This mask stimulates collagen production, which plumps your face in a good way.  The collagen reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives you a nice glow.  It also helps to even out skin tone and stimulates cell regeneration.

At night after your face is cleansed you just place the mask on, lining it up correctly with your eyes, nose, and mouth.  It sticks to your skin pretty well.  It doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable, but it definitely stays on and doesn’t fall off easily.  I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and even jumped on my rebounder for a while and this mask stayed on well.  My only problem was that the mask is bigger than my face.  I get it – there are lots of people who have larger faces than me.  All I had to do was trim the excess off the chin and side areas and it held even better for me.  Also, hair will stick to it so it’s better if you wear a headband to keep those strands from sticking to the mask.  The mask itself is weirdly rubbery and feels very cool on – after people get over the shock of seeing you looking like this, all they want to do is touch the mask because it feels so neat.

Bond girl? Or scary Halloween costume?? (Check out how cross-eyed I look!)

Bella Semplice recommends that you keep the mask on for at least 30 minutes, longer than that is even better.  They recommend 2 to 5 hours for the best results, and you can sleep in this mask if you want.  I just couldn’t do it – I am a side sleeper and I knew that I would end up smushing it into my pillow.  So instead I put it on in the evening and wore it though my chores, my blogging, my TV watching, then as I read a bit before bed.  When I took it off, my skin looked and felt GREAT.  And the benefits lasted all through the next day.

The recommended usage is two to three times per week for the most benefit.  You may not look so ‘bella’ whilst wearing the mask, but afterwards it’s totally worth it.


Ingredients for ALL

1.2- PROPANEDIOL & GLYCERIN – These two ingredients are excellent carriers that help the other ingredients penetrate the skin. ALLANTOIN – A plant extract with powerful anti-aging properties. This extract helps to soothe irritated skin, stimulate cell regeneration, & is an excellent moisturizer. PHENOXYETHANOL – Preservative HYDROLYZED SOY PROTEIN – Helps stimulate collagen giving skin a more supple and younger look & feel. SODIUM HYALURONATE – A hydrophilic (water-loving) molecule that moisturizes skin from the inside out. HA is found in every tissue in the human body and helps to retain water. By doing this, HA moves waste out and carries nutrients in. An excellent detoxifier and a natural way to smooth wrinkles.

additional for 24K GOLD

FLUOROPHLOGOPITE – Part of the Mica family (a mineral), this ingredient adds a soft glow to the skin giving a vibrant and youthful look. GOLD LEAF – Gold has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces dark spots, improves circulation, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles due to its ability to increase collagen production. ROSA CENTIFOLIA ( ROSE OIL ) – Promotes an even skin tone, builds elasticity, & provides an even colored complexion. (Gold, Rose Moist, Rose After Sun)


  1. How many times can you reuse the face mask?

  2. The results of the eye mask are astounding! I have the same question as buffy888 on how many uses for the face mask? Great review from you both, I always laugh when you add quotes from your husband! Sounds like mine, he’s predictable in that sense for sure :).

  3. Wow! I can really see a difference in your picture after using the eye mask!

  4. The eye results are amazing! And the facial mask is totally Bond girl. These look fabulous!

  5. Hi, you can use the face mask two times. After the first use, put it in the fridge, and it’s ready to go again one more time.


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