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THRIVE CAUSEMETICS has a special name and a special cause. They are a company that every man and woman around should appreciate and support. For every product purchased, a product is donated to a woman going through cancer treatment. This totally warms my heart making me even more thrilled that the company chose to send these to try out. It’s also a company that I want to see thrive.

At the current time Thrive Causemetics carries a variety of products: Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner, Infinity Waterproof Eyeliners, Faux Lashes, Lash Adhesive, and Hair Ties. Plus a great mug for all beauty lovers.

I have both an eyeliner and a brow liner to introduce you to.


thrive causemetics infinity eyebrow

Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner comes in various configurations. You can purchase a single liner for $22 or do a combo set of two products for $40. There are 4 matte shades and 1 shimmer liner to chose from: LAUREN (black), ELLA (brown), HODA (slate grey), GUILIANA (purple shimmer), and TALIA (navy). I have this in HODA which is a terrific slate grey shade. Even though I like a black liquid eyeliner I often find that it’s aging. This shade of grey is recognizable as grey and a softer look. I love how this glides on so easily.

Thrive eyeliner smudger and sharpener

Thrive eyeliner smudger and sharpener

Thrive Hoda Eyeliner (slate grey)

Thrive Hoda Eyeliner (slate grey)

Thrive makes this so easy to use by having a built in sharpener and smudger on the opposite end. Even more important is how long lasting this is without smudging or just plain disappearing during the day.


Thrive Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner

Thrive Infinity Waterproof Brow Liner

As regular readers know, I’ve become eyebrow obsessed so having this brow pencil is terrific. There are two shades available: Christina and Audrey. Christina is for those of you with light brows while Audrey is for darker brows. I was sent Audrey which is a good universal shade for brunettes. This is a windup pencil that never needs sharpening. It’s great for drawing in individual brow lashes since it’s got such a fine point to it. The opposite end has a spoolie which I rely on for smoothing out color.

from left: Hoda eyeliner, Audrey brow pencil

from left: Hoda eyeliner, Audrey brow pencil

The pencil is a triple threat; not only is it waterproof but it’s a wax and powder in one. The pigment is buildable so that helps me with the sparseness on the front of my brows. This contains shea butter, sodium hyalurante and ceramides which help encourage the growth of fuller brows. I may marry this if that happens over time!

Thrive products used by Jamie Greenberg at the 2016 Golden Globes

Thrive products used by Jamie Greenberg at the 2016 Golden Globes

There are so many reasons to recommend Thrive – beauty with a purpose that is paraben free, sulfate free, latex free, cruelty free and vegan. Can’t beat that. Even makeup artists like Jamie Greenberg used Thrive products like Audrey Brow Liner and Thrive Adhesive on clients like Kaley Cuoco at the Golden Globes. If it’s good enough for them, it’s great for me. — Marcia

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand, looks interesting 🙂

  2. I love how they made their mission their name: Causemetics, in particular, is just brilliant. Thank you for introducing us to this brand! The two shades you received are so beautiful, and I love products that come with built-in sharpeners and smudgers. I just bought a grey liner yesterday; hope I like it as much as this one.

  3. Their mission is so fantastic, and I am utterly impressed by their products!

  4. Sounds like a good brand. I was not familiar with them.

  5. I really love that gray liner, because I’m not sure I have anything else like it. I also love to see charity and compassion given to those who need it. Thanks for writing about this!

  6. Wow what a wonderful cause behind a cosmetic company! I’ve actually never heard of this brand before so I’m so glad you shared it 🙂

  7. Never heard of this brand, but I can get behind any company that donates to charities!

  8. We lost my uncle to cancer this morning so this tugged on my heart strings. Thank you for the review – I think it’s important that we not only show products but also talk about companies especially in instances like this where they give back through charity.

  9. I’d never heard of thrive but I love that for every sold product they donate a product to a good cause. I love that and the liner looks really nice, great color and I like that they include the smudger and sharpener. Awesome!

  10. Oh, I love that they donate!!! I need to check them out!!

  11. The eyeliner looks like a great neutral brow shade actually!

  12. I love the charity behind this! It’s so great that they support the cause AND the patients with their products. Their pencils look great,, too, with the smudge, spool and sharpener.

  13. I love that they are donating to cancer charities.. but I have to wonder if the company has an affiliation with the people after whom their products are named. I would hope they are not capitalizing on someone else’s story.

  14. Gotta love a company that gives back!

  15. I’ve never heard is this brand before, but I love the packaging! So cute! Thank you for introducing us to this brand!

  16. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I need to check it out.

  17. It’s great to know your purchase is benefiting someone else at the same time. The brow pencils look great.

  18. I just LOVE the idea behind this line! I had not heard of them before, love the review!

  19. I love the dual use of sharpener on one end and smudger on the other! Saves me one extra tool hah!

  20. I have never heard of this brand, but what a wonderful mission! I love the look of that grey eyeliner.

  21. I would be totally interested in trying the brow pencil. Love wax/powder formulas!

  22. I really am interested in the brow liner. I also have been trying to get better about my brow game, and I really like the look of the item and the packaging! Something I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for in my shopping!