Tarte wants you to Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – QVC special

Treat Yourself to Gorgeous from tarte cosmetics

When Tarte Cosmetics chose the name “Treat Yourself to Gorgeous” for their newest QVC special kit they knew what they were doing. You’ll be amazed by this set and feel like you’ve indulged in something very expensive. The surprise is that Tarte did it again – they are bringing you a kit that contains 20 gorgeous eyeshadows, 4 amazing eyeliners plus 4 luscious lipglosses – for only $49.98. While this kit is just one low price, it has 3 separate boxes so if you wanted you could gift one or two of the boxes and keep part for yourself. (You know the philosophy “one for you and one (or two) for me” is always fun when gift giving!) Each box is in shiny paper making it look like a gift. This year’s winter theme for Tarte has been Baby It’s Bold Outside and you’ll find bold and beautiful items in each of the boxes.

image from qvc.com

Box one contains 4 full size cashmere waterproof gliding liners. The 4 eyeliners are great everyday basics but with pizzazz. The shades aren’t labeled but they are all you need: Black Orchid, Bronze, Black Brown, and Black Magic. Both Bronze and Black Orchid have the prettiest touch of shimmer while the other two are matte. The texture is what sells these. They are labeled ‘cashmere’ and that’s how soft they feel while gliding on. The colors are intense and don’t take more than one line; you can easily smudge them when you first apply them and then they are set! They last throughout the day. There’s also a full size mirror in the liner box.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliner box

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeliners

from top – Black Orchid, Bronze, Black-Brown, Black Magic

Box two contains the 4 Maracuja Divine Shine Lip Glosses. These 4 glosses are perfect shades for this set that will give you a variety of looks. Tarte lipglosses come in a wand that clicks up and comes out through the brush. They start off a little sticky but that changes as they meld with your lips. There’s a delicious peppermint scent with these that I personally love. It’s the same scent as in their LipSurgence lip crayons that are my favorite lip product. The fragrance fades quickly but it’s refreshing while it lasts. These have a small plumping action that comes naturally from the maracuja. The color range is wonderful since you can change your look entirely by whichever lipgloss you choose.

Tarte Brazen lipgloss

Darling is a soft pink with subtle gold shimmer


Genuine is a sheer, creamy pink that has a pinky-nude tone


Giddy is a beautiful soft coral pink


Brazen is a sheer bright rose


Brazen sheer and more full coverage

Now to the eyeshadows, Amazonian clay infused silky-smooth eyeshadows – sigh – 20 elegant eyeshadows  that are mostly new for Tarte.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous eyeshadow box

The names are fabulous and make you realize that there are 20 ways to treat yourself: Bubble Bath, Gossip, Ice Wine, Velvet, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Stiletto just to name a few. These shadow shades span seasons too. You might prefer the light shades like Privacy Please, Macaroon, or Skinny Dip in the summer; Safari, Bellini, Cabana in the fall; and Tiramisu, Tahitian Pearl and 24 Carats in the winter. Or you may just prefer to use them all any time of day or night, any season! There’s so much to choose from that each day you’ll feel like you are Treating Yourself.

Upper left: Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Macaroon, Privacy Please, Bellini, 24 Carats

Lower left: Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, Gossip, Skinny Dip

top:Bubble Bath, Ice Wine, bottom: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Skinny Dip

top right: Canary Diamond, Truffle, Tiramisu; underneath: Safari, Cabana, Locket

Bottom right: top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

top: Sailboat, Match Point, Stilleto; underneath: Frozen Hot Chocolate, Velvet, Tahitian Pearl

Whether you ask for this as a gift, buy it for yourself, or choose it for your makeup loving crew you won’t be sorry. This is a one day special on QVC that will be presented on 11/28/2012. The number to order on that day is A226316. Or you can do yourself a favor and go directly to QVC now and use the pre-order number, A230738, and order a set (or more) to be sure they aren’t sold out. (Plus it’s on easy pay!!) Gorgeous is gorgeous and when it’s at a special QVC price like this it makes it that much more appealing. Treat Yourself to Gorgeous – a perfect name! — Marcia


  1. Tarte makes the best sets. What a great buy.

  2. Tarte is one incredible line. Quality at great prices.

  3. I love Tarte!

  4. The eye palette looks fabulous! A lot of unique colors I don’t have in my collection!

  5. Aren’t their prices amazing Melody? You get so much and it’s all great.

  6. @Krystle, I love the eyeshadows. Great colors.

  7. I really loved reading your post, and your swatches are great. I love the eyeshadow colors. OK, putting it on my list! xo

  8. Thanks Moxie. It’s a great set and Tarte is so incredible with cosmetics and policies.