Tarte Eye Catchers has certainly caught my eye – review and swatches

Tarte Eye Catchers (image from sephora.com)

The holidays wouldn’t be the same for makeup lovers without tarte’s amazing holiday sets. There is something for everyone in the 2012 Baby It’s Bold Outside collection. We’ve reviewed quite a few of the items but there’s still one more that you need to make your collection complete – Eye Catchers. This amazing set contains 5 full size smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liners plus 1 full size skinny smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof eye liner. What amazes me is that a single smolderEYES™ liner costs $25 yet this set with 6 full size items is $39. And it’s gorgeous and useful and has new colors for tarte. What more could you ask for?

what a single smolderEYES is like from tarte’s site

These smolderEYES™ liners double as eyeshadow and eyeliner. They happen to be extremely creamy and are so easy to use as an eyeshadow. They just glide on my eyes like nobody’s business. I find them much more creamy than the ones I’ve previously had. Even with all this creaminess once they set, they are S.E.T. These don’t move on me. They last a good 10 hours without fading.

The smolderEYES™ Amazonian clay crayons (as I call them) come in 5 new shades tarte eye catchers boxtarte eye catchers  openAsh Violet – this is a simply beautiful take on violet, it’s a smokey blue based violet that actually looks like violet and not black. I instantly fell in love with this shade. tarte eye catchers  purple penciltarte eye catchers purple swatch

Rainforest Black – if it was me I’d just have named it Rainforest since that’s what it reminds me of. It’s a beautiful green with a blue undertone.tarte eye catchers green penciltarte eye catchers green swatchtarte eye catchers green smudged

Champagne – a fantastic peachy champagne shade that looks gorgeous just about anywhere you apply it. I’ve tried it on my browbone with other shades in the set, I’ve used it as an eyeshadow on my lid, and it makes a very pretty undereye shade in place of a dark liner.tarte eye catchers champ penciltarte eye catchers champ swatch

Gunmetal – this is a shade I jump on when I see it in stores. It’s like a combination of brown and silver in one stunning shade. tarte eye catchers brown penciltarte eye catchers brown swatchGold – what a lovely shade to use as an eyeshadow or liner. It brightens without being gaudy. I like this best as an eyeshadow on my lid but it can be used anywhere. It’s more of a golden bronze to me than a true gold.tarte eye catchers golden penciltarte eye catchers golden swatchtarte eye catchers golden smudged

Onyx – this is the skinny guy. It’s meant to be used as an eyeliner. It’s the deepest darkest black that doesn’t smudge once it’s on.tarte eye catchers black penciltarte eye catchers black swatch

The colors in Eye Catchers happen to be stunning. They are 100% winners. It’s hard to pick a favorite in the set, but who needs to when you can have them all! I’ve seen them on Sephora.com, Ulta.com, and Amazon.com as well as at the stores. These are limited edition and will be gone before you know it so don’t wait to pick these up and make your eyes into ones that will CATCH someone else’s eye! — Marcia

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