Make Up For Ever Ultimate Eyeliner Collection review and swatches

Wow, this is such a great collection of eyeliners that I can’t even recommend you buy this as a gift for a friend – you just need to get it for yourself.  With this kit, you will have every eyeliner you need to create all kinds of beautiful looks with gorgeous colors.  It’s terrific.

The Make Up For Ever Ultimate Eyeliner Collection ($160) is a box of 14 pencil and liquid eyeliners in different formulas, plus a double pencil sharpener.  It sounds like a lot of bills for eyeliner, but considering there are 14 liners it works out to around $11 per liner – a pretty good deal.  Another great way to justify the expense is to consider that separately, all of these items would cost $277.  Works for me!!

the ultimate

Colors range from a pearly champagne to the blackest black.  The basics are covered, and there are some fun and funky colors for you too.

The Ultimate Eye Liner Collection

inside the box

Here’s what is inside:
– 7 x 0.4 oz Aqua Eyes in 0L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 11L, 12L, 23L
– 3 x 0.4 oz Khol Pencil in 1K, 4K, 9K
– 4 x 0.058 oz Aqua Liner in 4, 7, 13, 15
Double pencil sharpener

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners

The first person to tell me about the Aqua Liner, Make Up For Ever’s take on the liquid eyeliner with a waterproof formula and felt tip applicator, was Cindy from Prime Beauty.  She raved about the quality and ease of use, and when I tried one I was totally hooked.

I always have two major concerns with liquid liners:  first, is the liquid long wearing and smudge/flake proof?  And second, does the applicator make it easy to apply?  Make Up For Ever is totally on point with the Aqua Liner.  The formula is excellent, the colors are outstanding, and the applicator is one of the best I have ever used for a liquid liner.


 #4 Diamond Lagoon Green is a breathtakingly gorgeous teal green with silver shimmer.  Love this!  It really makes your eyes *pop*.


 #13 Mat Black is a glossy, deep dark black.  It’s shiny, it reminds me of patent leather shoes.


 #15 Iridescent Anthracite is a must have, it’s a beautiful blackened silver with shimmer.


 #7 Diamond Black Purple is a fabulous blackened purple with shimmer.  This looks absolutely stunning with brown eyes.

Aqua Liner swatches, L to R:  4, 13, 15, 7

 These liquid eyeliners are extremely easy to apply thanks to the felt tip, even my pre-coffee morning hands have no problem with application.  And boy do they stick – soap and water won’t do the trick, you need waterproof makeup remover for these babies.

Next up are the pencil liners.  Make Up For Ever suggests the following technique for perfect eye lining:
-Line the eyelid from the outer corner to the center of the eye.
-Draw a line from the inner corner to the center, getting thicker as it approaches the center.
-Adjust thickness as desired.

Crayon Kohl from left to right:  1K, 9k, 4k

 There are three of the Crayon Khol eyeliners.  The Khol pencils are perfect for lining the waterline.  They go on easy and really stay without smudging.  The three basics you need for the waterline are here – black, brown, and green.

Crayon Kohl swatches

Top to bottom:  4k Intense Green, blackened deep green; 9k Matte Mocha Brown, blackened brown; 1k Deep Black, black.  The black shade has just a tiny bit of gray so it’s not too harsh looking.

There are 7 different Aqua Eyes pencils.  These are creamier than the Crayon Kohls, they have more slip so you can sheer them out beautifully.

Aqua Eyes L to R:  23L, 11L, 12L

 These go on super smooth and have great lasting power.

Aqua Eyes swatches L to R:  23L, 11L, 3L

 23L Champagne is a pearly peachy/champagne shade.  This looks awesome on the waterline to brighten and widen your eyes, and it works as a beautiful eyeshadow as well. 11L Purple is a pretty purple shade, I love this because I don’t own anything else like it.  3L Iridescent Navy is blackened navy with just a hint of iridescence.

Aqua Eyes L to R:  12L, 5L, 2L, 01

Aqua Eyes swatches L to R: 12L, 5L, 2L, 01

 12L Blue Green is a teal green with a bit of shimmer. 5L Bronze Green is a khaki golden brown, this is really stunning on. , 2L Pearly Brown is a warm medium brown, and Ol Mat Black is just plain black.  I think my only complaint about this collection is there are THREE black shades.  I get the liquid liner and the kohl liner, but why not give us a shimmery silver or gold instead of the Aqua Eyes 01?

Ultimate Eyeliner Collection EOD using 12L and 1K

For my eye of the day, I used Aqua Eyes 3L Iridescent Navy to line the upper lid and lower lash line, and Crayon Kohl 1K Deep Black along the waterline.

I love this set and I could very easily justify the price of my beautiful adult crayon box.  This is definitely a holiday purchase to consider gifting to yourself!  – Lisa

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  1. Cindy (myfuel) says:

    Wow, eyeliners galore!! That is one huge eyeliner set!! Great review and pics Lisa. How do you like the MUFE eyeliners compared to Urban Decay’s? Thanks.

  2. Hi Cindy! I prefer MUFE to Urban Decay. On me, the UD pencils wear off more quickly, particularly on the waterline. And MUFE’s liquid liners are truly to die for, nothing tops those.

  3. Ok, I am convinced. I need this.

  4. I agree, why three black eyeliners? Otherwise this is a perfect set.