It Cosmetics now has Gel Eyeliner Pencils to delight us

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

IT Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliners

It Cosmetics™ are truly IT in the eyes of Beauty Info Zone and now they are truly IT ON the eyes of Beauty Info Zone. We are happy to be able to share with you the 10 shades of No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner by IT Cosmetics. These were sent to us to review and you should have seen the two of us jumping up and down with delight and then picking which colors we wanted. One for Marcia, one for Lisa, one for Marcia, one for Lisa. We’ve obviously read the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten (Robert Fulghum). Well we didn’t wear eyeliner in kindergarten but we learned about quality at an early age.

It Cosmetics™ products are all anti-aging products which we really appreciate. These eyeliners are “clinically proven anti-aging long wear pencils infused with hydrolized silk, peptides & anti-oxidants.” They are paraben free and of course cruelty free.

You are going to have two problems though once you see our swatches and read our review: 1) which colors will you want and 2) where are you going to buy them. Personally we haven’t found them online though we did hear that Ulta stores carry them and that they are coming very soon.


IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner pencils

IT Cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner pencils

I was able to pick the shades Black, Copper, Lucky Jade, Navy and Silk Taupe. I’m thrilled with my choices. These are all colors I love wearing for eyeshadow and for eyeliner. Since I had first pick I instantly picked Silk Taupe and it’s my very favorite of these 5.

As a former elementary school teacher you’ll see my swatches are in ABC order!!

It gel eyeliner swatches: black, copper, lucky jade, navy and silk taupe

It gel eyeliner swatches: black, copper, lucky jade, navy and silk taupe

Black is a very intense black, if you are a black eyeliner lover then this is one you need. I found it to be a bit softer than my other pencils and the tip broke off at first but since there’s a built-in sharpener it wasn’t a problem.

Copper is a golden copper shade. This one is especially nice under your eyes or even as a base for eyeshadow.

Lucky Jade isn’t really jade. It’s more of a forest green with a touch of khaki. It has a light amount of shimmer to it.

Navy is more denim like than it is a dark navy. You really see blue with this one unlike so many that look more like black once on.

Silk Taupe is a golden taupe with a beautiful light amount of shimmer

I love having the choice of which shade to wear since they are all beautiful. I have a feeling though that Silk Taupe will need a sibling soon since it’s getting so much use.


Marcia picked some awesome shades but I am extremely happy with the ones I have. These gel liners are beautiful. They glide on and have terrific lasting power, even with my oily eyelids.  I love the self sharpening feature. If you want more of a point on the end, just pull off the sharpener on the bottom and you can easily get a point that will give you a thin, precise line.

Built in sharpener

Built in sharpener

My ‘fantastic five’ are Slate, Plum, Highlight, Brown, and Black Brown.

It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics left to right:  Slate, Highlight, Brown, Black Brown, Plum


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Slate

Slate is a medium gray with blue tones. It is super pretty with silver eyeshadow.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Plum

Plum is a shimmery red toned purple. This is a great shade for fall and winter and looks amazing paired with brown or gray eyeshadow.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Highlight

Highlight is definitely the most unusual of all my shades. This is a shimmery champagne shade that is fantastic on the waterline. It’s also great on the inner corners of the lids or even as an all-over lid shade. I think this is my favorite of my fabulous five just because it’s so versatile.


IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Brown

 Brown is a medium warm brown with very slight shimmer. This is an excellent basic shade that should be in everyone’s collection.

Black Brown

IT Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Black Brown

Black Brown is just that – a browned-down black. I love this because sometimes Black seems too harsh for daytime. Black Brown gives me that dark definition I want, but it’s softer. And the black/brown combination is different from a grayed-down black. It’s warmer and just plain pretty.

My comparatively boring swatches...

My comparatively boring swatches…left to right:  Plum, Black Brown, Brown, Highlight, Slate

My shades swatched from left to right, in a much less inventive photo than Miss Marcia’s:  Plum, Black Brown, Brown, Highlight, and Slate.  Gel liners are terrific for their ease of application and the pencil form makes them that much more convenient. The It Cosmetics Gel Eyeliners are wonderful, this line just keeps hitting home run after home run with me.

Look for these to be coming to your local Ulta soon if they aren’t there already. PR tells us that they should be more widely available soon. There’s nothing like the smoothness of these eyeliners.

*sent for review


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