3 more to make sure my eyes score: EndureLash, Borghese, and My Fair Lashes

Last week I shared 3 of the eye products that I’m using that knock it out of the ballpark and today I have 3 more that finish the job so I can win the game. Today’s picks are Endure Lash Organic Eyelash Cloths, Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask and My Fair Lashes mascara. Two of the three are going to be new brands for you to learn about and that’s why I’m here!!

Endure Lash Organic Eyelash Cloths, Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Masks, My Fair Lashes mascara

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First I need to wear an eye mask which is one of my very favorite things to do. The Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Masks are ones that are treats for my eyes. These are a brightening and hydrating treatment for the eyes. And they feel as good on as they sound.

Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask

These can be used any time of the day or evening but I love them before I apply makeup because they make my undereye area look well rested. Directions for use are so simple: Cleanse skin and pat dry. Remove the clear protective film, place the hydrogel eye mask under the eye and discard the white protective sheet. Relax and leave mask on for 5-15 minutes. Remove each mask and gently massage excess product into the skin. Use 1-2 times per week.

Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask
Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask

These hydrogel masks feel light as air, are completely comfortable, don’t slip down, and make me feel great. And the single packets are easy to pack up for a journey. The key ingredients show why these are a home run:

  • Acai Fruit Extract and Avocado Fruit Extract: help firm and soothe skin
  • Arnica Montana Fruit Extract: helps refine skin texture
  • Hyaluronic Acid: builds a moisture barrier and prevents moisture loss
  • Caffeine: boosts skin elasticity
  • Pomegranate Fruit Extract and Olive Fruit Oil: conditions and revives skin’s vibrancy

Now I’m going to apply mascara and I have a new one that I’ve been using: My Fair Lashes mascara from Velvet 59. This is totally unique in so many ways that we can appreciate.

Most important is that this is a vegan mascara. It took Velvet 59’s Paris Manning two years to perfect this mascara. All Velvet 59 products are cruelty free too.

My Fair Lashes mascara

My Fair Lashes is smudge proof, flake proof and quick-drying. It’s a deep black that is great for length and definition. The wand is very unique. It has a flat edge and a flat ball tip. (That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.)

My Fair Lashes mascara
My Fair Lashes mascara

Directions say to wipe off the excess product and then on your top lashes apply in zig-zag motions. When you get to your bottom lashes use the tip of the wand with the flat side closest to your face. This way you are apply it to get the most out of your bottom lashes and the inner corners. “The My Fair Lashes wand has a flat side which can be tipped and tilted to reach even the smallest, hardest to reach lashes.”

My Fair Lashes mascara

The first few days I used the mascara I wasn’t so sure if this was a good one for my eyes but now that I’ve been using it for several weeks I’m happy with it. I get a little volume from two coats while it makes my lashes appear longer and well defined.  So far I haven’t had to use an eyelash comb either. It doesn’t smudge when I apply it on my bottom lashes (nor the top) which is rare for me. It’s the reason I barely use mascara there but My Fair Lashes changes that for me.

Days over and it’s time to wash up. That’s where ENDURE LASH ORGANIC EYELASH CLOTHS come into play. These cloths were originally made for eyelash extensions but I’ve never had extensions and I’m finding EndureLash to be wonderful for removal of mascara. All you need is warm water and the cloth!

EndureLash Organic Eyelash Cloths

There are 2 different cloths or you can buy the combo pack. The Eye Makeup Organic Drying Cloth in the combo pack is 8″x8″ and is made of 60% organic bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton, and 10% spandex ponte. This is the one you want if you have extensions since it doesn’t budge them nor snag on them. You’ll get fewer lost lashes between fills.

EndureLash Organic Drying Cloth

I throw this in the laundry with my dark load so it saves me money on buying cotton pads and eye makeup remover.

EndureLash Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth

The smaller cloth is the Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth and this works like magic for me. I use warm water, apply it to my eyes without rubbing and voila my mascara is gone. Really truly gone. I know it’s on the cloth but I don’t see it and there’s nothing that remains on my face. I’ve used this with 3 mascaras just to prove it works as great as I thought. The Eddie Funkhouser mascara coats lashes so you’ll see that on your face but it washes off with warm water too.

EndureLash Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth in bag

It comes with a mesh bag for storage and laundry. Put it in the bag and run it through with your washload. Now this doesn’t remove my shadows unless I use a very natural look so I do have to use eye makeup remover or a micellar water to do that. But the Organic Drying Cloth does get off my other eye makeup better. I can tell you right now that this mesh bag and removal cloth are coming on my next vacation.

I’ve rounded the bases with these three products and the ones from last week and my eyes are the ones that are winning. I’ve found some products that work great for me and that I’m sure will work as wonderfully for you. —  Marcia



  1. Lola Seicento | 16th Aug 17

    What a wonderful selection! The Borghese Eye Sheet Masks are fantastic!

  2. The Jedi Wife | 16th Aug 17

    I really need to try the Borghese eye masks! They sound lovely!

  3. Naked Without Polish | 16th Aug 17

    The brush on that mascara is so strange looking. The eye mask intrigues me and I think I need them.

  4. Never Say Die Beauty | 16th Aug 17

    Very cool items! I have similar eye gels but they are the overnight variety. Nice to have these 15 minute ones for a quick fix!

  5. Courtney | 16th Aug 17

    Hydrogel sheet masks are the best. I’m definitely going to need those under eye masks!

  6. Painted Fingertips | 16th Aug 17

    I need to try those eye masks!

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 16th Aug 17

    That eye mask sounds so refreshing!

  8. Kristi V BeginNails | 16th Aug 17

    The mascara wand looks cool – not a design I’ve seen before. 🙂 And the eye wash cloth sounds interesting – I didn’t know you had to use special cloths with extensions.

  9. Shilpa | 17th Aug 17

    I need Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask,.. Looks very cooling

  10. Bailey | 17th Aug 17

    I will definitely need to try the eye masks! The lash cleaning cloth is such a unique idea too.

  11. Anastasia | 17th Aug 17

    Those cloth makeup removers work really well for me too!I always bring one on vacations when I don’t feel like doing the whole 10-step cleansing routine haha.

  12. Ehmkay Nails | 17th Aug 17

    The eye masks look awesome! Need!

  13. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 17th Aug 17

    I really need to try those eyelash cloths! I use so many cotton pads every day. I also need a new pair of good tweezers and the tweezerman ones look so cute.

  14. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 17th Aug 17

    The eye patches look so relaxing!

  15. CosmetopiaDigest | 17th Aug 17

    I love those kind of under-eye patches. They give an instant boost of hydration and brightness!

  16. Polished Hippy | 17th Aug 17

    That mascara wand would be great for me – I always have to be careful to get the outer corners because my lashes are so fine.

  17. Joyce Chitwood | 17th Aug 17

    I get why u say it’s all a win. It all looks and sounds like it me. I wouldn’t know if I had to pick one or two what I would do. That mascara sounds really amazing. I have so much trouble with getting it everywhere. And so hard to the bottom lashes. One eye the top lashes r good and no the bottom and opposite on the other side. Lol. Like brows. I have scaring from shingles coming down left side of my face from my scalp. It was a really bad case of them because of my weak immune of course. They turned Hard black and weee like a mask on my face. Needless to say the scaring was pretty bad and forehead looks like I got burnt bad. I guess in a way it was a chemical type burn tinny skin. But my bangs hide it. The brow and lashes r sparse also. I have to pluck strays that grow into my eye and cause problems where it scared the worse and won’t close all the way. I don’t get into mascara much I do wear it. But half of my lashes r gone on one side and I need to learn how to wear lashes more. But it’s just how I am. Battle scars or Victory scars either way. I like the later. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lisa Heath | 18th Aug 17

    I’m a mascara junkie so I need to try that out!

  19. Polarbelle | 18th Aug 17

    They all look like good products. i love undereye gels…and that mascara wand looks fantastic.

  20. Lacquerexpression | 22nd Aug 17

    Great review. That mascara intrigues me, as I don’t bother with my bottom eyelashes!

  21. My Nail Polish Obsession | 22nd Aug 17

    The eye patches look so slimy, I don’t know that I’d like them.

  22. Nina | 28th Aug 17

    I love those eye patches!!! So easy to wear and still get things done!

  23. Jessica Scull | 29th Aug 17

    Totally need those eye patches

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