Total luxury and results with ERA Ageless eye cream and serum (and a fab giveaway)

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ERA AGELESS has the tag line “Defy Aging, Naturally” which sums up their philosophy in 3 small yet accurate words. There are more than 3 words though that describe this line.

ORGANIC is the first one that comes to mind. ERA Ageless wants to help us reverse signs of aging without chemicals and preservatives. This is a cruelty-free line that uses responsibly wildcrafted herbs and is holistically balanced.

LUXURY is the second word to describe the line. This is an expensive line, there’s no getting around that, but once you start using it it’s easy to see why. It’s not often that we splurge on ourselves the way we deserve but to the two of us at Beauty Info Zone the place to splurge is on our skincare. We’ve each got one face and we want it to last youthfully for our entire life.

HEALING also describes ERA Ageless since it aids in the skin’s natural healing process by supplementing the production of collagen, elastin and essential oils that start fading away with age. Ingredients like Jojoba Seel Oil and Rose Hips promote regeneration of healthy skin cells. This is combined with a Liposome complex that restores the skins natural protective layer, promoting the production of collagen.

PREVENTATIVE is the key word since that’s why we use luxury products like the many that ERA Ageless produce. We want to slow down the process of aging and the best way to do that is without harsh chemicals.

ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Cream and Firm & Lift Eye Serum
ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Cream and Firm & Lift Eye Serum

We were sent several products to test out and happily one of our readers will be able to test out many of these amazing products too.


ERA AGELESS FIRM & LIFT EYE SERUM ($399.99) is the first line of defense for your eyes. ERA tests products for years before bringing them to their salon and the public. This Eye Serum is like wrapping your eyes in silk. It’s amazing to apply. It softens my undereye area and makes my skin incredibly soft. I find this to be wonderfully hydrating.

ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Serum
ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Serum

On ERA’s website it mostly talks about dark circles using this Eye Serum but it also helps to combat the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness along with dark circles. ERA Ageless Eye Serum helps boost cell renewal as well as helps to firm the sensitive eye area. This is a product I always hope to have in my arsenal. There are times that ERA has specials called Product of the Month and as soon as I find this as a product of the month, I’ll replenish.

ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Serum ingredients
ERA Ageless Firm & Lift Eye Serum ingredients


ERA AGELESS FIRM AND LIFT EYE CREAM ($399.99) This is a really, really beautiful eye cream. It comes in a large container for an eye product – 1.02 ounces. As with any jar, always be sure to use the little plastic scooper instead of your fingers to take out the eye cream. Scoop out a tiny, tiny bit…I can’t believe how little is needed for the under eye area. I always have a little left over for any other wrinkle prone area on my face, plus this eye cream is designed to be used on the eyelid and under the brow bone. It sounds strange, but if you have oily eyelids and use eyeshadow primer this eye cream will save you! Over time, eyeshadow primer will make eyelids become sort of scaly and dry-looking. ERA Ageless Firm and Lift Eye Cream keeps lids looking gorgeous and helps application and wear of eyeshadow.

ERA Ageless Eye Cream
ERA Ageless Firm and Lift Eye Cream
Inside ERA Ageless Eye Cream
Inside ERA Ageless Firm and Lift  Eye Cream

This beautiful eye cream won the Best in Beauty 2015 Award, which doesn’t surprise me at all. ERA Ageless Firm and Lift Eye Cream is excellent for combating under eye darkness, and it also tackles fine lines and puffiness. Ingredients include thermo-mineral water, restorative natural flora, and organic oat extract. All of this combined makes for a delightfully light but powerful eye cream that I seriously wish I could just take a bath in…if you can afford such luxury, I say go for it.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: TWO US subscribers will win the  ERA AGELESS STARTER KIT  ($149.99) which is the perfect way to learn about the ERA Ageless Line. Inside you’ll find Firm & Lift Eye Serum, Firm & Lift Eye Cream, Concentrated Age Defence Facial Serum, Intensive Age Defying Moisture Cream, Complete Renew & Recharge Elastin & Beta Carotene Mask, and the Repair & Restore Facial Peeling Gel. (Lisa will be reviewing the Repair & Restore Facial Peeling Gel in a future article).

ERA Ageless Starter Kit
ERA Ageless Starter Kit
ERA Ageless Starter Kit
ERA Ageless Starter Kit

This kit is going to be a wonderful introduction to ERA Ageless. Right now on their website with any $250 purchase this will be sent to you too. The giveaway is open to US only and will end on 10/12/15 at 11:59 pm EST. If comments close you can email us at [email protected] with your comment (label it ERA) and continue on. This hasn’t happened in a long time but better safe than sorry.
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*sent for consideration, Starter Kit will be sent by ERA Ageless


  1. Allison | 28th Sep 15

    The eye cream sounds perfect for me because am always looking for eye creams for under the brow bone and on the lid. This sounds like heaven!

  2. Polarbelle | 29th Sep 15

    how could I possibly choose between the serum and the cream? Both sound like what I need.

  3. dianne f | 29th Sep 15

    Serum_ I have serious eye puffiness!

  4. Natalie F | 29th Sep 15

    I think the serum, I have really dark circles. But I also need to firm up my eyes so the cream too. Hard to choose!

  5. Bailey | 29th Sep 15

    This sounds like a really great luxury brand. I love the simple but elegant packaging.

  6. Hannah C | 29th Sep 15

    The eye serum!

  7. Nidia - Lit From Within | 29th Sep 15

    I have oily lids and use primer, so it looks like I need to try this eye cream. What a luxe line of products!

  8. Karla R. | 29th Sep 15

    I think I would like the eye serum the best.

  9. Kath TheFabZilla | 29th Sep 15

    Great to know that this brand is organic and cruelty-free!

  10. Archana | 29th Sep 15

    I prefer the eye serum as its more light-weight and I have oily skin. Eye creams tend to be heavy for me.

  11. Lisa Heath | 29th Sep 15

    I am on a serum kick! That would definitely be my preference

  12. Justina | 29th Sep 15

    I LOVE eye serums! These sound fabulous.

  13. Vicki Wurgler | 30th Sep 15

    I think I would like the EYE SERUM

  14. Cluelessmama | 30th Sep 15

    I would love to try the serum. I like the way serums feel and they normally absorb nicely.

  15. Jamie | 30th Sep 15

    Anything that feels like wrapping your eyes in silk sounds like a must to me!

  16. StephanieLouise | 30th Sep 15

    That starter kit looks awesome!

  17. Natalie Brown | 30th Sep 15

    I would be most interested in the eye serum because it helps with fine lines and dark circles. I’m always looking for help with the circle under my eyes. Thank-you for this super generous chance. 🙂

  18. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) | 1st Oct 15

    Wow! These sound great. I woud love the eye cream.

  19. Andrea Darst | 1st Oct 15

    I think I could use both, but the eye cream sounds like it would really help my under eyes and lids!

  20. Cynthia Richardson | 1st Oct 15

    The eye serum would be best for me. Thanks!

  21. judyo | 1st Oct 15

    this sounds absolutley amazing. thanks for the chance to get rid of puffiness under-eyes, and wrinkles.

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  23. BETH | 3rd Oct 15


  24. Rachel Beltz | 3rd Oct 15

    Maybe the serum… your description of “wrapping your eyes in silk” just sounds so perfect!

  25. Judyo | 4th Oct 15

    The puffiness under my eyes begs for the eye serum……on behalf of it, thanks for this chance

  26. latanya | 4th Oct 15

    Eye Cream

  27. Sandy Bonesteel | 5th Oct 15

    I would most want to try the Eye Serum. I’ve never tried an eye serum before and would love to see if a serum made specifically for the eye area would help.

  28. Steph | 5th Oct 15

    I prefer serum

  29. Marci | 5th Oct 15

    Eye Serum for Me!

  30. DeAnna Keller | 6th Oct 15

    I would love to try the eye serum.

  31. kelynnma | 7th Oct 15

    the eye cream for me 🙂

  32. Amy R | 10th Oct 15

    I would like to have both in my arsenal, but the eye serum looks better being that it comes in a pump rather than a jar, so less germs would get in.

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