MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream
MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream

When it comes to skincare there are two items that I crave and that I love using: eye cream and facial serum. Those two categories bring me the most pleasure and make the biggest difference in my life. That’s not to say others can be disposed of, that’s not the case, but without eye cream and a serum my skin just isn’t happy. When MDSUN sent their Med-Eye Complex Cream they made me happy. After all, my experience with MDSUN Brightening Serum was out of this world, so my expectations for this eye cream were high.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream
MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream\

As I mentioned before MDSUN is the creation of Dr. Sun, a renowned facial plastic surgeon and medical-grade skin care specialist. He has made sure that his line is created without harsh ingredients, perfumes, or chemical scents. They are independently test so you can be assured they are hypoallergenic, hypocomedogenic, free of synthetic preservatives, hydroquinone, fragrance and PABA.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream
MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream

Let’s take a look at this interesting bottle. It’s really stunning on my vanity and stands out with its bright yellow shade. The tube is encased in clear acrylic which makes it look even more appealing. The yellow made me sit up and take notice since it feels like it’s working to brighten your eyes even before using it.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream Roller top
MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream Roller top

The applicator is one of the best I’ve used because it works. I’ve got so many eye creams with a similar top but they often stop working way before I’m done with it. This roller works all the time and I can get out the perfect amount. If I get a little heavy handed, I just use the amount on both eyes. Push down gently and a trio of eye cream comes out so you can roll it under your eyes.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream
MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream

Now let’s learn why this is such a majestic eye cream. It’s meant for all skin types: dry, oily, combination, sensitive and pigmentation skin. MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream is infused with over a dozen peptides, ceramides, human fibroblast conditioned media (stem sells), human adipose stem cells and Vitamins A and E. No cheap ingredients, only quality ones that you’ll feel safe having on the delicate area under your eyes.

MDSUN Med-Eye Complex Cream works to promote firmness and increase blood circulation. It’s a wonderful hydrator and keeps my eyes softer looking. It works well on my fine lines and dark circles. I do have puffiness under my eyes and it softens that but it’s not gone and I fear nothing but a surgeon will be able to change that.

This is a luxury skincare item at a luxury price ($210) but the benefits help make this worthwhile especially if you are looking to protect and prevent further aging. Because it stimulates cell renewal it works well on over 40 women. It helps with natural collagen and elastin production that we lose as we age. Your undereye area will be firmer and your fine lines won’t be as bothersome.

One particularly nice thing about MDSUN is that they sell samples of most of their products. For example a sample of Med-Eye Complex Cream is $6 and a sample of their Intensive Eye Gel is $2. The wonderful Brightening Serum I reviewed has a sample that’s $3. While I don’t know the size of the samples I do know it’s a great way to test your reaction to a product while also providing you a sample for travel or a workout bag. Plus you will receive 3 samples with a purchase.

I’m looking forward to more MDSUN in my life since my two experiences have been marvelous. Have you been bit by the MDSUN bug?  —  Marcia

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Key Ingredients:

Numerous Peptides (including Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Rh-Polypeptide-1, Tripeptide-29, And Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl), Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (Stem Cells), Human Adipose Stem Cells, Chicory Leaf Extract, and Tocopherol


  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 24th Aug 16

    I adore their Super Hydration B Serum. I would looooooove to try the eye cream. Sounds marvelous!

  2. Anastasia | 24th Aug 16

    I love MDSUN products! Unfortunately I had to turn down sampling this one because I am too swamped with projects and I’m going to be on vacation for most of September, but I’m glad to hear it’s just as fabulous as the rest of the line 🙂

  3. Lola Seicento | 24th Aug 16

    I love their serums, but I have not tried this eye cream! I REALLY want to try this eye cream!

  4. Phyrra | 24th Aug 16

    Wow that is definitely a luxury cream!

  5. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 24th Aug 16

    I LOVE MDSun! The Super Hydration B Serum changed my skin radically. I NEED this eye cream!!

  6. Bailey | 25th Aug 16

    It’s definitely out of my price range, but it does sound fantastic!

  7. Joyce Chitwood | 25th Aug 16

    This eye cream sounds really nice. Never heard of them before. Thanks so much.

  8. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 28th Aug 16

    OOO I love eye creams that are roller balls. I need this.

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