Renew your face and body with ViaBuff

ViaBuff Body Exfoliators
ViaBuff Body Exfoliators


ViaBuff Facial Exfoliators
ViaBuff Facial Exfoliators

Which do you choose? To exfoliate your face or body? Of course you can always do both and ViaBuff is an excellent way to go about this job.

There are 4 levels of exfoliation the ViaBuff way and Beauty Info Zone was sent these to explain to you why you need at least one level of product.

Level 1: Extra Gentle  PURPLE
Ideal for Oily Skin, Acne, Psoriasis

Level 2: Mild   GREEN
Ideal for Normal Skin, Eczema

Level 3: Moderate    PINK
Ideal for Dry Skin, Ingrown Hairs, Keratosis Pilaris, Waxing

Level 4: Clinical   WHITE
Ideal for Very Dry Skin

The Via Buff Tape Test
The Via Buff Tape Test


Via Buff large in level 1 and 3
Via Buff large in level 1 and 3

The 5″ large ViaBuff are perfect for your body. I’ve been using both the purple level 1 and pink level 3 in my shower. Even though they look similar I can feel a difference between them. The purple is much softer but it still does a nice job of exfoliating. Since I have both I get the opportunity to switch between them. The Purple is my body exfoliator while I use the Pink for my feet and legs. For some reason my legs get so much more flaky than the rest of my body and they need so much more work. I pore my shower gel in the middle, run it under water and get it foamy, then get to work on my exfoliating job. There’s a hidden silicone loop to hang it up if you want to leave it in the shower but I prefer to take it out so it doesn’t get wet again when my husband takes a shower. Once I’m out my body really absorbs my body oil or lotion so much better.

ViaBuff facial exfoliators in level 3 and 2
ViaBuff facial exfoliators in level 3 and 2

The facial ViaBuff Exfoliators are 3″ and are so cute. They are a great size because they fit in the palm of your hand and they can get into smaller places. I always need extra help where my nose meets my cheeks and these work great for that area. The Green one is the milder of the two and my favorite. The Pink is the moderate one and even though these look alike I can feel the difference between them. If I’ve been lazy and haven’t exfoliated during the week then pink is the one I’ll use.

If you are looking for physical and not chemical exfoliation ViaBuff is the answer to your concerns.


Via Buff large in level 2 and 4
Via Buff large in level 2 and 4


I am really enjoying the Via Buff exfoliators as well. I have both the Green Level 2 and the White Level 4 buffers in my shower. The Green Level 2 is for normal skin. It’s pretty soft…I would say that those with very sensitive skin might find it a bit much and would prefer the Purple one, but otherwise the Green is the best choice for everyday use. It works great with regular and liquid soap, and it exfoliates without scratching skin, leaving it soft and supple. I especially like it for prepping to faux tan because it alleviates most flaky patches from dry skin. It’s definitely the one to choose if you suffer from eczema.

Via Buff large in level 2
Via Buff large in level 2

I’ve also been using the White Level 4 ViaBuff, which is the ‘Clinical’ buffer. This is serious stuff for those with very dry skin. I love it for elbows, knees, and feet! It is essential to exfoliate those areas before faux tanning so it comes in handy for that, and I also like it for removing old faux tanner from my legs. It’s too much for any other body parts for me, although sometimes I get KP on my upper arms and the White Level 4 takes care of that in a jiffy. If you have skin that isn’t sensitive at all and is super dry, you will love the White ViaBuff.

Via Buff large in level 4
Via Buff large in level 4

For the smaller facial exfoliators, I tested both ends of the spectrum – the Purple Level 1 which is extra gentle and the White Level 4 which is one serious exfoliator.

ViaBuff Exfoliators

ViaBuff information
ViaBuff information

I love the Purple facial exfoliator, especially when I am tired and not in the mood to spend much time washing my face. I use this in place of makeup remover and cleanser – just get it wet with cleanser and it takes off makeup and cleanses pretty deeply. The white facial exfoliator is too much for my finicky facial skin. I think this is best for teenage skin or those with very clogged pores and congestion. If you have a teenager I can guarantee he or she will want to steal this from you right away.

VIA BUFF can be found at Amazon where there is free shipping as long as you choose the ones sold by ViaBuff (through FutureDerm or ViaBuff). The prices are right at $11 and $4.

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th Mar 16

    Although I have very dry skin, I’ve got the purple ones for face and body. For body, I could use a different strength or one of the double-sided ones, but for my face, I couldn’t imagine using one that’s stronger. I find it a handy way to exfoliate more often, so easy to use!

  2. Lola Seicento | 8th Mar 16

    These look wonderful! I would love to try these! On the list they go!

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 8th Mar 16

    I really love that they made them skin type specific. The ones I use are usually too abrasive for me!

  4. Brenda G. | 8th Mar 16

    I struggle with blackheads and always looking to make those stubborn blackheads on my nose go away for good! It doesn’t help that my nose gets so oily.

  5. Lisa Heath | 9th Mar 16

    Ohh I might have to try the purple one! I have a lot of lazy face days lol

  6. Leelo | 9th Mar 16

    These sounds like something I should check out! Thanks for the review!

  7. Kath TheFabZilla | 9th Mar 16

    I have KP so I need to try the pink buff!

  8. Honeygirlk | 9th Mar 16

    I really enjoy these… and enjoy how they work. The body ones are my absolute favorites and I just placed another order 🙂

  9. Bailey | 9th Mar 16

    These sound really great! I love that they have versions for the face and body.

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