How can sand give you gorgeous skin? Just ask Phytoceane!


What do volcanic sand, Polynesian sand, and red vegetal coral all have in common? The combination of these ingredients will give you the most incredible skin ever! Phytoceane has two beautiful skin care products that I am absolutely loving. They give me soft, smooth, exfoliated skin that is perfectly hydrated. These products are extremely gentle and give instant results, so those with super sensitive skin who are also impatient will be very, very happy!

Phytoceane Two Sands Creamy Scrub

The Two Sands Creamy Scrub ($39.50) is a facial exfoliator that does indeed feature two different types of sand. It’s a white cream with tiny exfoliating scrubbies – volcanic sand from North America for buffing off dead skin cells, and even smaller white sand granules from Polynesia for polishing and smoothing skin. A third ingredient is Jania, which is a sustainably-cultivated red vegetal coral that provides skin with intense hydration.

Phytoceane Two Sands Creamy Scrub

Phytoceane Two Sands Creamy Scrub

Skin is left feeling super clean, soft, and smooth. I love how gentle this is. I keep mine in the shower and use it on my face and neck two times a week.

Phytoceane Moisturizing Fusion Cream

A wonderfully elegant product to use afterward is the Moisturizing Fusion Cream ($56).  f you have dry skin, this is your miracle product. It has two interesting ingredients – RubiMarin, an extract of the red vegetal coral that is sustainably cultivated in a laboratory and has tons of minerals to keep skin super hydrated; and Glasswort Oil, which comes from a sea plant and improves circulation and the storage of water in the skin.

Phytoceane Moisturizing Fusion Cream

Phytoceane Moisturizing Fusion Cream

The formula is really intriguing. It’s a cream-in-water formulation that actually breaks when it’s applied, so the water gives an instant hydrating boost to the skin, and then the cream soaks in and locks that moisture in, leaving a matte finish to the skin. It’s a truly beautiful formulation that is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. This does have a fragrance that lingers. The scent is a soft combination of musk, florals, and aquatic notes. If you aren’t a fan of fragrance in your skin care take note. If that doesn’t bother you, then I hope you  will try this because it really is something unusual and very effective for dry skin.
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  1. This products sound really interesting and it would be something I would like to try out. I wonder if I can get it in the UK?

  2. I love that the hydrating cream leaves a matte finish. Some of mine leave my skin too shiny and I do prefer matte to shiny, especially in this heat. I think sand would work much better for me than the harsh apricot scrubs I’ve used and would give this a try.

  3. These products sound so intriguing. I actually love lightly scented products. These are definitely going on to my “must try” list. Thanks for all the information

  4. Very interesting product. And because I have dry skin this is definitely a product I need to check further into.

  5. These both look and sound fantastic.

  6. Such interesting products. I’ve never heard of the line but would definitely try these, especially the exfoliator.

  7. The “cream-in-water” formulation is very intriguing. Somehow this skincare line sounds familiar to me. I need to investigate further

  8. Jessica Scull says

    This is so intriguing!