Baby Foot, oh you’ve got the cutest baby foot, or you will when you win this giveaway!

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel
Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

This is a pre-review review on BABY FOOT, the incredible foot exfoliator. The reason it’s a pre-review is that I won’t be able to really review this until I’m heeled from breaking my foot. I was all set to take an hour of relaxation time to try this out when – OOPS  – I fell and ended up with 4 of  5 metatarsal bones broken. Now I just get to look forward to my own experience. For the month of October 20% of the proceeds of the limited edition pink Baby Foot will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Limited Edition for the American Cancer Society
Limited Edition for the American Cancer Society

Before I was sent this box though I knew I wanted to try it. Everyone I knew you had used this was amazed by it. One friend told me it’s the only product she’s used that actually did what it said it would do.

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel
Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Backing up let’s talk about what Baby Foot is. This is the original exfoliant foot peel. It contains 17 fruit acids to naturally exfoliate your feet.

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel ingredients
Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel ingredients

To use

  • Cleanse your feet, put the plastic booties on each foot.
  • Secure the booties around each ankle with the enclosed tape. It’s recommended to then put a pair of socks over these and remain seated.
  • After one hour remove the plastic booties and wash your feet with soap.
  • The first peeling you’ll see will be within 3-7 days of application. Everyone’s different so if you don’t see results quickly, just wait. They’ll be there and you’ll be amazed.
  • The dead skin cells could peel for up to two weeks depending on how many layers need to be removed.
  • That’s it. One hour, several days, and you’ll have baby soft

The reaction I hear from every person I know that has used this has been incredible. They can’t believe how much their feet peeled yet they didn’t have discomfort. Don’t peel the dead cells off but do some gentle massaging so it comes off naturally. Some said it’s kind of gross seeing all that dead skin and all said it was worth it in the end.

Join me in this journey since by the time you get your winnings (or buy this which I hope you will to support the cause) I will hopefully be out of my cast and able to get baby feet going again.  —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  There will be 5 winners of a package of BABY FOOT. This is a US only giveaway that is open through 11/13/16 at 11:59. We have two requirements as usual: subscribe via email to Beauty Info Zone’s once daily emails and comment on the giveaway. All information is in the Rafflecopter.

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  1. Liz | 29th Oct 16

    I like to keep my feet looking good year round with exfoliation and pedis.

  2. Laurie Nykaza | 29th Oct 16

    Love to try it my feet look awful after summer time.

  3. Sara G | 30th Oct 16

    I could use this because my feet get so dry in the winter.

  4. Adriana | 30th Oct 16

    My feet get dry.

  5. Lyndsey R. | 30th Oct 16

    I gave really bad cracked heels and extra dry skin. I’m betting this would work wonders.

  6. Nora Grahe | 30th Oct 16

    I so need this because I have neuropathy in my feet and my feet are so dry and need pampering. So yes, I would love to win this and I am grateful for the chance, Thank You!

  7. Tabitha | 31st Oct 16

    My feet could definitely stand to be babied!

  8. Shannon | 31st Oct 16

    I would love to see how it works. I spend so much time trying to keep my feet smooth.

  9. ac | 31st Oct 16

    I could definitely use this product for my feet because there’s tons of dry skin on my feet. I’ve tried to use scrubs and scrub bars on them and they didn’t work so well. Sometimes the dryness on my feet is a bit painful, so it’d be nice to get a product like this that actually helps them out.

  10. Paula K | 31st Oct 16

    I could totally use this for my feet, I have such bad callouses.

  11. Andrea Darst | 1st Nov 16

    My feet are so bad! This looks like it could really help my dry cracked feet!

  12. Steph | 1st Nov 16

    The older I get the worse my feet get

  13. susan byrne | 3rd Nov 16

    I get horrible callouses on my feet and maybe this would help. If it does I would be so happy!

  14. Angela Saver | 3rd Nov 16

    I can definitely use this as my feet get very dry, especially during the winter months. I could take all the help I can get!

  15. JEANETTE SHEETS | 4th Nov 16

    i love to take good care of my feet year round .especially with diabetes have to really take good care of my feet

  16. Paol Trenny | 5th Nov 16

    Wearing sandals and the summer heat in the South had caused severe dry cracks and skin. I would to give my foot a spa treatment with these products.

  17. Stephanie Clayton | 6th Nov 16

    My feet are a NIGHTMARE. They need some TLC.

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  19. Annamarie V | 6th Nov 16

    I hate rough feet in fact I wear socks most of the time because it makes my feet feel softer so I would love to try this.

  20. sarah s | 6th Nov 16

    I hope you a speedy recovery with your broken foot. I’ve also heard rave reviews on Baby Foot and would love to see if it would help my feet, they could really use some extra TLC.

  21. Sara | 6th Nov 16

    I reallyyyyy need this because how rough my feet can get!

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