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Did you ever wonder what the difference is between Makeup Wars and Top Ten Tuesday? Today’s Makeup Wars post is a good example of the difference between the two series. A lot of the bloggers who participate in these two are the same yet we approach these differently. I think of Makeup Wars as the time to concentrate on some special products that exemplify what our theme is. Top Ten Tuesdays, at least to me, is more of a list of items that I love and usually doesn’t hone in on one or two items. With Makeup Wars today choosing LIP RESCUE I’ve picked 4 items that I’ve been using just about every day. If this had been Top Ten Tuesday I could easily have found 10 Lip Rescue products to share and I sort of feel bad to leave those out. I have a feeling though that you’ll end up finding quite a variety of products though from my friendly warriors and you’ll be able to get your lips in shape.

Makeup Wars Lip Rescue with emerginC, e.l.f., NOYA and Painted Earth
Makeup Wars Lip Rescue with emerginC, e.l.f., NOYA and Painted Earth

1. EXFOLIATE: There are quite a few products on the market that help you exfoliate your lips. It’s a great first step all year long but especially in the winter. I get chapped lips often and especially if I get a cold. I have quite a few items for exfoliation but I learned about the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator this winter and wanted to try it. I’m sharing this e.l.f. one because it works and it’s only $3. That’s pretty phenomenal. It’s not the scrubbiest lip exfoliator I’ve ever tried but that’s good since it means that I can use it daily. There’s a caramel scent to this when you apply it and once it’s on your lips it just tastes sweet. I apply it like lipstick and rub with my finger to get the exfoliation working.

e.l.f. Lip Exfolator
e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator
e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator - see the scrubbies
e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator – see the scrubbies
e.l.f. lip exfoliator
e.l.f. lip exfoliator


2. TREATMENT: As a treatment product I’m using a lip balm by emerginC called In Lips We Trust. EmerginC is part of scientific organics so you are getting a product that is the latest scientific technology as well as one that uses all natural ingredients. in lips we trust is a super anti-oxidant lip balm that isn’t waxy at all. This is a gentle cream that I like to keep on my lips when I’m home. It feels soothing and moisturizing. It has a yummy light citrus fragrance to it. (*sent for review)

emerginC In Lips We Trust
emerginC In Lips We Trust
emerginC In Lips We Trust
emerginC In Lips We Trust

emerginc lips box back

Here’s what emerginC says about this: “Powerful antioxidants help protect against free-radical damage, while natural plant oils and waxes help soften and nourish lips.” This is $24 for 0.5 fl oz which isn’t cheap but it’s worth every penny to me. I love how this feels and how it protects my lips. I will definitely buy this again when I use this up.

3. PROTECT: To protect my lips I use lip balm sticks. I have lip balms in pots but I prefer them in tubes since they are easier to use. Most lip balm sticks seem to be pretty waxy to me but I’ve found two brands that I’ve been using and loving since they aren’t hard and waxy. They are creamy and soothing. Those two brands are NOYA and Painted Earth.

NOYA Lip Balm
NOYA Lip Balm
NOYA lip balms
NOYA lip balms

I won the NOYA in a giveaway plus received one in an Ipsy bag. At first I thought it was like any other lip balm and then I had a cold that left my lips crying for help. Since then I’ve carried a NOYA Lip Balm in my purse or pocket. It comes in 4 flavors: vanilla, spearmint, cherry, and natural. I love the Spearmint the best with Cherry next. I love that they are Kosher since you do end up “eating” whatever is on your lips. They don’t taste artificial to me which is one of my favorite things about these. These cost $3.49 at Makeup Geek and $3.99 at the NOYA website.

Painted Earth Lip Balm
Painted Earth Lip Balm

PAINTED EARTH is one of my favorite sites for natural products. I first reviewed their Natural Lip Balms last year (*sent for review then) and have since gotten another in a recent order. These wonderfully moisturizing balms are only $3 (and always free shipping) and come in great flavors: Amaretto (L.E.), Cucumber Melon (their best seller), Dill Pickle (L.E.), Mango, Natural Vanilla, Pina Colada, Pizza (L.E.), Red Delicious Apple (L.E.), and Sugared Strawberry. I’m in love with Amaretto and want to try the Sugared Strawberry next. The more I use my Painted Earth Natural Lip Balms the more I love them.

Thanks for taking the time to Exfoliate, Treat and Protect your lips with me. I’d love to hear what you use since this particular winter is just really beginning and it’s been a cruel one. — Marcia


  1. Kelly | 20th Jan 14

    That ELF looks just like a Tarte lip scrub…I bet they are really similar!

  2. jbrobeck | 20th Jan 14

    I forgot about that elf scrub! I like it too, but I always forget to use it. I think I have only used it twice, even though it sits right beside my monitor.

  3. lola seicento | 20th Jan 14

    I love your choices! I have been working on a best lip balms post as well– it’s the perfect time of the year for this!

  4. Kristie Burnett | 20th Jan 14

    I have been wanting to give that ELF exfoliator a try – I keep hearing great things about it! xo

  5. Cosmetics Aficionado | 20th Jan 14

    I swear by Carmex in the pot

  6. Pammy | 20th Jan 14

    I have been wanting to try that elf lip exfoliator! I actually need to place an elf order soon…I always wait until I have a big list of products that I want to order. 🙂

  7. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    Pammy there’s a free shipping code today with $15. It’s DREAMY but it’s only for 1/20/14. It’s a great $3 exfoliator.

  8. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    Cosmetics Aficionado, I hate pots. I have longish nails and I end up with the product in them instead of my lips. But I know Carmex is great.

  9. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    Hi Kristie, you can’t lose for $3.

  10. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    Hi Lola, if you’ve tried Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil stick include it on your post. I meant to include it but forgot when I did my pictures.

  11. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    @Jbrobeck – I have the ELF next to my monitor too but my desk is so cluttered that I can’t always see it.

  12. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    @Kelly – the difference is in the price!! Actually I like Tarte’s a lot but I used it up. I thought they stopped making it. I should look.

  13. Phyrra | 20th Jan 14

    I need to try that elf exfoliant!

  14. Carleen | 20th Jan 14

    I have to try the elf!!!!

  15. mens wool coats | 20th Jan 14

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  16. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 20th Jan 14

    I’m going to look for the elf exfoliator–how convienient

  17. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 20th Jan 14

    I once had a MAC lip exfoliator a lot like that! I love your favorites! 😀

  18. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    @Laura, I remember a great MAC Lip Exfoliator but I haven’t seen one for sale there in a long time.

  19. beautyin | 20th Jan 14

    @Cindy, it’s perfect for a desk drawer and if you lose the ELF it’s only $3.

  20. Anastasia | 21st Jan 14

    I agree with you on Noya, theyr lip balms are fantastic and taste good enough to eat 🙂

  21. Aleya Bamdad | 21st Jan 14

    The elf sounds good.

  22. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 21st Jan 14

    I’ve heard about the ELF… I totally need to check it out

  23. Heisenglossy | 21st Jan 14

    That ELF exfoliator looks awesome! Now to go find it.

  24. Sheila (Painted Ladies) | 21st Jan 14

    I LOVE Painted Earth, too!

  25. BeautyJudy | 21st Jan 14

    Love these posts. I want to check out that lip scrub.

  26. Nidia | 21st Jan 14

    I want to try that ELF lip exfoliator, too! My lips are feeling dry after reading all of these Makeup Wars posts!! lol

  27. Ange | 21st Jan 14

    Great picks! I love the elf exfoliator!

  28. Farryn | 21st Jan 14

    That ELF lip exfoliator looks amazing I want to try!

  29. Kristen | 21st Jan 14

    That elf scrub looks AMAZING!


  30. beautyin | 21st Jan 14

    @Farryn, do they have ELF in Australia?

  31. beautyin | 21st Jan 14

    @Nidia, Beauty Judy and Ange – I wish I could get paid by ELF for mentioning the exfoliator since everyone seemed to notice it.

  32. beautyin | 21st Jan 14

    @Sheila, Painted Earth is the friendliest company around. I am so impressed with their CS. I get items I buy quickly and get to try samples of skincare when my order comes.

  33. beautyin | 21st Jan 14

    Hi Anastasia, I learned about Noya from Polarbelle and I love them. I need more of the Spearmint especially.

  34. Kimberly | 21st Jan 14

    Those seem like all good choices. My elf dried up hard on me. It didn’t exactly exfoliate but just grated! Stupid dry altitude Colorado!

  35. beautyin | 21st Jan 14

    @Kimberly, that’s good to know about the ELF. So far I’m okay with it but I have only had it about a month.

  36. Amber | 21st Jan 14

    I love the ELF exfoliator too! I love this weeks Makeup Wars theme. I’m always on the lookout for great lip balms. I haven’t tried the other brands you mentioned, but I definitely will now! 🙂

  37. Renu | 21st Jan 14

    The elf exfoliator looks similar to The Body Shop’s Lip Scrub. I used to love mine till it broke off one day last month and I haven’t found it in their shops afterwards.

  38. Kath TheFabZilla | 21st Jan 14

    Wow, I must try that elf lip exfoliant! I am really enjoying reading Makeup Wars!!!!

  39. Jeanie | 22nd Jan 14

    I will definitely have to try the Elf exfoliator. I like that it’s in a tube instead of a pot. I really hate to dig things from under my nails.

  40. Erika | 22nd Jan 14

    I keep meaning to pick up that ELF lip exfoliator when I am in Target and I forget, every time. I am writing it down, right now. 😀

  41. Miranda | 22nd Jan 14

    I’m a fan of the lip exfoliator but it takes some elbow crease to melt it down to expose the sugar crystals!

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