Ellis Faas and Camera Ready Cosmetics say Happy Thanksgiving

Two deals worth saying thanks for!!  First up, Ellis Faas at Camera Ready Cosmetics is 50% off for the holiday, here’s the scoop:

Between 8pm (Pacific Standard Time, or GMT -8) on Thanksgiving Day and 8pm on Friday night, items in this category are 50% off with a minimum purchase of $75.00 or more. The brands on sale are listed on our post HERE.

Use coupon code blackfriday at check out.  If you click on the Camera Ready Cosmetics link on the right side of this page, you will not only get your great discount, but you will also help fund our blog!

And another great way to start your holiday is with this message from Ellis Faas.

Even though the upcoming Thanksgiving is primarily a US holiday, we should like to thank all of our friends – wherever they may live. We want to thank everyone for their loyalty, their support, their comments, their spreading the word about our products.

So how are we saying “thank you”? From now until the end of November, every tenth person who orders from our online store, will get a numbered LIMITED EDITION print of our Thanksgiving beauty-visual – signed by Ellis herself!

Happy Thanksgiving,
the ELLIS FAAS team