Two drugstore hair saviors you need now: The Conair Dry Shampoo Brush and the Scunci

Conair Dry Hair Brush and Scunci Hair Emergency Kit
Conair Dry Hair Brush and Scunci Hair Emergency Kit

Got a hair emergency?  There are two awesome drugstore products that will never let you down!    PR samples

Scunci Hair Emergency Kit
Scunci Hair Emergency Kit
Scunci Hair Emergency Kit
Scunci Hair Emergency Kit

1.  The Scunci Hair Emergency Kit ($7) has saved me many times over.  The cute little zippered gray bag holds so much it’s almost like a magic trick.  The kit includes bobby pins, elastics, headwraps, a jaw clip and polybands.  Pretty much everything you need for any hair emergency you might encounter, including oversleeping, a sudden rainstorm, and that horrible moment when you discover the back of your hair (which you forgot to check before you left that morning) is an embarrassing disaster.

Conair Dry Hair Brush
Conair Dry Hair Brush

2.  Let’s put this one into the ‘I never knew I needed this, but now I will never be without it’ file – the Conair Dry Shampoo Brush ($7).

I use dry shampoo all the time.  I have long, color-treated hair that can’t take being washed every day…but second and third day hair is not kind to my bangs.  They go all limp and look greasy.  So I use dry shampoo to spruce them up – I spray along my hair-line all the way around as well as on my part.  Sometimes I will use dry shampoo on first day hair for a little more texture and volume.  And sometimes I use it because I am, as usual, running late and I just don’t have time for anything but hair triage.

Conair Dry Shampoo Brush

Dry shampoo is awesome, but it has drawbacks if it’s not applied properly.  Most dry shampoos have a white cast, which is not good for someone with dark hair who is always trying to hide those tell-tale grey roots as it is.  That’s where the magic of the Conair Dry Shampoo Brush comes into play.

This brush has a combo of boar bristles and nylon bristles.  The boar bristles are on the inside of the brush, and they distribute the dry shampoo into the hair while brushing out the dirt and oil.  The nylon bristles on the outer portion lift up the hair and give it lots of volume.  So hair is lifted while the dry shampoo is evenly distributed, making those tell-tale white patches a thing of the past.

The Conair Dry Shampoo Brush is a nifty invention that is absolutely worth the extremely affordable price tag.  Pick up one of these babies for the best dry shampoo results possible.

Hair emergencies are going to happen, so you might as well remember the Girl Scout motto and be prepared – and these two drugstore finds are just what you need. – Lisa

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  1. Jana Williams | 5th Mar 16

    I Have Never Tried a Dry Shampoo Before but I Would Like to Try it b/c of How Convenient it is & How it Saves on Time! I Have Never Heard of a Dry Shampoo Brush but it Would be an Awesome Option for the Days When You are in a Hurry & Don’t Have Time to Wash My Hair! I Also Love the Brand Scunci b/c the Products are of Good Quality & the Price is on Point Too! Great Post & Thanks for Introducing Me to Some Cool New Products! Have a Great Day!

  2. Ashley Perez | 5th Mar 16

    I am going to need to try that dry shampoo brush!(:

  3. Kat Dinges | 9th Mar 16

    How cool that there’s a dry shampoo brush!!! What a freaking great idea.

  4. Mai | 9th Mar 16

    I love the idea behind the dry shampoo brush, it’ll make so many dry shampoos that leave a white case behind useable now!

  5. Never Say Die Beauty | 9th Mar 16

    I’m still not a fan of dry shampoo because it tends to make my already dry hair drier. My colorist even noticed it and told me to stop. But I love your idea about using it on your bangs in between washings. I will definitely try that. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Leelo | 9th Mar 16

    Conair Dry Shampoo Brush is something I should try! I love using dry shampoo but some dry shampoos leave white cast even on blonde hair.

  7. Phyrra | 9th Mar 16

    I love this brush!

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 9th Mar 16

    Great brushes!

  9. Miranda Mendoza | 9th Mar 16

    Dry shampoo brush– that’s really intriguing!!

  10. Nidia - Lit From Within | 10th Mar 16

    I can’t really use brushes on my hair, but I think that everyone with hair needs that emergency kit! Having a hairtie break with no backup can ruin my day!

  11. Erika | 10th Mar 16

    That emergency kit is genius. I want one, right meow!

  12. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 10th Mar 16

    I hadnt heard of a dry shampoo brush. Very interesting.

  13. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 10th Mar 16

    I need to keep that Scunci kit in my car. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed hair items for my daughter on the way to her tumbling class!

  14. Jess | 11th Mar 16

    Dry shampoo brush?! Yes please! Thats so cool

  15. Justina | 11th Mar 16

    I’ve never heard of a dry shampoo brush. What a neat idea!

  16. Toprew | 15th Mar 16

    Noted and I will give this a try! Thank you , dear!

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