DERMAdoctor Picture Porefect Pore Minimizer Review

Ah, the curse of large pores.  I have long envied my friends with pores so small you can’t see them – their skin is silky smooth and flawless.  Me, on the other hand – not so much.  Sometimes I feel like the roads in the spring in Michigan – full of potholes so big they can swallow an entire car.  So when I read about DERMAdoctor’s Picture Porefect Pore Minimizer ($40), I didn’t hesitate – especially once I saw the ‘before and after’ pictures on the website.

I love the bottle it comes in.

Picture Porefect bottle

It prevents the product from being exposed to light, and it’s also super sanitary.  The top twists up and becomes a pump dispenser.  Love it!

Satisfies even the most OCD germaphobe!!

Basically, this is an AHA liquid, which is a mixture of glycolic and lactic acids.  It’s not meant to be used all over the face (unless you have large pores everywhere), it’s really a spot treatment.  It’s fragrance-free, which is another bonus.

It’s a thin liquid that you smooth over any ‘rough’ spots

It’s not like spackle, it doesn’t fill in those pores.  Instead it shrinks them into looking like they just aren’t there.  There’s science behind this, as well as studies – oh how I love a good chart!!

Picture Porefect isn’t a treatment for blemishes or oil, you are better off with a BHA product for those issues.  This is a treatment to reduce the appearance of large pores.  It’s also very soothing and will calm your skin, plus it helps to lighten brown spots.  It’s a great exfoliant as well.

Once it’s applied, it gives a matte appearance.  That’s thanks to the aluminum zirconium tetrahydrex gly, something that is also found in antiperspirants.  I didn’t have any negative reactions to it, but I wanted to make sure that was noted in case you are sensitive to it.

This is a really cool product that WORKS if you have large pores.  It makes them look smaller within minutes, and with prolonged use the results get even better.  DERMAdoctor really hit a home run with Picture Porefect.  – Lisa

*pr sample


  1. I have open,no make it huge pores (blame the genes) so this product looks promising. I’ll check it out.xo

  2. I need to try this. I can’t stand the size of my pores. I hope my Sephora carries it.