Eyeshadow and eyeliners from Dan Read Cosmetics

By now, you have read many times how much Marcia and I adore Dan Read foundation.  Recently I branched out and tried the eyeshadows and eye pencils, and my love affair with this line continues.  The eyeshadows are super silky, highly pigmented, and they wear like a dream.   I tend to go for more neutral colors, and here are some of my favorite neutrals from Dan Read.

Dan has 22 different matte shades ($16.25) and 26 different pearl shadows ($16.25).  Some of my favorite lighter shades are:

Opal Pearl, which is VERY difficult to photograph well.  It looks almost white with a slight pink cast in real life, and when applied it has a gorgeous purple opalescence.  You can see it better in the swatch below.  It is, obviously, a pearl shade.

Powder Pink is another favorite of mine.  It’s a matte shade, and it’s a pretty, delicate pink that doesn’t go on chalky.

Cream is another of my favorite matte shades.  It leans more yellow, and makes a fantastic base shade.

Here are the three colors swatched, bottom to top:  Opal Pearl (see the purple opalescence?  Gorgeous!!), Powder Pink, and Cream.

Probably my most favorite Dan Read eyeshadow is Cameo.  This is a pearl eyeshadow, and it is FABULOUS.  It looks darker in the pan, it goes on as a lighter, shimmery taupe.  Here it is swatched:

I love this as a lid color, it really brightens up my eyes and makes them pop.

Some of the darker colors that I typically wear as crease colors are:

Golden Sunset, which is a gorgeous, wearable pearl orange, it’s a few shades deeper than MAC’s Straw Harvest;

Mink, a fabulous deep brown shimmer;

and Taupe, a perfect matte mid-tone grayish brown.

Swatched bottom to top are Golden Sunset, Mink, and then Taupe.

The pans are larger than MAC eyeshadows (over twice the amount of product at 0.10 oz vs. 0.04 oz), and the pots remind me of the old MAC pots with a see-through screw-on top. 

I also really like the eye pencils ($12.75).  They give a very precise line, and you can smudge them out if you wish.  They really have great staying power.  Here are some of my favorites:

Plum, a deep blue-purple;

Violet, a lighter lavender purple;

and Mica, a deep gun-metal grey.

From top to bottom are Plum, Violet, and Mica.  All of them are favorites of mine because they give a less harsh look than straight black, and they are amazing for making brown eyes really stand out.  My favorite look is to use Mica along my top lash line, and then use either Plum or Violet on the bottom waterline and lash line.

In these pics I am wearing Cameo on the mobile lid, Mink in the crease, Opal Pearl on the brow.  I lined the upper lid with Mica and the lower waterline and lash line with Plum.

And below is the whole look, complete with Dan Read foundation in Natural 2.  My love affair with Dan Read continues…I think my husband is getting jealous!!!  – Lisa


  1. I have Opal and Mink and they are great shades.

  2. Nice look!! I like the plum liner on you.

  3. Very pretty colors. Your eyes look beautiful

  4. Very pretty subtle colors. I can’t believe the eyeshadows are twice the size of MAC for almost half the price!!

  5. Wow Cameo looks just beautiful!!!

  6. ferolbob says:

    I love DRC. I think theatrical lines are so much better – great cosmetics and so much more affordable.

  7. I really like the selection of colors. How do they last for a 12 hour day?


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