Long hair? You are going to love this curling iron: Pro Beauty Tools X-Long Gold Curling Wand

PBIR1900-product-600x600This review is for all the long-haired ladies! You know how it goes…the shorter the curling iron wand, the harder you have to work to curl your hair. A shorter wand means either 1. You take twice as long because you can only curl half the amount of hair or 2.  ou get so impatient you just start curling big chunks of hair, which don’t really get a firm curl because the hair is so piled up on the wand. Lose lose either way.                                                                                                                                                                                       sample

Well, get yourself to Walmart, because the answer to your long hair woes is there – the Pro Beauty Tools 1″ Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand ($34.99). The extra long barrel means you can section off bigger chunks of hair, and there is no hair overlay since the barrel gives plenty of curling room. Here are all the features:PBIR1900

  • 24K Gold -Plated Barrel 
  • Provides advanced heat technology ideal for all hair types
  • Extra Long Barrel
  • 2” longer than traditional iron, ideal for longer hair
  • Heats up to 430?F
  • Creating 24 hour curls
  • Fast Heat Recovery System
  • Ensures optimum heat distribution with electronic sensor for consistent performance
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • For all hair types
  • Cool Tip
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Bonus: Heat Protective Glove
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Pro Beauty Tools X-Long Curling IronPro Beauty ToolsPro Beauty Tools Curling IronThis curling iron is like a styling tool that is right between the heavy-duty professional ones and the regular consumer ones you can easily find. The iron itself is definitely pro quality, but the price is awesome. The extra 2 inches on the barrel makes for much better hair distribution and the curls are super strong and last all day. So if you have long hair, you need the Pro Beauty Tools 1″ Professional X-Long Gold Curling Iron! It’s a total winner.  – Lisa

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  1. NORA GRAHE | 22nd Feb 17

    Wow! I have the same, not extended and love it. I would LOVE to try this one! I had gotten mine about 4 yrs. ago and it still works great and like new! It stays clean and the gold does not come off! I have short hair so don’t need a longer one but sure this one has better features that I would like too! Thanks for the review!

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