Splurge vs Steal with Urban Decay, Covergirl, NYC Lovatics, Makeup Revolution USA

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It’s time for a new Makeup Wars and I’m excited about this one. I can’t wait to read what the other bloggers have chosen as their SPLURGE vs STEAL items. For my edition I decided to stick with neutral palettes since they are so popular. Urban Decay Naked palettes started the craze with Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Bon Bons following. At $54 and $49 respectively it’s hard to own all the ones you are interested in…. so here comes the steals.

I read this type of article often in magazines and the first thing that comes to my mind is the question of Quality. Yes, two items may look similar, but is the steal something you’d want to wear/use? I have made sure that my steals are ones that I can recommend without question.

URBAN DECAY is the brand that I believe has led the way into the neutral revolution. They have excellent marketing and know how to get the word out with some cutting edge products. Just look at how they’ve promoted the Gwen Steffani items! People are going nuts over them. Also their Naked palettes don’t go out of favor. When I was pulling this together I realized that I can’t find my Naked Basics and Naked 2. Just because they are older doesn’t make them any less relevant and now I’m thinking about purchasing them. I looked to see how to compare my ‘steals’ to my Urban Decay and Too Faced. I hope I’ve succeeded.

NYC Lovatics by Demi
NYC Lovatics by Demi

NYC Cosmetics has a new collection in collaboration with Demi Lovato. I received several items that I’ll be reviewing in full and I’m loving them. This $6.99 palette LOVATICS BY DEMI is incredible and a perfect match for the original URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE. $6.99. vs $54. Now that’s what I call a Splurge vs Steal. When you find this at Walmart, Target or wherever NYC is sold, grab it before it’s too late.

NYC Lovatics by Demi (Natural) on top of Urban Decay Naked (original)
NYC Lovatics by Demi (Natural) on top of Urban Decay Naked (original)


These two are so close that I can blindly reach for either to achieve the same looks. This is a $54 vs $20 Splurge vs Steal except that Ulta’s palette is always on sale and you can use their coupons. This particular week all ULTA products are buy 2 get 2 free, last week this palette was $12.

Urban Decay Naked3 vs Ulta Rose Gold
Urban Decay Naked3 vs Ulta Rose Gold


There are 32 eyeshadows in MAKEUP REVOLUTION’S AFFIRMATION PALETTE. This Ulta exclusive is $15 with BOGO 1/2 currently going on. It’s also available with the $3.50 coupon that Ulta advertises. I had to seek out two palettes to match up with the AFFIRMATION palette because it has so many versatile shades.

Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette
Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky contains these shades: champagne shimmer micro-glitter, medium bronze, metallic taupe iridescent micr-glitter, metallic silver taupe tonal sparkle, light metallic gray, medium charcoal micro glitter, jet black satin, deep plum taupe, cool taupe matte, rich brown matte, soft pink taupe and light beige satin. Look at the above picture – recognize those shades?

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons contains these shades: matte mauve, cool greige, matte suede, matte plum brown, gilded rose, electric fuchsia pearl, cherry cola shimmer, satin nude, smokey sapphire, deep metallic amethyst, gilded cocoa, metallic taupe, metallic cocoa bronze, and matte warm cream. You can find duplicates of all these shades in the Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette too.

top Urban Decay Smoky, left Makeup Revolution Affirmation, right Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons
top Urban Decay Smoky, left Makeup Revolution Affirmation USA, right Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

While I love my Urban Decay palettes I shudder thinking about how much money they’ve cost me. Makeup Revolution USA Affirmation isn’t as pigmented as UD and TF but I end up with the same colors and looks. I’m the only one that knows that the Affirmation palette costs a fraction of the other too.


Covergirl trunaked Nudes
Covergirl trunaked Nudes

Last is the Covergirl trunaked Nudes palette which is a beautiful rendition of a nude palette. The colors are exactly what you need to create daily looks as well as smoky eyes. The palette sells for approximately $12.99 but you can find sales on it. Currently at Ulta it’s $11.98 with a BOGO 1/2 on Covergirl products. I have been blown away by the color and quality of this palette.

I think these steals are pretty fabulous and the true definition of Splurge vs Steal without compromising quality. What’s your favorite steal?  –  Marcia


*NYC, Covergirl, Makeup Revolution received for editorial consideration, others are self purchased


  1. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 1st Feb 16

    I see so many palettes I need! I’ll be saving AND spending lol

  2. Emily Draher | 1st Feb 16

    This is an awesome post! I knew there were lots of “naked” neutral palettes out there but I had no idea they were so so so similar!!

  3. Lola Seicento | 1st Feb 16

    This is a brilliant post, Marcia! I love your choices! I think the you are quite right that UD began the neutral palette revolution– there are so many imitators out there who use their palettes as a template for their own. It’s really nice, however, that this has created so many good quality affordable options.

  4. Nikki | 1st Feb 16

    I’m all for a good dupe! Sometimes, I really regret rushing out to grab all of the UD Naked palettes with all of the affordable palettes out now that are so similar.

  5. Nancy | 1st Feb 16

    Good comparison! I didn’t do this one because I thought for sure someone would be doing it. I was hoping you would compare Tom Ford Lip Color Shines to Chanel Rouge Coco Shines! 🙂

  6. Shipra | 1st Feb 16

    What a great comparison. Palettes are tricky for me because I always feel like I MUST have something already like it, but the struggle is real. 😀

  7. beautyin | 1st Feb 16

    @Nancy – I don’t buy Chanel lipsticks and I only have 2 of the TF Shines though I do have a lot of their cream lipsticks.

  8. beautyin | 1st Feb 16

    @Shipra, palettes are hard for me to resist. I like having it all together. I’m sure I have some shades about 20 times over but that doesn’t stop me.

  9. Kat Dinges | 1st Feb 16

    I love my Lovatics palette! It’s so nice and compact too!

  10. Never Say Die Beauty | 1st Feb 16

    The NYC palette really is beautiful and so close to the UD in shades! I wish CVS didn’t discontinue NYC coz it was the only store around here that carried NYC, boo hoo

  11. Julie | 1st Feb 16

    I can’t believe how much that NYC palette looks like the UD one! I have to admit, I gave away my UD palette because I can’t stand the fallout. Maybe I’ll check out the NYC one though!

  12. Aleya Bamdad | 1st Feb 16

    Great comparisons! I’m loving the Makeup Revolution palette.

  13. Nidia - Lit From Within | 1st Feb 16

    It’s so hard to resist all the gorgeous neutral palettes, and with some of these low price/great quality palettes, I don’t have to. Makeup Revolution and Sleek make some of my fave ‘dupe’ palettes, but I want to try that new Maybelline one, too.

  14. Erika | 1st Feb 16

    Alll of the eye shadows…

  15. Christine | 1st Feb 16

    Wow, that Deni palette looks really amazing! Definitely going on my shopping list.

  16. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 1st Feb 16

    Wow, that NYX Demi palette looks almost like a complete dupe of UD Naked! Great post!

  17. Tiki | 1st Feb 16

    I’m all for a good dupe and as much as I love Makeup Revolution, it sucks that it’s not as pigmented as the UD.

  18. Melissa | 1st Feb 16

    I love these sorts of posts! I wish I had known before I bought all the expensive ones.

  19. Susan P. | 1st Feb 16

    These are some nice looking palettes and the prices are pretty reasonable – good steals!

  20. Kim | 1st Feb 16

    I actually like the chocolate palette out of everything. I don’t care about price as long as the product is good.

  21. Krystal E | 1st Feb 16

    Oh wow – I didn’t know there were so many quality drug store brands out there! I am a sucker for Urban Decay but after spending $150 for all 3 Naked palettes – I’m wiped out! This is a great posting!

  22. Rachel Beltz | 1st Feb 16

    I love your different tiers in this splurge vs steals post! That’s something I’ve never seen before haha! If I had the money I would just buy them all ;P But that NYC palette actually looks pretty spot on!

  23. Miranda Mendoza | 1st Feb 16

    Great comparison post! I didn’t realize how similar NYC’s palette layout was to UD Naked!

  24. Renu | 2nd Feb 16

    Holy cow, the NYC palette is almost an exact dupe for UD Naked! I completely agree about the fortune we’ve all spent on our palette stashes. I have decided to reduce buying palettes overall – just the Too Faced Peach in the first quarter, and see what comes out after June.

  25. Stacie | 2nd Feb 16

    Great post! Sometimes I forget just how far drugstore makeup has come. A lot of times I’ll pay for the prestige product knowing I’ll get quality, since drugstore makeup can be hit or miss. That doesn’t really seem to be the case anymore though, as you’ve shown us with this post. Awesome job! I do buy a lot of Maybelline waterproof mascaras in the spring and summer, though. I can’t get by without them.

  26. Kath TheFabZilla | 2nd Feb 16

    Those are close dupes. Every brand on earth needs to have a neutral palette, the more, the merrier!

  27. Leelo | 2nd Feb 16

    I love my UD palettes and I really need that Too Faced Chocolate palette in my life too! Great post!

  28. Bailey | 2nd Feb 16

    I’m always impressed when good dupes can be found. No shame saving a bit when you can!

  29. Ann @ Mani On The Move | 2nd Feb 16

    OMG I think I need lovatics by demi. So pretty & so affordable!

  30. Destany | 2nd Feb 16

    So. Many. Palettes. Great comparisons!

  31. Justina | 2nd Feb 16

    Some of those palettes look like great dupes! I’ve spent so much on the real deal over the years.

  32. Maryann D. | 2nd Feb 16

    I have to say that I do like all these cosmetics. I have used Urban Decay and also NYC Cosmetics and always have used Cover Girl. All are super choices.

  33. Anastasia | 2nd Feb 16

    I’m glad to see so much competition, it keeps brands on their toes and gives us better products 🙂

  34. The Beauty of Life | 2nd Feb 16

    It’s pretty crazy how similar the Urban Decay and NYC palettes are. I LOVE the Urban palette but it’s good to know there’s a less expensive option out there too!

  35. Birdiebee | 2nd Feb 16

    This is a great post and love that I can now afford to purchase at a lower price. I will have to shop my local stores to try to find the LOVATICS BY DEMI.

  36. Lisa Heath | 2nd Feb 16

    Great post! While I know UD has some less expensive options in other brands, I still love my UD ones!

  37. Miki | 3rd Feb 16

    Gosh I have to get my hands of that NYC palette!! Everyone is raving about it, but before your post I had no idea what a dupe it is for UD Naked!!

  38. Paula | 3rd Feb 16

    I just love all these pallets! I would love to have them all but will really have to decide on just one.

  39. Katie Garvin | 3rd Feb 16

    That’s awesome that there are steals out there that are more affordable — those Naked palettes are steep! I think my favorite steal was using the Physicians Formula liquid pen liner instead of the LORAC liner pen. 🙂 Always nice to save some money!

  40. Illy Junus | 4th Feb 16

    So many palette to compare, i will check the NYC palette, its so beautiful too next maybe cover girl tru naked

  41. MaJa77 | 7th Feb 16

    I just picked up the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 and Smokey palettes hoping they are good dupes for UD as so many have said!

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