A trio of interesting drugstore mascaras (Covergirl, Maybelline, Rimmel)

Rimmel Wonderlash, Covergirl The Super Sizer, Maybelline Lash Sensation
Rimmel Wonderlash, Covergirl The Super Sizer, Maybelline Lash Sensational

Drugstore beauty shopping is always a fun treat. If I want a pick me up I head to the aisles of CVS, Walgreen, Meijer or Ulta to find something new to try out. While two of these mascaras were sent for review, I know I’d have eventually picked them up during a sale.

I find this trio to be very different from each other. They aren’t sisters from another mother in any way. They may not even be from the same clan though they all have something I like about them. I’m reviewing them in order from least to most eyelash presentation.

Covergirl The Super Sizer
Covergirl The Super Sizer

COVERGIRL THE SUPER SIZER* is the newest addition to the Covergirl family ($6.85). What stands out about this mascara is the wand. This very skinny wand has small and larger bristles intertwined. It looks like it’s not going to give you any volume, but depending on your own lashes you might be surprised. I personally have straight, wimpy lashes and I don’t get much in the way of volume from Super Sizer. It’s a great bottom lash mascara because it doesn’t smudge when you apply it. The trick with Covergirl Super Sizer is to twirl the brush as you apply it. I didn’t do that the first time I used it and I was very disappointed. But I kept on and each day got a little bit better. While this isn’t going to give me the lushness I crave, it does open my eyes and never smudges.

Rimmel Wonder Lash
Rimmel Wonder Lash

RIMMEL WONDER LASH MASCARA WITH ARGAN OIL* is a step beyond others I’ve tried from the drugstore. I love that this conditions my lashes while making them look good at the same time. While the package says it’s a volume mascara, I find that it gives me better length and definition than it does volume. This is the mascara that I like to use on a daily basis. It’s not as lush as I’d like to see my lashes get but it’s not meek or mild either. It removes with ease and my lashes aren’t crispy or flaky with this. No raccoons need apply for this job.

wearing Rimmel Wonderlash with argan oil
wearing Rimmel Wonderlash with argan oil

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL ($8.99) and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the mascara and have recommended it but I hate how difficult it is to remove. No matter which eye makeup remover I try, I do seem to lose some lashes with it and that drives me nuts since I don’t have extras. The best remover for this is Reviva Labs Eye Makeup Remover Gel which I put on a cotton pad and let sit on my lashes for at least 10 seconds before trying to remove.

Maybelline Lash Sensation
Maybelline Lash Sensational

I bought this in Blackest Black (on special of course) and it definitely is the darkest of these three. It also gives me the best lashes of the group. I love the curved brush since it seems to get all my lashes in one scoop. Maybelline calls it a “full fan effect” and I think that’s an accurate description. The curved brush has 10 layers of densely packed bristles to give that fullness. What I get with Lash Sensational is volume, definition and length. What else can I ask for? Well… there’s that issue of removal and there’s the issue of longevity. Normally I get a good three months out of a mascara (especially since I have several in use at the same time) but by month two I noticed that Lash Sensational didn’t have the oomph any more. It dried out faster than I expected. I’ll most likely buy this again during a sale but at least I know the limitations of it.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What’s your opinion of them? — Marcia

*starred items received for consideration


  1. Lola Seicento | 6th Jul 15

    Lovely review, as always Marcia! I only have the COVERGIRL THE SUPER SIZER and like it a lot! I am very curious about the Rimmel Wonder Lash Mascara, and might have to grab it the next time I’m at the drugstore.

  2. Sachi | 6th Jul 15

    I just got the Rimmel one and I love it! It is the perfect every day mascara. Love no crunchy lashes

  3. Margie | 7th Jul 15

    I’m hooked on L’Oreal Voluminous (5X) and have used it for over 15 years. Seems that I can’t find anything I like better. I would have tried the Maybelline but don’t like the fact it dries out so quickly. I find that, when I’m running low on my L’Oreal, I will “beef it up” with other mascaras and sometimes use 2-3 over the L’Oreal because I, too, want the volume.

    Thanks for the mascara drugstore review; I’d like your opinion on the Voluminous, if possible.

  4. [email protected] | 10th Jul 15

    The Super Size Mascara is my favorite. I’ve had much better luck with it than so many other women including you, I guess. I don’t do the twirl thing, I apply it as I do any other mascara but I also use the tip to add length to my middle and outer lashes especially and it gives me a great fan effect. And it gives me plenty of volume. I just bought a second tube that I haven’t opened yet. I’m hoping that the tube I’m still using now isn’t an anomaly!!!

  5. Carleen | 10th Jul 15

    That Super Sizer wand is interesting. Not sure I would like it but I might try it out of curiosity!

  6. Phyrra | 10th Jul 15

    I like the brush shape on the bottom mascara

  7. Julie | 10th Jul 15

    I was really frustrated with the Maybelline mascara for that exact reason. I would use a cleansing oil, and a cream cleanser afterwards, and my lashes still felt like they had a residue on them. Ick!

  8. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 10th Jul 15

    I concur! I use Maybelline Lash Sensational daily. I was disappointed in the the cover girl, maybe need to give the Rimmel a chance. I quit using the brand b/c it dried out my lashes but sounds like has changed with the addition of argan oil.

  9. Anastasia | 10th Jul 15

    That new COVERGIRL mascara sure is interesting! The wand shape is unlike anything else out there.

  10. Destany | 11th Jul 15

    I’ve tried the Super Sizer… it’s just meh.

  11. Amber | 11th Jul 15

    Thanks for showing the brushes! I think that’s always helpful when looking for a new mascara.

  12. Tashina | 11th Jul 15

    Trying new mascaras is always fun! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jess scull | 11th Jul 15

    Maybelline is my holy grail!!! Love it so much!

  14. Nidia - Lit From Within | 12th Jul 15

    I have the Super Sizer, and I do like wearing it. I have shorter, thicker lashes, and I do get enough volume with this. I never did master the twirling, though. My fave drugstore mascara is probably the L’Oreal Butterfly. I can get such a nice wing at the tip with that neat brush.

  15. Bailey | 12th Jul 15

    I’ve wanted to try the Maybelline one, but I have way too many open mascara to justify picking it up. Too bad it’s so hard to remove though.

  16. Kim | 12th Jul 15

    I’d probably pick up the Maybelline mascara, especially since it was the darkest black of the three. I love dark black mascaras.

  17. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 12th Jul 15

    The new CoverGirl mascara didn’t do much for me either… I loved their new liner, though!

  18. Kendra | 13th Jul 15

    Thanks for the review! I have yet to try any of these…but the Lash Sensational sounds like something to pick up!

  19. Mandy Chameleon Stampede | 13th Jul 15

    I haven’t tried any of these, but I loved hearing what your thoughts were. Crunch is always a big issue for me. That and smudging.

  20. StephanieLouise | 13th Jul 15

    I’m planning to try the Rimmel!

  21. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 14th Jul 15

    I have yet to try the Maybelline one.

  22. Jamie | 14th Jul 15

    I’ve been dying to try all of these!

  23. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 14th Jul 15

    I love the Lash Sensational mascara but I agree, it does dry out rather fast. That Rimmell one looks great!

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