I’m feeling fab with my August Wantable cosmetics

Wantable August 2015 cosmetics

Wantable August 2015 cosmetics

Welcome to my August cosmetic box from Wantable. This is the subscription that I’ve kept up since I first heard about them. I do love the surprises I get from a subscription box and Wantable remains in my heart. This month’s box is worth $74.15 and I paid $36 for it. I had $4 in credits so I didn’t have to pay the full $40 fee. That means I got double my money’s worth and I’m quite happy with the variety I received this month.

OFRA LIPSTICK IN AMETHYST (retail $13.15) is the item I was most excited to see. I’ve gotten a few scattered OFRA products in boxes but nothing yet that’s been on my wishlist, until now!! Not only have I wanted to try their lipsticks but it’s a shade in my comfort zone. Amethyst is a pinky lavender that’s midtone, it’s not too light and it’s not too dark. Nor does it turn on me. Ofra lipstick is quite moisturizing and it’s enriched with anti-oxifants, vitamin E and natural sunscreens. It does have a fragrance, that reminds me of grape popsicles, but luckily it’s pleasant to me. Good job Wantable. You pleased me right off the bat.

OFRA lipstick in Amethyst

OFRA lipstick in Amethyst

MODEL CO BLUSH in COSMOPOLITAN (retail $22) isn’t the blush I’d pick to go with the Amethyst lipstick but I’ll still use it often. It’s a warm pink that will work well with most of the lips and eyes I choose to wear. It’s got a satiny finish and I love that there’s no glitter in it. My pores aren’t taking well to shimmer lately.

Model Co Blush in Cosmopolitan

Model Co Blush in Cosmopolitan

Ofra Amethyst lipstick and Model Co Cosmopolitan blush

Ofra Amethyst lipstick and Model Co Cosmopolitan blush

MOSI MEI POLISH in PASSIONATE (retail $15) is a stunning nail polish that I’ll love in the fall. It’s a metallic violet that has incredible shine. I’m a huge fan of metallic polishes and this is a shade I don’t have. I love the square bottle and I’m very happy to have this shade. The Mosi Mei polishes are 5 free, cruelty free and vegan. If this wears well I see a lot of shades on their website that I’d be interested in.

Mosi Mei polish in Passionate

Mosi Mei polish in Passionate

CATTIVA DIVONO LASH MASCARA (retail $24) is my only complaint this month. I’m not complaining about the mascara though. I’m complaining that I’ve been sent 3 mascaras in the last 3 months. Considering a mascara is good for 3 months did I really need another one so soon? If they sent this in November I’d be pleased as punch but I’m not using it until November because I have their last two mascaras open along with others. What I can tell you is that this has beautiful packaging with the top being crystal studded. It’s a paraben free mascara. I just can’t explain how it works yet. There’s a slight chance I’ll send it back to get the $12.95 credited to my account. I just need to decide.

Cattiva Divino Mascara

Cattiva Divino Mascara

Overall I’m very happy with the WANTABLE subscription box for August because it’s given me products I’ve never tried and in shades that work beautifully for me. Nail polish is on my LOVE list in my profile and the other 3 products are all in my like list so they were on track. I understand that there’s now an option to receive skincare as part of your box but I won’t add that to my profile since I’m overloaded with skincare. But it’s nice that it’s an option and you can decide for yourself.

What do you think of this box? Are any of these products you’d be thrilled to suddenly own? — Marcia

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  1. Priscilla S. says

    The Ofra lipstick is lovely and that nail polish is stunning!

  2. Very nice collection. I know that you’re happy with your Wantable boxes.

  3. Definitely a good box this month! Funny, how one really can have too much mascara!

  4. I love Ofra lipsticks – so that would be the product I’d be most excited about! 😀

  5. I don’t think I wouldn’ve been happy with so many mascaras back to back, but overall this was a good box I think.

  6. I love that Ofra lipstick!

  7. That polish…wow! Love that shade!

  8. What a fantastic box. I’ve had great luck with my Wantable boxes, as well! <3

  9. That’s a beautiful lipstick from OFRA! I love how they’ve been in so many boxes lately!

  10. I love ModelCo products, and am always so excited when I get them in sub boxes!

  11. Brooke, I was so excited to get an OFRA lipstick and in a shade I’ll wear.

  12. Oh snap! I need that lipstick and blush!

  13. Okay I just bought a Wantable box! Shakes fist at you! LOL!

  14. Great box, I love everything in it!

  15. I love OFRA, but I’ve only tried the liquid lipsticks. I’d love to try their regular ones. Looks like a pretty good box!

  16. I like what you received. It’s always nice to have extra mascaras!

  17. OMG, I need that OFRA Lipstick! Perfect shade!

  18. The OFRA lipstick is gorgeous!

  19. I love the blush and lipstick shades!

  20. Wow, you got a ton of great stuff in your box! I love that polish and lip color. I really miss my Wantable subscription from time to time…

  21. I have a similar shade of Model Co blush and really enjoy the shade and how it feels on the skin. Definitely some awesome stuff in your box

  22. Looks like a fabulous box!

  23. I just wanted to say lovely blog and thank you for the kind words – so glad you liked the polish! 🙂

  24. Oooh I love that nail polish!

  25. Always loved the Wantable monthly boxes!

  26. Love the looks of that blush.