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DERMAFLASH Exfoliating Facial Treatment
DERMAFLASH Exfoliating Facial Treatment

DERMAFLASH is an exfoliating tool that does double duty. Not only is it a wonder for exfoliation but at the same time it helps rid your face of those fuzzy hairs so that you can unveil smoother, radiant, and younger looking skin. DERMAFLASH is unlike any of the tools that Beauty Info Zone has tried. It removes the need to go to a dermatologist or Esthetician/Aesthetician. The facial tool is based on dermaplanning which is only available in a medical spa or doctor’s office. Now you can do it in the privacy of your own home on your own time schedule. When DERMAFLASH was sent to us to test out they were also kind enough to send extras for 4 Beauty Info Zone readers. This $189 tool, available at Sephora, is something to put on your wish list. It’s that great.

DERMAFLASH is designed specifically for women’s skin. It works with a subtle sonic vibration. You use DERMAFLASH on dry skin, never on wet skin. There are just 3 steps with this: Cleanse, Edge, Soothe.

• Exfoliates and Polishes to Restore Radiance
• Sweeps Away Dead, Dull Cells from Skin’s Surface
• Temporarily Removes Peach Fuzz
• Enhances Radiance, Texture and Tone
• Skin Care and Makeup Go On More Smoothly and Evenly
• Skin Looks and Feels Healthier Instantly
• Gentle and Safe For All Skin Types
• Safe and Hygienic, Single-Use Blade


I’m going to talk about the DERMAFLASH Exfoliating Tool and my experiences with using this while Lisa will explain the Essentials and share her experiences.

both boxes that come with your DERMAFLASH
both boxes that come with your DERMAFLASH

When you first buy DERMAFLASH you’ll get a big box with two parts to it. The main box is the actual skin tool along with the holder and direction. The second box contains the Essentials kit which is what will need to be replaced after 6 uses.

DERMAFLASH and exfoliating blades
DERMAFLASH and exfoliating blades

DERMAFLASH’s ergonomically designed exfoliator is a work of art. It doesn’t take up much space and looks good on my vanity. Once charged it will last through 3 sessions of using the treatment before you need to charge it again. It looks much more complicated than it actually is. You slide the blade in and use it just for one session. After using it, slide it back in the empty slot and pick up a new one for your second use.

DERMAFLASH is insistent on four things and I absolutely agree with them. First, don’t go over an area more than once. This very effective tool does its work the first time around. Going back over an area will do more exfoliation but you also have to be careful that you haven’t done too much. Second, don’t use this on your nose. Even if you feel your nose needs exfoliation, the skin on your nose is tighter and thinner. The third is to only use the blade once and then change it. The last is to just use the tool once per week.

DERMAFLASH with blade inserted
DERMAFLASH with blade inserted

I happen to be very hairy and have a lot of peach fuzz (and darker hair) on my face. While I wish this would remove that hair totally it doesn’t do it, at least not all at once. After using this four times I’m seeing less of the peach fuzz but it’s not all gone. I’m interested in reading Lisa’s eval to see how it affects her fuzzies.

What I am seeing a great difference on is that my face looks and feels visibly smoother. This is so much gentler than some of the microdermabrasion items I’ve used. This is a keeper and I’ve already ordered my new set of Essentials to keep the momentum going.


I don’t have a lot of peach fuzz, but I do have some upper lip hair, which was the big reason I was more than happy to test the DERMAFLASH.

DermaFlash Essentials

Marcia is right – the set looks space-age and complicated, but it’s actually very simple to use. The Essentials set includes three things:  a .8 oz tube of DERMAFLASH Prep, which is step one; six Exfoliating Edges, which is step two; and a .8 oz tube of DERMAFLASH Soothe, step three.

Step 1:  DERMAFLASH Prep

Prep, the first step, is cleanser.  Actually, you will want to remove any makeup first with makeup remover.  This foaming cleanser then clears away any remaining dirt or grease, creating the right skin environment for the Exfoliating Edge to do its best work. It works like a typical cleanser – wet face, rub some cleanser in your palms to create a lather, cleanse face and rinse. It’s important after to make sure your face is completely dry.

Using my DermaFlash

Step 2:  DERMAFLASH Exfoliating Edge

I thought these were like razors, but they are different.  They are sharp, so they aren’t something to mess around with – but it’s the sonic vibration that removes dead skin cells, debris and hair. The device is easy to hold, and you use a sweeping motion from the outside of your face in toward the center.  It doesn’t hurt, although it does smell a bit like burning hair. One tip is to be sure to have your hair pulled back unless you want an impromptu hair trim. Stay clear of your nose, eyes, and hairline as well.

Step 3:  DERMAFLASH Soothe

The treatment with the Exfoliating Edge takes about 5 to 10 minutes. After, skin feels very smooth but also dry, and the Soothe cream is extremely hydrating and definitely soothing. You won’t believe how soft your skin is after you smooth it on and you don’t need much.

The entire Essentials kit is good for six weeks – each Exfoliating Edge is only used one time, and for the best results you should only use the system one time per week. I don’t have a lot of issues with excess hair and I find this system works perfectly for me. It removes all the dreaded upper lip hair issues, and any peach fuzz I have is completely gone. In addition to hair removal, the DERMAFLASH makes skin radiant, toned, and smooth.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION:  We are honored that the only site you’ll find this DERMAFLASH giveaway is on Beauty Info Zone. We have 4 to send to US subscribers. This giveaway is open until February 17, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. If comments close you can email us at [email protected] and label it “Dermaflash”, put your entry in the email, click enter and continue. This is one giveaway that you are going to want to come back and tweet daily since it’s one of a kind. Good luck and good skin.

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  1. Melissa | 1st Feb 16

    I currently use an AHA lotion.

  2. jodi | 1st Feb 16

    I use an exfoliating cleanser

  3. Elisa | 1st Feb 16

    I use an Alba Botanica face exfoliator scrub.

  4. Kristen Arland | 1st Feb 16

    I use a Clarsonic and a weekly mask right now.

  5. Susan P. | 1st Feb 16

    I currently use a Clarisonic brush and different exfoliating creams. I also prefer a clay mask once in a while.

  6. brenda disimone | 1st Feb 16

    clay masks and face scrub

  7. Christine valle | 1st Feb 16

    Clairsonic with dermalogica exfoliantor beads

  8. Denise | 2nd Feb 16

    A washcloth. I need to switch it up!

  9. Nicki | 2nd Feb 16

    I use a clarisonic once or twice a week

  10. Kristi C | 2nd Feb 16

    I use an exfoliating cleanser.

  11. Iliana R | 2nd Feb 16

    I usually just use a washcloth.

  12. Stephanie Hartman | 2nd Feb 16

    Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion

  13. Abigail | 2nd Feb 16

    I use an exfoliating toner and a clarisonic scrubber

  14. Birdiebee | 2nd Feb 16

    At the present time, I use an exfoliating cleanser.

  15. Julie L | 2nd Feb 16

    I use a Konjac sponge or exfoliating cleanser!

  16. Cheryl | 2nd Feb 16

    I use a cleanser with exfoliant.

  17. Susan | 3rd Feb 16

    I use a cleanser and wash cloth

  18. Annette | 3rd Feb 16

    For exfoliation I use cleansers with glycolic acid and microdermabrasion creams.

  19. Laura | 3rd Feb 16

    I use an exfoliant face wash twice daily.

  20. Toan tran | 3rd Feb 16

    Peeling gel

  21. DeAnna Keller | 3rd Feb 16

    I use St. Ives Apricot scrub for exfoliating.

  22. Cyndi | 4th Feb 16

    I use my Clarisonic every night for cleansing and exfoliation.

  23. Ashley B. | 4th Feb 16

    I currently use a cleansing wash/scrub by Simple.

  24. gloria patterson | 5th Feb 16

    I use what ever I can buy cheaply for …….. the last I bought was a tracy black and it was on the sale rack

  25. Andrea Darst | 5th Feb 16

    I have a couple great face scrubs that I use!

  26. Shannon | 6th Feb 16

    Just an exfoliating cleanser.

  27. Stefanie G | 6th Feb 16

    I use face scrubs!

  28. Laura Royal | 6th Feb 16

    I use a hot wash cloth.

  29. Alona Y | 6th Feb 16

    Right now I’m using a homemade clay mask and a scrub.

  30. Krystle | 6th Feb 16

    St. Ives Apricot scrub

  31. Tamra Gibson | 7th Feb 16

    At the moment I am just using a little brush with no extras. I have tried so many products and just keep waiting for something I have read a great review on. You can say you made me want this 🙂

  32. Liz | 7th Feb 16

    I use both manual exfoliation and hydroxy products.

  33. Virginia Rowell | 9th Feb 16

    Currently, not using anything but normal face washing. Would love to try this!

  34. Thomas Murphy | 9th Feb 16

    I don’t use anything for exfoliation.

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