A customized subscription box from Starlooks for Starbox, that’s a first!

If the “looksbook” at Starlooks are indicative of their company then they have a darn good time over there. Each of the different looks shows the models wearing the colors of the month. For November the look is nudes. This is the first box that Starbox has sent that is custom tailored to the buyer. We were asked a few questions to determine which box would suit us. I received the Light Box which is perfect coloring for me.

This past October I was able to show you the box for that month. It contained a gorgeous purple pigment, a metallic gold eyeliner, a cherry lipstick and eye tattoos. (Those tattoos are now in the possession of my niece who went nuts over them!). The November box brings a palette of 4 eyeshadows, a lipstick and the most interesting mascara tool that I’ve tried. In addition each month there are several quartz crystals in your box to bring you some peace and tranquility.

November’s Starbox by Starlooks contents

The 4 eyeshadows in the Light kit make for a beautiful nude eye look for me. There’s a soft creamy white with just the right touch of shimmer, a slightly darker bone, a beautiful rusty bronze and a matte dark brown. I’ve used these 4 for a nude look but I also used them with the rusty bronze and darker brown on my lid to create a smoky look. These shadows are very soft. I accidently dropped my palette and the lightest shade broke so I apologize for not having a closeup of the open palette. Even more I apologized to myself for partially ruining a great shade for my lid or browbone.

Light Eyeshadow Palette from the Starlooks Starbox


Pearl Perfection, Braze Beige, Hint of Rust, Mocha Move

I always start with an eyeshadow primer and did so each time I applied this palette. This way the application was smoother and very long lasting. I don’t normally get creasing with shadows any more so I’m not the best judge of that but I really don’t think these will crease.

Starlooks Pearl Reflection eyeshadow

Starlooks Braze Beige eyeshadow

Starlooks Hint of Rust eyeshadow

Starlooks Mocha Move eyeshadow

top to bottom: Mocha Move, Hint of Rust, Braze Beige, Pearl Reflection

The lipstick this time was from Starlooks Tendergloss Lipstick collection. It’s a cross between a gloss and a lipstick. It’s sheer but wears beautifully. I love that there isn’t a fragrance with these and I love this color. Just like last month the color in the tube looks darker than what I applied on my lips. I saw a cinnamon shade but on my lips it’s a ‘your lips but better’ peach with just a touch of coral. These Tendergloss Lipsticks retail for $11 each and there are 20 shades that you could pick from. I love how perfect Pearl is for my look from the box or for anytime. I can’t stop wearing this lipstick!

Starlooks Tendergloss Lipstick in Pearl

site swatch for Pearl

Pearl swatch

The other item in the box is both fun and useful. It’s a mascara tool. It’s see-through pink. The top is curved to fit your eye, the bottom has two different size mascara combs. It’s perfect for protecting your eyelids and under your eyes from mascara drops. Sometimes you’ll use a very wet mascara and you have to sit with your eyes practically glued open before you can blink. Some people (not me) have very long lashes that bump up against their eyes and leave little marks. This tool solves that problem.

using this mascara tool and wearing the eyeshadows

This is a small thing but brings a smile to my face; each month the box looks slightly different. They are the same size but the design is different. My October box was black with purple metallic lettering, my November box is an animal print. The September box contained an angelic palette and the box itself was white with silver. I like this extra touch that the Starlooks company brings to their Starbox. Each box contains 3 – 4 full size cosmetics and costs $15 a month. To subscribe to the next month’s box you need to do it by the end of the first day of that month. If you are reading this on November 30th then you’ve got today and tomorrow (Dec. 1st) to order. And you don’t want to miss the palette of eyeshadows that Starlooks (value of $99) has scheduled for the month! Take a look HERE at their different eyeshadow palettes – one of them could be yours with the December subscription but act fast.

I’m totally enjoying this month’s box which is so wonderful since I was disappointed in my November Birchbox and Glossybox. Starbox is up my cosmetic loving alley. — Marcia

*pr sample

More pictures just in case you didn’t get enough:

November Starlooks contents

Starlooks crystals


  1. Looks nice! I’m thinking of subscribing, can you tell us where the products are made?

  2. I’ve been asking for $ for my Christmas gift I want to buy at least 1 subscription box next year and your posts make this box a contender.

  3. Hi G, I emailed the owner and here’s her answer: “Our packaging is outsourced from China, and the makeup product inside the containers is formulated by our manufacturers and chemists in Canada and Garden Grove Ca. We are a self-owned and formulated brand.” So packaging is China but cosmetics are made in the US or Canada.

  4. Wait, whooahh back up a minute you got a colored lipstick? I thought everyone got the same? I chose light as well and got this horrible nude color. I’m sure it looks great on others but on me it just makes my lips disappear completely and I see no use for a nude lipstick! Darn it…

  5. I hadn’t heard of this sample kit before but mmmmmmmmm, it sounds great!!!!