IT Cosmetics holiday brush sets make holiday shopping a breeze

In my world there’s nothing more exciting than cosmetic brushes. I am a brush fanatic and there’s always room for more. I use different brushes all the time and love to switch around the ones on my vanity. I’ve also found that a set of brushes fits every woman just right. No guessing about size or favorite colors. No worrying that it’s not her style. Brushes are always in style and IT COSMETICS makes some of the best sets around. Today I have two of 4 sets that are available and Lisa will share the other 2 soon.

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The two I have are perfect for my world. I keep my brushes in cups so that I can see them easily and know what to grab for. ALL THAT SHIMMERS has a cup I’m in love with along with 5 of their perfect brushes that fit in it perfectly. These 5 Must Have Luxe Skin Loving Brushes make up a set that will add sparkle to your life and sparkle to your giftees eyes when they open these up.

IT Cosmetics All That Shimmers, cup and brushes

The kit is exclusive to ULTA with brushes to make your life a breeze. The brushes are all full size with silver ombré handles and a matching brush holder. Open it to find powder, foundation, eyeshadow, crease, and smudger brushes with that oh so soft Heavenly Luxe cruelty free hair.

My favorite brush in All That Shimmers is the Brilliant Powder Brush. This is so useful for me and I use it to blend everything on my face. I can gently dust powder on as well as blend blushes with ease.

IT Cosmetics All That Shimmers Brilliant Powder and Radiant Foundation

The Radiant Foundation brush gives an airbrushed finish. It’s so soft and doesn’t force your foundation to go on, it just subtly reminds the product to look its best. (Yes my brushes have personalities!)

IT Cosmetics All That Shimmers Stunning Eyeshadow, Dazzling Crease, Luminous Smudger

Stunning Eyeshadow Brush is one that I like for all over the eye since it’s on the large side. It’s wonderful for blending when you are done so that your colors mesh perfectly.

Dazzling Crease is next and gently applies color in the crease area. Since the cruelty free hair is so soft it doesn’t apply shadows in a blob. I like it to diffuse cream shadows so that they look even on my lids.

The fifth brush is the Luminous Smudger, a great brush for around your lash lines. Apply the color directly with the brush and then smudge to soften the look. Use it too for a sharp crease color that you want to stand out. I’m especially happy to have this brush in the collection since it’s unique to me.

IT Cosmetics All That Shimmers

With ALL THAT SHIMMERS you’ve got a hit on your hands. This is available only at ULTA.

IT COSMETICS’ LIMITED EDITION HEAVENLY LUXE BRUSH SET is exclusive to QVC and is available on Easy Pay. This is for the woman in your life who travels or doesn’t have a place to safely keep brushes clean. I know many cat owners who have to hide their brushes so that they can’t become kitty toys!

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brush Set

There are 4 brushes but actually 5 since one is double ended. There’s a little crossover so you may not want both yourself (unless you are like me and there’s never enough). These are all Heavenly Luxe brushes that have that unbelievable softness that we’ve come to expect from IT Cosmetics.

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brush Set

The French Boutique Blush Brush has been custom cut and works by hugging the apples of your cheeks. They recommend smiling so you can see where to sweep the blush. Then finish by sweeping up to your temples without adding more color.

French Boutique Blush Brush

My favorite brush is the Dual-Ended Concealer Brush. It’s particularly good for travel since the ends are covered. One side is fluffy and that’s the side I like for under my eyes since it helps to diffuse my concealer. The other flat side is great for larger areas or problems of concern where you need a heavier layer. It also doubles as a dual sided eyeshadow brush since both ends work easily with shadows.

The Buffing Brush is a flat top brush that works especially good with powder foundation. Work in circular motions and soon your skin can look softly focused and naturally flawless.

The last brush is the Wand Ball Brush and is a great powder brush. I also use this brush after I’m done to make sure everything on my face looks finished without any harsh lines. It’s great for blending so you don’t end up looking like a scary star caught in the lights.

Buffing Brush and Wand Ball Brush

The Brush Roll itself makes this a very handy set to own. Not only do these brushes fit in perfectly but there are slots for more brushes with 8 small loops and 4 larger ones to hold the brushes in place.

IT Cosmetics Heaveny Luxe Brush Set

Both of these sets are great deals and will bring you years of use. Add these to your wishlist or your shopping cart – you won’t regret it.  —  Marcia


  1. I love It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness and QVC so I’m definitely going to check their brush set out.

  2. I have a very similar set from last year’s holiday that comes in a silver glitter purse. I love it!

  3. I love the sparkle brushes! They’re definitely my speed.

  4. Ehmkay nails says

    These look great. Thanks for the helpful review!

  5. Oh those brushes are so pretty ESPECIALLY the sparkly set!

  6. I love It Cosmetics brushes so much!

  7. I love new brushes! <3 They look so fluffy and such a great gift idea!

  8. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Anything sparkly is already taking a step in the right direction!

  9. I love the IT brushes–so soft and work so well!

  10. I can’t wait for Ulta to open in Hawaii, that would be my new hangout for sure. This is one of yhe first few things I am definitely checking out

  11. Oh I want that set! So pretty!

  12. These look amazing! I honestly really need some new brushes.

  13. The set looks great.. Thanks for the review.. I have tried a few things from IT Cosmetics.. Liked them a lot.. Would love to try their brushes as well..

  14. These sets are fantastic! What perfect gifts these would make!

  15. Stepford Witch says

    I own the dual ended concealer brush and I absolutely love it! I bet the other brushes are good too.

  16. My Nail Polish Obsession says

    Those brushes look so luxurious! My brushes are so old and probably need to be replaced.

  17. Their holiday brush sets are always such a great deal!

  18. The sparkle brushes are so so cute! So simple but so glam. I need to try out IT Cosmetics soon. This might be what I start with!

  19. My guys bought me the set I wanted last year. They know how much I love It Brushes….maybe I need to ask for another set this year?

  20. I feel like brushes make such a luxurious gift! These are fabulous!


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