Getting organized with MelodySusie Cosmetics Organizer!

MelodySusie Large Capacity Cosmetic Organizer
 I am NOT the most organized person. Not even close. But boy, does it feel good when I do have things organized!! As those of you who collect cosmetics know, makeup organization is not exactly easy. We need shallow drawers to easily find things and we need lots of them. I’ve tried bigger makeup cases like the one from Bobbi Brown which is a disaster because everything just gets buried. I’ve tried the lucite organizers which have lots of drawers, but they are so flimsy and they look cheap. I’ve even tried organizer bags and cases that were meant for scrapbooking. Once again, stuff just gets lost and buried in them.
MelodySusie Cosmetics Organizer

MelodySusie Cosmetics Organizer

Recently, MelodySusie offered to send their large capacity acrylic Cosmetic Organizer ($47.99 online, $49.99 on Amazon) for review, and I was more than happy to try it…after all, what I have now is far less than perfect.

MelodySusie Cosmetic Organizer
MelodySusie Large Cosmetics Organizer
MelodySusie’s heavy-duty acrylic Cosmetic Organizer comes with four drawers and two separate compartmentalized pieces. This is some sturdy, substantial organization, although the acrylic is see-through so it still looks rather dainty, plus it is easy to find everything stored in it. Cleaning this super durable organizer is a snap. There are 24 different compartments all together and while I use mine for cosmetics, it’s also perfect for jewelry or as a nail polish/nail product station.
The main compartment has four drawers: two small drawers and two larger drawers. The top has a lip for the option of putting one of the two other pieces on top. Each drawer has a removable black mesh padding that keeps items in their place so they aren’t slipping and sliding around. Here is what I put in mine:
MelodySusie Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

MelodySusie Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

The top two smaller drawers are filled with my gel eyeliners, mostly from Makeup Geek, Bobbi Brown, Vincent Longo, and Tarte. The drawers are the perfect size for gel liner jars. One large drawer has all 13 of my MAC Paint Pots, which I use almost every day as either a base or else as eyeshadow. I could fit 5 more in there – a great excuse to expand my collection! It is so nice to have them all lined up and easy to find. The next large drawer holds my blushes.  I have 2 Inglot Cream Blushes, 3 Makeup Geek Powder Blushes, and 15 Nars Powder Blushes in this drawer…and there is definitely room for more!
MelodySusie Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer 10 compartment piece

MelodySusie Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer 10 compartment piece

 The lower drawer comes with a removable unit that has 10 compartments. I actually put this one on the top of the main unit and use it to hold lipsticks, highlighters, bronzers, eye products like mascara, brow gel, and my eyelash curler, plus various mixing mediums.
MelodySusie Cosmetics Organizer upper box

MelodySusie Cosmetics Organizer upper box

The third piece, which is the upper box that is typically placed on top of the main unit, also has ten compartments and is tall enough to hold brushes. I put this one on the side and use it for brushes, primer, concealer, foundations, and lip glosses.

I am truly thrilled with the look of this organizer, the functionality, the quality, and the quantity of storage!  The compartments are logical and they work with all sorts of types of cosmetics. The black mesh padding is an excellent touch, too. The roominess is astonishing and even with using the lower drawer separate I still have room for my huge mirror, a steel palate, and a drink coaster on my very modest makeup vanity.

The MelodySusie Large Capacity Cosmetics Organizer is a huge, huge winner and I could not be more thrilled with it. Being organized feels wonderful! If you are in need of a better system, this is a fantastic option.  – Lisa

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  1. wow! That looks really nice! My storage system is just kinda hodge podge 🙂

  2. This is much more economical than some of the other organizers I’ve seen reviewed – I like this! When I move I want something like this to keep my everyday stuff available on my dresser drawers!

  3. I definitely could use some more easy-to-get-at organizers, but they are so pricey, I’ve kind of done my own thing with general purpose organizers, glass apothecary jars and clear plastic shoe boxes from Walmart. This looks excellent and easier to find what you’re looking for

  4. I love this! I have absolutely no storage system for my makeup other than a bunch of makeup bags that are all crammed full. I need to get on that! My nail polish, however, is organized in racks on my walls. I guess it’s obvious which is more important to me! 🙂

  5. Looks great! I have all of my stuff in cheap plastic drawers but you can’t see anything so it’s not very helpful!

  6. vanessa martinez says

    this is so great so getting one.

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  11. I really like the variety in this system, and it seems more affordable than others.

  12. This looks great, and half the price of some of the ones I’ve seen. I’ve been using the cheap plastic drawers, but I like the look of this!

  13. I could use a few, or 100 of these!

  14. I really like the top organizers! I need something small to keep on top of my vanity as opposed to my bigger one that lives beside my vanity. Always running out of room! LOL!

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  19. This looks FAB! I have been eyeing a few different acrylic organizers, I’m just not sure which one to splurge on yet. I do love their look though, and the fact that you can easily find everything in them!

  20. Wow, you really fit a lot in there!!

  21. I would need like 5 sets of organiers for all of my stuff….and then also a place to put those, lol.

  22. Jess Scull says

    This looks SO sturdy! Love that it fits so much!

  23. thank you for sharing this because I have my large ediva but have been eyeing something just like this and wasn’t sure how the things I have would fit… this was really helpful.

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