Dare to Dream with London Soho New York and Disney

Pocahontas Organizer by London Soho New York

Pocahontas Organizer by London Soho New York

If growing up means never having fun with products like this LONDON SOHO NEW YORK organizer sold at Walgreens, then I don’t want to grow up. I may not be young but my imagination remains as a free spirit. Disney’s collaboration with Soho London this time is with the beautiful maidens named Ariel, Mulan and Pocahontas. Each of these characters have two cosmetic bags in their honor.

With Mulan there’s a Clutch ($9.99) and a Round Top Purse Kit ($7.99). For Ariel there’s a Weekender ($11.99) and a Round Top ($7.99). And the beauteous Pocahontas has an Organizer ($9.99) and a Round Top of her own ($7.99). Each of these 6 ladies are part of the Dare To Dream Collection. soho london pocahontas tag back

London Soho New York Pocahontas

London Soho New York Pocahontas

I really am loving this well made organizer that was sent to me. It’s absolutely perfect for travel or a gym bag. It’s amazing how much can be put inside this bag and how well made it is.

The organizer is 8 X 3.75 X 5.25 , the outside is made of a teal plastic with a silk screened design on nylon for Pocahontas’ image. Inside it’s soft and padded so your belongs are more protected than with a regular cosmetic case.

inside my Pocohontas Soho Organizer

inside my Pocohontas Soho Organizer

What I’ve seen of these collections from London SOHO New York is that they are always imaginative yet they are of women who are strong and inspiring. Yes they might be a cartoon character but they have qualities that we want to see in our daughters and other females. It may seem like a lot from a cosmetic bag but I love seeing the strength and courage in these Disney princesses.

If you are in need of a functional but attractive cosmetic bag that won’t break the band, consider these well made London Soho ones that can only be found at Walgreens. But don’t dally since others will want to scoop these up too. — Marcia

*provided for review (thank you!!)


p.s. Look at this adorable matching set made by E.L.F. on drugstore.com!!

Disney Dare To Dream Beauty Book, Pocahontas

Disney Dare To Dream Beauty Book, Pocahontas


  1. Nataile Brown says

    I’m certainly not “young” either but love these products by Soho. They’re just too cute! I didn’t know they were sold on Drugstore.com though. Good to know because they’re not always easy to find at Walgreen’s. Thanks!

  2. I have that makeup bag and love it! Though I know that my niece will take it from me the moment that she sees it!

  3. These are so adorable!

  4. I have several makeup bags from this brand (I just call it SOHO because the name’s too long), and I adore them! Great quality!

  5. I love the Disney collabs that have been at Walmart. These are great bags!!!

  6. Mulan looks just like my cousin’s wife so I get a kick out of anything I see with Mulan on it

  7. So pretty. I have the entire Beauty and the Beast set.

  8. LOVE their Disney collabs. I wish I could collect them all. But my daughter keeps stealing them =\ LOL

  9. That is a super-cute makeup bag. I also love the matching set by E.L.F.

  10. How darn cute is that!?!?! Perfect to throw in your purse. Love it!

  11. These are so cute!

  12. There’s nothing childish about Disney characters- well if there is then call me a kid. Love the designs.

  13. I love those ELF sets, but I rarely use them – they’re just too cute to mess up! It’s a sickness, really. LOL. Those bags are really cute, and Disney, like glitter, knows no age limit!

  14. Screw age! If you love something, enjoy it!

  15. I didn’t get the bags but, I did get the makeup books. These aren’t made by elf this time around, however.

  16. Kimberly, I couldn’t find any of the makeup books. I need to go to more than one Walgreens.

  17. Thanks Erika. I’ll be happy to enjoy just to enjoy.

  18. that is such a cute makeup bag!

  19. I won’t lie – my makeup bag is the Cruella DeVil one from a few years ago…

  20. That elf set is so so cute! Need!

  21. Each time I’m in Walgreens I have been eyeing these. The art on the Pocahontas and Ariel bags are so beautiful – I really want them.

  22. These are so adorable and SOHO is a great brand!

  23. I really want to buy the eyeshadow sets. They are SO gorgeous and they look so fun, too! <3 #idontwanttogrowup

  24. I grabbed so many of the new bags this time around. So cute!

  25. growing up means having more fun!!! I definitely have more fun at the drugstore than as a kid.

  26. Polarbelle, I loved the drugstore as a kid. I’d take my allowance and buy comic books and spanish peanuts. But I still love it now.

  27. I love collecting cute makeup bags! It looks like a really well made bag, and I love the lining.