Beauty Organizers you need in your life

Top Ten Tuesday has chosen Beauty Organization as this week’s theme. I am the most unorganized person in the world but I love my beauty organizers. Most of these are items I own but a few are wishlist. The Beauty Spotlight Team will also be featuring Organization and that’s when I’ll be sharing my personal pictures. Until then take a look at all the wonderful ways you can organize your life – from $5 to $400!!  — Marcia
1454967731_51jhvqunkrl._sy300_Clear Organic 60 Bottle Nail Polish Organizer – Of all the nail organizers I looked through this one is the one I think is the most useful (although I’d need about 5 of them). Besides having room for 60 bottles there are 2 drawers at the bottom to hold supples. ($35.50)
1454966686_icebox_wide_5659fc74e36a7_150x150SHERRIEBLOSSOM ICEBOX WIDE is absolutely incredible. This is what you want if you want the finest available. The quality of this is top notch. It’s sturdy, well crafted and holds an amazing amount of product. I’m thrilled to see this on my vanity daily. ($415) There are other styles that Sherrieblossom makes too. *
1454966532_41mf8i5-qul._sy300_ql70_ACRYLIC LIPSTICK HOLDER –  This holds 24 lipsticks and it’s only $10.32. I have a wide drawer in my bathroom which holds about 5 of these. There are other lipstick holders that are tiered but I prefer the flat ones to hold my collection.
1454966311_71m869h0x3l._sl256_MELODYSUSIE LARGE COSMETIC ORGANIZER –  This $49.99 acrylic cosmetic holder is a gem. Both Lisa and I have reviewed this and we just finished a giveaway for one. While this doesn’t hold as much as the Sherrieblossom, it holds a good amount and there’s a separate holder (seen on top) for lipsticks or naipolishes. I like that it holds my rectangular nail polishes easily and  I can even move it elsewhere.*  Reviews: Marcia’s – Lisa’s
1454966142_51zhyf9gvtl._sy300_ql70_ZAHRA SPINNING LIPSTICK TOWER – This is a wishlist item. This “lipstick condominium” has 4 sides and fits 81 lipsticks. If you have counter space this would be a delight to have.  Spin and pick!  ($99)
1454966026_51rcrm1rcel._sx300_MESH VANITY COSMETIC ORGANIZER – such a handy organizer especially if you have a drawer you can store it in. Large deep capacity holds many shapes and sizes of cosmetics like blushes, compacts, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes. What I like most is the long compartment in the back that I can lay down two sided brushes. Make sure you choose the $12.98 organizer since there’s an identical one that’s almost twice the price.
1454965710_51yyqvuk_2b1l._sy300_STEEL MESH PENCIL CUP – I have at least 8 of these cups in both silver and black that I’ve bought over the years. They are perfect for holding anything tall. I have one for lip pencils, one for eye pencils, others for lip crayons or eye crayons. I keep my brushes in them too. And the best thing is that they are only $5.25.
1454965592_41ejfj-evnl._sy300_SEVILLE 10 DRAWER ORGANIZER –  I have two of these that I keep in a separate room to hold overload. Now not everyone has overload like I do but I also use one for other things like stationary and important papers. I bought mine at Costco and spent more than the current price of $35.16. It’s also made in white and black if you want something more subtle.
1454965117_s0634525_sc7__splssku_?1454965117BLUE HILLS STUDIO 3 DRAWER CART can be found at office supply stores like Staples. This is perfect for hair product IMO. You can fit all your tools in one drawer, use another for your styling gels, goos and sprays and still have one more for skincare. This sturdy cart ($45.59) will hold up for a long time.
Now that you’ve seen some favorites of mine, check out the other lovelies and decide what organization you can’t live without. — Marcia

*items were pr samples, some affiliate links used


  1. Lola Seicento | 9th Feb 16

    So many great storage ideas, Marcia! I only have the MelodySusie organizer, and love it, but i see so many more that I want from this post! I am in serious need of added storage, and need to get the chaos under control. Over the last couple of months, what was once a very nicely organized makeup collection has descended into pure unmitigated chaos. I often just toss things in a drawer after reviewing them, and now can barely find anything!

  2. Emily Draher | 9th Feb 16

    There are some great ideas here! I really need to get a make-up organization system in place 🙂

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 9th Feb 16

    That Sherrieblossom is my FAVE! I need one of the Zahra towers next for sure!

  4. Krystal E | 9th Feb 16

    I’m obsessed with the steel mesh cups – they are the perfect height for my swatch sticks for my nail polish!

  5. Nichole C | 9th Feb 16

    I need to reorganize!

  6. Never Say Die Beauty | 9th Feb 16

    I just bought the 10 drawer Seville. Thank you, Marcia!

  7. Manna | 9th Feb 16

    Lots of great options! My favorite storage is the helmer from Ikea

  8. Manna | 9th Feb 16

    Lots of great options! My favorite storage is the helmer from Ikea

  9. Kat Dinges | 9th Feb 16

    I need that lipstick tower! My lippies are so unorganized!

  10. Kelynnma | 9th Feb 16

    I’m always needing new storage for my makeup, thanks for more options, I just bought a few organizers from Ikea, but need lipstick holders!

  11. Renu | 9th Feb 16

    I want one of those 10-drawer organisers for eyeshadow palettes and compacts. Everything else has its own place but my palettes and ‘pacts are just higgledy-piggledy now.

  12. Rachel Beltz | 9th Feb 16

    I can’t decide if I want a tower.. a case… something that rolls… agh this is so hard haha! Thank you for the suggestions though!

  13. Phyrra | 9th Feb 16

    I love the spinning lipstick holder!

  14. Mandy | 9th Feb 16

    I just updated some of my storage, but I’m not quite done. These are great options!

  15. Kristi V BeginNails | 9th Feb 16

    I love cute organizational containers. I have some of the rolling containers. Any wall hanging solutions?

  16. Melissa | 9th Feb 16

    Nail polish storage is the bane of my existence. I have a Helmer but hate that they’re hidden.

  17. Anastasia | 9th Feb 16

    So many gorgeous organizers! I really need some storage for my beauty stash.

  18. Lisa Heath | 10th Feb 16

    I own a ton of these and they are great picks! I need that spinning lipstick tower though

  19. Kath TheFabZilla | 10th Feb 16

    I need to buy me new lipstick organizers, my collection is expanding exponentially!

  20. Mercedes | 10th Feb 16

    These are great options. I’m thinking about the lipstick tower, I need to store them out in the open so I don’t forget what I have.

  21. Christa @Perilously Pale | 10th Feb 16

    OK I need that lipstick tower in my life!!!!

  22. Miranda Mendoza | 10th Feb 16

    I need new organization STAT. Boxes are taking over my life!

  23. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 10th Feb 16

    So many great organizers to choose from!

  24. Honeygirlk | 10th Feb 16

    I have a thing for clean organizers so I love these options – great selection.

  25. Bailey | 10th Feb 16

    I love the idea of the lipstick tower. I have a few lipstick holders but they just don’t hold enough,

  26. Gabrielle | 11th Feb 16

    The icebox wide is the organizer of my dreams. *sigh*

  27. Ann @ Mani On The Move | 13th Feb 16

    I have the 10 drawer & hate it. It wobbles & the drawers never stay in it’s slots:(

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