Happy times with Pixi Beauty in January

Each month Pixi Beauty picks out a variety of cosmetics as their favorites. January’s picks are absolutely amazing. I was thrilled when I received this box of treasures and have been using them non-stop.

Pixi Beauty picks for January
Pixi Beauty picks for January

The products you see are: Correction Concentrate, Gilded Garnet Nail Polish, Natural Brow Duo, Large Lash Mascara, Lash & Brow Brush and Flat Liner Brush. Each one makes me love Pixi even more than I already did.

Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate

My absolute favorite of these products is Correction Concentrate ($12). This pot of wonder makes such a huge difference under my eyes. In real life I always felt my concealers worked well but in photographs I’d see nothing but darkness under my eyes. I don’t have great photography skills and have to take a dozen or more pictures to get one that’s slightly passable. Once I started using this soft peach I noticed that my undereyes looked brighter. The pot is small but potent. Once I can’t get my finger in I’ll use a brush since I want to use every drop of this wonderful product.

Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate
Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate

Speaking of brushes, the Flat Liner Brush ($12) has more than one job. Yes you can use it as a push brush for eyelining but you can also use this for the Correction Concentrate. Use it to dab the corrector under your eyes to hide all the sins.

Pixi Lash & Brow Brush and Flat Liner Brush
Pixi Lash & Brow Brush and Flat Liner Brush

Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara ($16) is one of two mascaras that Petra has created. This one has an oversized brush to pick up all your lashes. Not only is this a lengthening mascara but it adds great volume yet isn’t clumpy at all. It has all the attributes you want in a mascara – no clumping, no flaking, no raccoon eyes – all you get are beautifully defined lashes.

Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara
Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara
Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara
Pixi Beauty Large Lash Mascara

Pixi is also featuring their Lash & Brow Brush ($8). I love having a brush like this because it does double duty. I like using it to brush my lashes before I apply mascara. That insures an even look and makes sure my lashes aren’t sticking together. The bristles on the brush are well spaced out making it a more effective brush. My other use for this brush is for my eyebrows. It tames them and also helps distribute color through my brows more evenly.

Lash & Brow Brush and Flat Liner Brush
Lash & Brow Brush and Flat Liner Brush

Pixi’s Natural Brow Duo is getting its own post later today, that’s how much I have to say about it. What you need to know now though is that this has two sides – a waterproof brow pencil and a tinted soft-hold brow gel. With my new brow obsession, this is a fab product for me to be using.

Pixi Brow Duo in Natural Brown
Pixi Brow Duo in Natural Brown

I love when Pixi sends nail polish and the one they sent this month proves why. Gilded Garnet ($8) is one of their newest polishes and it’s a winner. It’s described as a deep burnished maroon with gold shimmer. I see it as more of a brown in most lights, a cinnamon brown, with some subtle gold shimmer in bright lights.

Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour
Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour
Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour
Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour
Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour
Pixi Beauty Gilded Garnet Nail Colour

Every one of these 6 pieces are ones you want in your makeup collection. I’m loving Gilded Garnet Nail color as it’s a great fall and winter shade; I am mad about the Correction Concentrate and want to own one of these forever; and the Natural Brow Duo is getting a lot of admiration around here.

Check back for my Natural Brow Duo review and get yourself to Pixi Beauty and purchase these essential products! — Marcia

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  1. Erika | 26th Jan 15

    I need to pick up the peach corrector and give it a whirl.

  2. Destany | 26th Jan 15

    That polish is SO pretty!

  3. Kim | 26th Jan 15

    I can see how the correction concentrate works wonders at correcting under eye circles; it’s the perfect salmon. The polish is gorgeous.

  4. Nidia - Lit From Within | 26th Jan 15

    I’ve been hearing more about Color Theory as used in correction. and it does make sense that peach would counteract dark circles on fair skin! how cool. I love the nail polish, too. Garnets are some of my fave stones.

  5. [email protected] | 26th Jan 15

    The entire collection sounds great, but the Gilded Garnet polish is to die for!

  6. Cosmetics Aficionado | 26th Jan 15

    I agree, the Correction Concentrate is AWESOME!

  7. Phyrra | 26th Jan 15

    I like the looks of the mascara and the color corrector!

  8. Kendra | 26th Jan 15

    Love the polish and I really want to try the correction concentrate.

  9. Jaa | 26th Jan 15

    Loving the idea of the Correction Concentrate! I wonder if it’s a little too pale for my skin, though. That brow duo, I have to check it out ASAP! I always pencil in my brows and finish with a brow gel so this might come in handy! 🙂

  10. Brittany | 26th Jan 15

    I’m trying to remember if I’ve tried and of Pixi’s mascaras and I think I have. I need to scoop up more because I remember really liking it.

  11. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 26th Jan 15

    That nail polish is amazing.

  12. [email protected] | 26th Jan 15

    Oohs that polish looks amazing. I haven’t tried much PIXI but I think I need to. It all looks amazing!

  13. Carol | 26th Jan 15

    Wow what a great collection!

  14. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 26th Jan 15

    I’ve had some of these items sitting around– gotta pick them up and try them!!

  15. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Miranda – Pixi would be great for your blog since the prices are pretty reasonable.

  16. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Jamie, I love Pixi polish. It lasts for a week for me and the colors are great.
    Laura, my pictures don’t do it justice. The polish is so much prettier in real life.

  17. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Brittany, the queen of mascara should try Pixi’s mascara!

  18. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Jaa, the Correction Concentrate is supposed to be universal. As long as you wear foundation over it, it will be fine for any skintone.

  19. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Kendra, the Correction Concentrate is great. I love the look it gives to my sleep deprived under eye area.

  20. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Phyrra, my lashes are so in need of growth serum but they still look good with this mascara. I love the corrector.

  21. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    So glad you like this too Cosmetics Aficionado. I think this has moved to the top of my Pixi loves.

  22. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Nidia, garnet is my birthstone but this is more brown with a red undertone. I think you’d like the Correction Concealer since your skin is very fair too.

  23. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Thanks so much Kim. I love them both. And thanks Destany, this polish is awesome.

  24. beautyin | 26th Jan 15

    Erika, blog about the corrector if you buy it. It’s made a big difference for me.

  25. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 26th Jan 15

    that nail polish is gorgeous and so nice with your skin tone!!

  26. Pixi Beauty Natural Brow Duo loves my eyebrows | 26th Jan 15

    […] of the package I received from Pixi contains this 2-in-1 Brow Duo. The duo is available in 3 shades: Natural Brown which is a […]

  27. Kath TheFabZilla | 27th Jan 15

    That gorgeous nail polish stole the show! I love it

  28. Honeygirlk | 27th Jan 15

    Wow – that nail polish is a gorgeous shade. These look all fun but that nail polish really caught my attention.

  29. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 27th Jan 15

    I loveeee that nail polish shade

  30. Ashley | 27th Jan 15

    I can’t wait to reach your review on the Pixi brow product. I didn’t like it at all, so I am curious to see how you liked it.

  31. beautyin | 27th Jan 15

    Ashley, I don’t think it’s possible for everyone to like the same items. We all have winners and losers. Happily this is a winner for me.

  32. beautyin | 27th Jan 15

    Thanks Honeygirlk, Pixi polishes are great.

  33. beautyin | 27th Jan 15

    Thanks Cindy, I love the polish. I need a light box to get better pictures because the subtle sparkle is fabulous.

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