Beauty Trends of 2015 – Makeup Wars edition

MAKEUP WARS is getting trendy. We decided to look into some of the trends we see for 2015. I’ve chosen 3 trends: Micellar Waters, matte lipsticks and contouring. These are the things I’m seeing over and over in blogs, on cosmetics sites and in magazines. I haven’t used a lot of these products but they all appeal to me in one way or the other.
First let’s talk about Micellar Waters since that’s not a term most people know. I’m no expert on it but the way I see these is that they are a form of cleansing. It can be a water or a lotion. They micro-emulsify impurities so that your skin is left both soft and cleansed.
1425153019_300SIMPLE SKINCARE MICELLAR CLEANSER WATER Simple® Micellar Cleanser Water is our most advanced yet gentle cleanse to date.  It is made with skin-loving ingredients, including Vitamin B3 and C, and Triple Purified Water, our purest possible water, to help remove contaminants known to irritate skin. I found this at but I’m sure it’s available at other retailers that sell the Simple Skincare line. At $6.99 for a bottle it’s a great way to find out if this is a product you want to introduce into your life.
1425152959_2236353__detail_?1425152959LA ROCHE-POSAY Physiological Micellar Solution ($20.99) is a 3 in 1 product since it cleanses, tones and can be used on a cotton pad as a makeup remover. There is no soap in this micellar solution and La Roche-Posay is a well known trusted brand. What makes this one unique is that they use their thermal water as the base for this solution.
1425152891_16030430801BIODERMA SENSIBIO (Crealine) H2O MICELLE SOLUTION is the hottest brand around when it comes to Micellar Water. This has gotten raves in Europe for so long and travelers always made sure that it was in their suitcases when they came home. It’s available on and will be back in stock at soon. Because this is also recommended for sensitive skin you can use this as an eye makeup remover as well as a cleansing solution.
1425152684_0000038_micellar-lotion_450EMBRYOLISSE MICELLAR LOTION – This is the one I have. The last time I was at IMATS this was one of the featured items from Embryolisse and I was so anxious to finally try a Micellar Water. This is a little thicker than the typical one and it does have a fragrance yet it can be used for eyes, lips and face. “This Micellar Lotion is so gentle it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin – it contains micelles (gentle cleansing agents) in solution in cornflower, camomile and witch-hazel water, combined with glycerin to soften, soothe and tone the skin.”
1425152566_2226183__detail_?1425152566NYX COSMETICS MATTE LIP CREAM – NYX also makes matte lipstick but I’m more attracted to the lip cream since it doesn’t show lines quite as much. At $5.99 (and often sales) NYX is a good way to find out if you like a matte lip. My one warning about wearing mattes is that your lips need to be exfoliated and prepped with a lip balm.
1425152493_265x265xlovely_off_copy.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gz-vsnrxx9ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIQUID LIPSTICK is the talk of the town. Instagram is loaded with pictures and talk of this liquid matte. Many people bought them early at IMATS and that started the buzz. It’s a very intense and highly pigmented product. ($20)
1425152435_82JORDANA COSMETICS MATTE LIPSTICK is the one to try if you are taking baby steps. There are 35 shades available at $1.49 each. Yes, slightly more than a Snickers bar.
1425152379_0607845024576NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL is my favorite of any matte lip product. I’ve had some for years. It combines my love for lip crayons with some terrific Nars shades like Roman Holiday, Sex Machine and Red Dragon. There are 18 shades ($26).
1425152326_0607845010111NARS SEMI MATTE LIPSTICK – Nars is popular for lipsticks in general and their matte lipsticks stand out from the crowd. The Semi-Matte lipsticks aren’t quite as drying in my opinion and have a little more life to them. The 13 shades ($27) are hydrating and highly pigmented.
1425152274_0607845035091NARS PURE MATTE LIPSTICK is their newest addition and these are truly matte and truly pigmented. Better have exfoliated and smooth lips with these beauties to let them do their job well.  They contain wild mango butter, known to provide advanced moisturizing properties to repair dryness and scaling, and Vitamin E and açai oil for antioxidant benefits. ($27, 18 shades)
CONTOURING is going to take over the world in 2015. Every brand is coming out with a contouring palette or repromoting them. What has Kim Kardashian done to this world??
1425152201_282NYX HIGHLIGHT CONTOUR PRO PALETTE ($25) has a little bit of everything since it has both highlighting and contouring shades.1425152116_web_cocoacontour_composite_2TOO FACED COCOA CONTOUR ($40) has that cocoa scent that people are going crazy over. Too Faced is well known for their bronzers and they’ve expanded that to a contour set that has 4 shades (3 shades of cocoa and a pop of light) and that cute little buki brush.
1425152075_265x265xlight_med_main.jpg.pagespeed.ic.unscl4upwkANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CONTOUR KIT – Anastasia has a Contour Kit that you can find at places like Sephora and Ulta ($40). It’s available in 3 shades: Light to Medium, Medium to Tan, and Tan to Deep. In addition on their website they have a $150 Contour Book with all 29 of their shades that would normally sell for $14 each.
1425152029_cover-fx-contour-kit-g-light-mediumCOVER FX CONTOUR KIT ($48) is available in 6 different palettes. The consistency of this is creamy and is supposed to be very easy to blend because of that. It comes with a card showing placement that is quite helpful. Each of the 6 combos have a Highlight Shade (1): brightens and enhances features. Illuminating Highlight Shade (2): reflects light for added glow. Contour Shade (3): defines and visibly slenderizes. Deep Contour Shade (4): offers a more dramatic effect.

The one I forgot to put in my collage is from IT Cosmetics and it’s MY SCULPTED FACE

IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Contour Palette

IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Contour Palette

My Sculpted Face is the first contour product I ever bought ($38). It’s said to be a universal kit. It uses IT Cosmetics anti-aging formula and it comes with a guide to help you along.

What do you think are the trends of 2015? Are you a fan of contouring, matte lipsticks and/or micellar waters? I’d love to know. — Marcia

I’m curious to see what my fellow makeup war bloggers think are the new beauty trends. I have a g.c. waiting in the wings!!


  1. I’ve tried Micellar waters and I don’t get it what they are about! Thanks for the details.

  2. WOW, this is an amazing mega post! I love your picks, and am a HUGE fan of Micellar waters! I still need to try the one from Bioderma! I love the one from Koh Gen Do!

  3. Contour palettes are definitely all the rage lately! I’m glad so many brands have them. So easy to find something out there that will work for you!

  4. I just bought the Simple micellar water, and I’ve never used one before. Gotta take pix and give it a go tonight! May I add Jordana Modern Matte lipsticks to your matte trend. They are my HG non-drying matte lipstick and sooooo cheap!

  5. Love that matte lippies are on-trend in 2015!

  6. I’m a HUGE fan of NYX lippies – especially the matte lip creams!

  7. I love matte lipsticks and contour palettes!!

  8. I just got my my first contour palette from OFRA, and I’m going to give it a shot… *scared*

  9. Embryolisse always makes awesome products!

  10. Everyone has a contour palette out now. Not sure if I’ll try Micellar Water or not.

  11. @Cindy, I am horrible at contouring but I’m going to practice. With the Micellar Water the one I have is fragranced so it doesn’t get used often.

  12. @Phyrra, I have a lot of Embryollise. I bought most of it at IMATS. It’s a great brand.

  13. @Nidia – I think it takes a lot of practice to contour right. I’m going to try but I just don’t know how successful I’ll be either.

  14. @Eugenia, my Trends were right up your alley. I’m still on a learning curve with both matte lips and contouring.

  15. Hi Destany, I’ve never tried the NYX products because of the fragrance in some of their lip products but the matte lip creams appeal to me.

  16. @Anastasia, I think as long as women exfoliate well then the trend of matte lips is a good one.

  17. Hi Allison, I just found a store that has a good selection of Jordana. I’ll have to go back and see if they have the Modern Matte lipsticks. They didn’t seem to have a lot of the newer products but the store isn’t out of my way.

  18. @Brooke, I’m amazed at how many emails I get showing the new contour palettes.

  19. Hi Lola, thanks for the comment. I only have one Micellar Water so I’m not up to date on them. The Bioderma will be a huge seller for Beautylish once it’s in stock.

  20. I’m really curious about Micellar Waters.

  21. I love this post! I hope you don’t mind if I share it on my blog. I will link directly to this post to share the love. I agree that these trends are everywhere right now. Stacie xo

  22. I am a great fan of matte lippies…. 90s rule!

  23. Jess Scull says

    There are so many contour palettes on the market right now – Its crazy! I really love the ABH one

  24. @Stacie, as long as you link to my post I’m happy to share. It’s when people share without giving credit. Thanks for the compliment.

  25. I definitely agree to all of these. Contour palettes are going nuts right now, and can you believe I haven’t got my hands on any of them yet? I’m thinking I want the Kat Von D shade light palette!

  26. Great picks! I agree with you too. Especially on micellar water. I think we’ll be seeing many brands releasing their version of it.

  27. Loving all of these trends…except I can’t do much contouring without feeling like I look insane!


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