Fabulous Apothica contest on one of our favorite blogs

Both Marcia and I have certain blogs that we read every day, and one of those blogs is The Unknown Beauty Blog.  Olivia, the author, is someone we have followed since way back in the day on Makeup Alley.  She does fabulous reviews that really get into the nitty-gritty, scientific side of colors and formulas, and we share a love for theatrical makeup brands.

Today, Olivia posted about her contest for a $25 gift card from Apothica. Apothica is a truly great site that carries all kinds of unusual, interesting makeup brands like Lippmann, as well as some better known ones.   Olivia writes about the Vincent Longo brand, and spotlights a few of her favorites.  I definitely want to check out that Diamond Body Spray, it reminds me of the powder body sprays by Guerlain that my daughters love so much.

Check out Olivia’s website for sure, and enter the contest – the more the merrier!!  If we win based on this post, Marcia and I will use the gift card to buy something awesome for a Beauty Info Zone contest.  Good luck everyone!  – Lisa


  1. Got your entries! And thanks for the post!

  2. mamavalveeta03 says:

    Well then, I certainly hope you win. That is, if I don’t!