Beauty Info Zone info!

Here’s a few tidbits we want to share today

1. Marcia’s raves about ENZOSKIN are being made a little easier for you this weekend with free shipping on any size order. Read about Marcia’s favorite ENZO product here, her other loves here, but more important go to ENZOSKIN and find what you’ll love while this special is going on. They’ve got some fabulous new soaps available now.

2. Another of Marcia’s raves is Marie Louise Cosmetics skincare also has some goodies to share. First is a chance to win their Skin Lotion S Toner worth $85 on their blog through March 31st. On Facebook they have a giveaway for their Moisturizer Gel (value $79) so go there to find out how to win this lovely product.

3. Just a reminder that Beauty Info Zone has 3 nTrance Argan Oils for a contest this week. It’s a fabulous product and one you’ll love using.