Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment Line by American Culture

I get pretty excited about really good hair care.  I have found that with my hair, products make a HUGE difference.  My hair has multiple personalities:  I either have limp, dull, frizzy hair, or I have thick, smooth and shiny hair with tons of body.  And it’s all completely dependent on my shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, so when I find a line that works wonders for me, I can’t wait to share.  Simply Smooth by American Culture Hair has fantastic products, and I am officially a customer for life.  Today’s review is of the basics in the Simply Smooth line, which is based on keratin.  In fact, they say Simply Smooth products are ‘texture management though the art of keratin.”
What is keratin and why is it so important?  Keratin naturally occurs in hair, but it can be depleted from chemical treatments and the environment, leaving your hair dull and lifeless with split ends and frizz.  Keratin gives hair fibers new health, leaving them vibrant and super shiny.  Simply Smooth uses the highest quality keratin and botanicals, and are sodium chloride free.  All of these products help to extend the life of a spa keratin treatment, although they are also really terrific just on their own.

Simply Smooth Xtend Shampoo

xtend keratin replenishing shampoo ($25):  I find this to be a fabulous shampoo with a light lather and a beautiful fresh scent.  It would work for all hair textures, and it seals the hair cuticle for amazing shine.  The scent is so pretty, it smells of citrus and vanilla.  Another bonus:  it’s sodium chloride free.

Simply Smooth Conditioner

 xtend keratin replenishing conditioner ($25): This is a wonderful light conditioner that works great on my oily scalp/dry ends.  It has a hydrating formula that works for all hair types, plus that same gorgeous fragrance that smells so clean and fresh.   The formula has the highest quality keratin that goes into hair fibers to seal the cuticle, hydrate, and give massive shine.

If you need more serious help with dry hair, try the deep conditioner:

Simply Smooth Xtend Deep Conditioner

 xtend keratin replenishing deep conditioner ($25):  This is a deeply penetrating yet lightweight conditioner.  It’s especially great for fine, limp hair, or chemically treated hair.  It also really helps to prolong keratin treatments.

For some real magic, you have to try the Magic Potion:

Simply Smooth xtend Reparative Magic Potion

 xtend keratin reparative magic potion ($25):  This is an absolute must have styling product.  It’s a styling cream and leave in conditioner that magically fixes every single thing – for real.  I am not kidding.  Like all the other products in this line, it works overtime to extend keratin treatments.  It works great alone or ‘cocktailed’ with other products.  Just apply it to damp hair and watch the magic happen – it repairs elasticity, smooths split ends, and provides thermal protection.  Plus it detangles, gets rid of frizz, and gives major shine.  My mom actually called me to tell me about this product – a friend of hers was using it, and my mom said it was so great it practically made her friend’s hair sparkle! 

And for an at-home salon smoothing treatment, just wait until you try the Touch of Keratin:

Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin

 Touch of Keratin ($50):  This special treatment product reduces texture and frizz, smoothing hair like crazy.  It’s great for travel or touching up a salon keratin treatment, or for special occasions.  You just spray on damp hair, blow dry, then flat-iron.  It’s a keratin filler that restores hair’s natural keratin without leaving your hair limp.  Depending on how often you shampoo, your results can last up to 30 days. 

Here’s my hair a few days after doing this treatment:

Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin hair treatment

 My hair was super soft, incredibly shiny, and smoother than smooth.  It looked like I had just gotten a salon treatment, although it didn’t last as long as the salon version does.  I wash my hair every other day, and I had noticeable results for three weeks.

I love this line.  The products work amazingly well together, and they also play well with other lines.  Every day I use these I am happy with my hair, and I am just as happy with my second day hair.  You can’t ask for anything more from your hair products.  There are quick product tip videos on the website, and you can also find a salon near you that sells the product line via the site.  It is absolutely worth checking out!!  – Lisa

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  1. I’m always looking for products without sodium chloride so this is great to know about.

  2. Great photo and your hair does look like you just left the salon, I need some of these!

  3. Thank you. Good info. Your hair reflects this great product.


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