Makeup Wars with Keune Hair Care products – Keratin Smoothing Line

KEUNE Care Line Keratin Smoothing
KEUNE Care Line Keratin Smoothing

The ladies of Makeup Wars are a varied bunch in our taste and especially with our hair. We all have different styles, lengths, textures and desires when it comes to how we like our hair. KEUNE hair care has provided each of us with a haircare line that suits our taste. What you’ll see in our posts this time are the products that Keune carries so that you can find the ones that suit your needs and your life style.

I’ve had straight hair my entire life though it’s never been that glass like straight that you see in advertisements. After an illness my hair suddenly went from straight to crazy. I lost a huge volume of hair and is it regrew it came in kinky and then settled into some funny waves that went every which way. That’s when I got serious and started having Keratin treatments. I have them about every 9 months because I want to retain my youth (obviously) and have straight, easy to care for locks.

KEUNE CARE LINE KERATIN SMOOTHING is the line I chose as it’s listed under “Smooth and Manageable” which describes what I am looking for to a tee. There are 4 products in the line and are all highly recommended if you want smooth hair and could use the benefits of keratin added to the products you use.

I have to start with how much I love the packaging of the Keratin Smoothing line. Fuchsia and charcoal look stunning together and perfect in my gray, white and black bathroom!

Keune Care Line Keratin Smoothing Shampoo
Keune Care Line Keratin Smoothing Shampoo

KEUNE KERATIN SMOOTHING SHAMPOO is a very mild shampoo that cleanses without any stripping. It’s great for both color-treated hair and for chemical treated hair. There’s no fragrance to most of the line. Here’s some information from Keune about the shampoo: “The Quat Complex protects against Hair Fiber Breakage and ensures smooth wet combing. Keratin repairs and protects the hair structure. Provitamin B5 penetrates deeply into the hair shaft and regulates the moisture balance and gives shine.”

Keune Keratin Smoothing Conditioner
Keune Keratin Smoothing Conditioner
Keune Keratin Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner
Keune Keratin Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

KEUNE KERATIN SMOOTHING CONDITIONER is a perfect day to day conditioner. It’s creamy and leaves my hair easy to comb and protects from breakage. It contains shea butter for extra conditioning and shine.

Keune Keratin Smoothing Serum
Keune Keratin Smoothing Serum

The KEUNE KERATIN SMOOTHING SERUM is where we start getting really serious! The serum is what smooths my hair and keeps it from getting frizzy. This is an amazing serum that contains active keratin and argan oil. I love this serum. I need 3 small pumps for my shoulder length hair. I rub it through then brush with my wet brush and I’m ready to go. I usually don’t have to do anything else after I messily blow dry. It keeps my hair straight throughout that process. It also protects from the heat of my dryer or my flat iron. On second day hair I’ll use one pump smooshed in my palms and run it through my hair before using a flat iron.

Keune Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Serum
Keune Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Serum
Keune Smoothing Keratin Treatment
Keune Smoothing Keratin Treatment

I have to really rave about the KEUNE KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT. This makes my hair behave like nothing else. I end up with the softest and straightest hair on the days I use this. I use this just once a week though I know I could use it more often. With this treatment it’s best to apply it after shampooing and then bundle your hair up in a towel for 5 minutes. You can do that in the shower if you want while you are shaving and washing up. I typically use it without the towel though and just step out of the water stream to let it condition and repair my hair. This has what they call “Zipper Technology”. The Treatment is great to rebuild, repair and protect any damage you have with your hair. It’s wonderful if you plan to flat iron after blowdrying since it’s so protective.

Keune Keratin Smoothing hair
Keune Keratin Smoothing hair
Keune Keratin Smoothing (I need my bangs cut)
Keune Keratin Smoothing (I need my bangs cut)

Keune is a salon sold line that’s easy to locate with their salon finder. I just put in my state and it showed 2 salons close to my home and 4 others that are within reasonable distance. I just hope they carry my choice of Keratin Smoothing.

I’m thrilled that Keune chose to work with our group of Makeup War bloggers since it introduced me to a haircare line that I wouldn’t have known about but now love. Have you tried anything from Keune? — Marcia

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  1. Destany | 8th Jul 15

    The smoothing serum sounds great. No matches found anywhere around me, tho.

  2. Kelly (@Gouldylox) | 8th Jul 15

    Your hair looks awesome!

  3. [email protected] | 8th Jul 15

    I’m with Destany, the smoothing serum sounds great! And that’s the most unusual packaging for shampoo I’ve ever seen

  4. Anastasia | 8th Jul 15

    Wow, the shampoo bottle looks so innovative!

  5. Shipra | 8th Jul 15

    Haven’t heard of this brand, but I would totally try the Keratin treatments. 🙂

  6. Lola Seicento | 8th Jul 15

    This line sounds amazing, and I agree with Destany and Allison that the smoothing serum sounds amazing! I don’t usually get too caught up in packaging, but their packaging looks so cool!

  7. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 8th Jul 15

    These really sounds amazing! Glad they hall your hair be more manageable!

  8. Kiss & Make-up | 8th Jul 15

    I’ve heard of the brand, yes, but I never actually tried anything from them. Sounds like it’s worth checking out!

  9. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 8th Jul 15

    Ohhhh I want to try the Keratin line next! I’m using products now for oily hair and also frizz control and I’m loving them!!

  10. Phyrra | 8th Jul 15

    That smoothing treatment sounds awesome

  11. Tashina | 8th Jul 15

    Your hair looks so nice!

  12. Carleen | 8th Jul 15

    I loved the So Pure products that I tried.

  13. Heather | 8th Jul 15

    This packaging is awesome, I have to check and see if they are near me!

  14. Julie | 8th Jul 15

    That is the most uniquely shaped shampoo, but this line sounds wonderful. Once upon a time I had silky straight hair like the pantene ads….then my late 20s happened and it turned frizzy, wavy, and hard to manage. This line sounds like it would suit my hair type well!

  15. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 8th Jul 15

    I’m loving the products I got, soo impressive!

  16. Norah | 8th Jul 15

    The Keratin treatment sounds so great

  17. Kath TheFabZilla | 9th Jul 15

    I have to try this brand. The packaging of the shampoo looks so unique

  18. Nidia - Lit From Within | 9th Jul 15

    I’ve not heard of this brand before today, but I am already in love with their packaging! How gorgeous.

  19. Justina | 9th Jul 15

    The shampoo bottle is so funky. Love the packaging!

  20. Sean | 9th Jul 15

    Your hair looks amazing! STUNNING indeed!

  21. Pammy | 9th Jul 15

    This Keratin line sounds like something that I need to try. I had a similar experience (mine was after pregnancy) where my stick straight hair devoped unruly waves (but only in random spots). I am still learning how to manage it.

  22. Honeygirlk | 9th Jul 15

    This lines packaging is awesome. I love how some Keratin products leave my hair so silky and smooth and easy to iron if I need it. This is great.

  23. Mai | 9th Jul 15

    Your hair looks great!

  24. Rachel R. | 9th Jul 15

    The smoothing treatment sounds wonderful. I love the packaging; it’s so cool.

  25. Bailey | 10th Jul 15

    This sounds like a really interesting range. I have a fair amount ov waviness to my hiar, but I do like to go sleek and straight from time to time.

  26. Mercedes | 10th Jul 15

    This brand sounds interesting. I straighten my hair a lot, so I like to try new Keratin products.

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