Holy Grail hair products: ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and HardCore Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray

holy-grailWe test many, many products at Beauty Info Zone…over 700 a year, in fact…so when we say something has ‘holy grail’ status, you know it’s pretty incredible. I love testing hair products because unlike skin care which takes some time, hair products give immediate gratification. I know right away if I have a fabulous ‘hair do’ or a tragic ‘hair don’t’.

If you want a fabulous hair do every time, without exception, I recommend ColorProof CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and HardCoreTM Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray .

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ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque and Epic Hold Hairspray

The CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque gives me, yes, crazy smooth hair. The Epic Hold Hairspray is truly epic, holding any style I choose without making my hair crunchy and stiff. These two hair products are just the best!

ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque
ColorProof Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

CrazySmooth® Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque

I have long, color-treated hair that tends to be frizzy. I have to work hair to keep my ends looking and feeling healthy. With the length and all the heat styling I subject my hair to, I need to give it special attention or else it becomes a rebel without a cause.

  • At-home treatment eliminates frizz and restores hairs’ integrity from the inside out while infusing unsurpassed smoothness
  • Instantly more youthful hair in just one use
  • Returns hair to its shiniest, healthiest condition ever
  • Detangles and leaves hair smooth as silk
  • Unsurpassed color and heat protection

Once a week I treat my hair to this awesome conditioning treatment. A great tip is to towel dry hair after shampooing, right before applying the masque. The more moisture in your hair, the harder a conditioning treatment has to work to really absorb into the hair shaft. I have a towel that I bring right into the shower so it actually doesn’t take more time than a normal shower. ColorProof says that after one use, hair looks 10 years younger…and I don’t think that is an exaggeration!

ColorProof Epic Hold Hairspray

HardCoreTM Epic Hold Color Protect Hairspray

  • Next generation, ultra-light polymers boost volume, amplify and strengthen while providing extraordinary long-lasting supreme hold.
  • Micro-silicone technology illuminates hair with brilliant shine and never weighs hair down
  • Unsurpassed color and heat protection
  • Your go-to spray for updo’s, editorial work and must-hold styles

HardCore Epic Hold Hairspray has a very slight and tolerable scent that quickly dissipates. I have never found a hairspray with this amount of control that didn’t have a scent, and luckily this one is very easy on the nose. It simply holds my style better than anything else I’ve tried, without stiffness or crunchiness. Absolute holy grail.

You can find ColorProof Hair Care products at salons worldwide, just use the Where to Buy link at the website.  – Lisa

*samples sent for editorial consideration


  1. Karen Prince | 30th Apr 16


    What is your HG hairspray? Curious. Where do you buy, I may be able to order.

    Thank you!

  2. gloria patterson | 1st May 16

    WHAT A GREAT TIP: The more moisture in your hair, the harder a conditioning treatment has to work to really absorb into the hair shaft

    The products sound interesting would like to hear more about them

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