Don’t wash your hair – Unwash it!

Unwash Hair CareLather, rinse, repeat…then condition. That’s what we were taught…in fact, it was the ONLY way to get clean, soft hair. Then came cleansing conditioners, which left hair clean and soft but were far more time-consuming than regular shampoo and conditioner. Now there is Unwash – a co-cleansing system that cleans hair without stripping color, natural oils, and moisture.                                                                                                                       samples

Some of the benefits of Unwashing include:

  • a simple system that saves money since you don’t need any extra styling products
  • Cationic Cleansers act like magnets to remove daily dirt without disrupting the cuticle
  • no sulfates
  • reduces dry time
  • safe for every type of hair

The Unwash Try Me Kit ($25) includes the Anti-Residue Cleanse which is a ‘reset button for the tresses’; the Hydrating Mask  a moisture-locking conditioner; and the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner which does all the work of a shampoo and a conditioner without stripping hair’s natural integrity.

Anti-Residue CleanseThe first time I tested it, I used the Anti-Residue Cleanse specifically because I felt I needed a deep cleaning. I had put off getting my hair colored so I had lots of spray on hair color on my roots along with several days worth of hairspray. The instructions say to massage a ‘generous amount’ into your scalp then work through the ends of hair. I have an absolute ton of hair – it’s mid-back length – so I usually need even more than usual. However, the Try Me Kit has smaller bottles (2.5 fl. oz – regular size is 20 fl. oz) so I have to admit I probably didn’t use enough product to begin with since I was trying to conserve. One wash didn’t get my hair totally clean so I actually did the dreaded ‘rinse and repeat’ – but again, I have so much hair and it was pretty dirty. Once I rinsed the second time, my hair and scalp felt very clean and while it didn’t feel as uncomfortably squeaky as it does with a typical clarifying shampoo I could tell I needed a conditioner.

Hydrating MaskThe second half of the Unwash dynamic duo with the Anti-Residue Cleanse is the Hydrating Mask. This is a super hydrating conditioner that restores hair’s moisture balance and leaves it soft and beautiful. It definitely hydrated my hair, leaving it feeling silky and rinsing out without any tangles. The directions say to keep it on for about four minutes – I put it on after rinsing the Anti-Residue Cleanse then commenced showering, probably rinsing it out after about 3 minutes which was plenty of time. I found that after towel drying there truly is no need for more conditioner like any leave-in spray on products  Resist the temptation! I typically use a leave in just because my hair is so long that my ends can get weak and damaged, but Unwash doesn’t play well with – and doesn’t need – any extra products. When I used other conditioning styling products they left my hair feeling sort of gummy. Truly, even those with very dry hair will find the Anti-Residue Cleanse and Hydrating Mask all that is needed for clean, soft, moisturized hair.

Bio-Cleansing ConditionerThe signature product, Unwash’s Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, is a stand alone product. It doesn’t have any lather and it cleanses thanks to the cationic cleansers that act like magnets that remove daily dirt without disrupting the cuticle, as well as conditions with coconut oil, babassu oil, and organic argan oil. It leaves my hair feeling great – soft, clean, and frizz-free. I find that I have to take rinsing VERY seriously – not fully rinsing ruins the effect and hair can end up a bit flat. I also find that in order to get three or four days between washing I need to use dry shampoo on my roots, but that’s nothing unusual – I work out most days and get pretty sweaty, so dry shampoo is a daily must for me anyway.

Overall, I think that Unwash is a great concept and all three products in the Try Me Kit are well worth trying. You can find the Try Me Kit at Ulta.  Give it a shot – you may end up loving Unwashing your hair!  – Lisa

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  1. What an interesting concept. Never heard of these. Definitely going to do a bit more research on this! Thank you!

  2. What a great concept – I must confess – I am a daily hair washer (I know, I know it’s super bad for my hair – but it’s so relaxing). This would be a good substitution for me instead of shampoo. Another reason to head to Ulta – plus I LOVE trying new hair products.

  3. I have one of their products that I tried, and liked. I need to pull it out and use it again!

  4. I think it’s great that they have the Try Me kit. I tried this brand last winter, and sadly, their system didn’t work for me. But I know there are lots of fans

  5. gloria patterson says:

    I have used it and love it but kinda expensive for the 3 pc close to 4100

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